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♥ Significant ♥

Monday, November 23, 2009 / 11/23/2009 08:52:00 PM

Tiff @ Canton-i , Midvalley

im back!
have been disappear for 2 months plus without any post!
been busy for the last few months about lab reports, assignments and bla bla bla
test, mid term , final all happen in 2 months time!
now its my holiday for 2 months plus! staring from end of october!
but why i dont update my blog tat often!
oh its due to some personal reason tat i shall not reveal here!
tiff is back with more food!
feel like changing blog skin lah!!!!!
sick with this edi~~!!!
a nice start off after rest for 2 months
lets go to.....
ahahaha~ u might feel bored looking at this
but this is my 2nd time at canton-i
i personally thinks tat the Midvalley 1 did a better job than the 1u ~

this is the japanese stewed pork with noodles in soup
u can choose either the dry version or the soup version
the pork is perfectly stewed and not to forget to mention is the texture which is soft and spongy!
i like this
but to me i feel its kinda oily as u can see the oil is floating on top of the soup
but i still love it!

never forget to try their famous prawn wan tan ( dumpling) which make canton-i proud of~
i love the wantan, the prawn is spongy which means its fresh!!! not to forget the generous portion of the prawn in the wan tan!
oh yea~ i love the char siew! omg!!! its so nice
this is the 2nd best after nam heong'c cha siew!
not too thin not to fat, juz nice with some fats on top
some might thing YERRRRRR, ER SIN
but to me its PERFECT!
1 more things that make canton-i proud of is their noodles
the noodles which is spongy
a little different frm what u get outside~
i personally prefer not so spongy wan tan noodles
like wat i get in muar !
but anyway i like this very much~

stir fried carrot cake with XO sauce
this is oh so good!
with generous portion of EGGS! and with 3 or 4 prawns inside!
oh yea i like the bean sprout as its not overcooked
remain the 'crsipy' texture of beansprout
the carrot cake is softer compare to wat i get outside
i gues the soul of this dish would be the XO sauce~
oh i miss it so much!

as desert
we order this deep fried durian pancake
at 1st i think it not gonna be any big deal
but im WRONG!
this is EXTREMELY yummy
its different from durian pancake tat u eat outside
whr this is without the cream!!!!!
this is so so so so nice!
for those durian lover, u shall have a try on this!!!!!

all i hav to say it the price is worth for the quality
i'll definitely go back for the durian pancake , carrot cake and the shrimp wan tan!!

thats all for now and i promise will update my blog more often!


Brendi's update

this fella fur is fully grown and he is back to his cutie teddy bear look
very notty as usual and im wondering why cutting off his testis doesnt change him into a more sissy characteristic! WHY?
every1 say when u spay them, they will be more guai, quiet, dont dare to play with other dog, dont like to bark at other dog...
but its DIFFERENT for brendi!!!!
he bark at strangers like mad
he likes to play with big dogs such as husky and golden retriever
he's not quiet
he's very notty running around the house!!!!
i shall stop complaining as this fella very 'small gas'
he knows it when i say his bad
he will bark at me!
oh no~
Brendi : wow wow wow wow. ... eh dun talk bad behind of me ar!
this pic taken when i bring him to cutie pet fair

more brendi pics nex update!
bye for now!