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2. I'm as GOOD as they come.
3. Photography is my LOVE.
4. I love doggies - cute, furry.
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6. I wish for a never-ending list of things.
7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009 / 5/24/2009 05:32:00 PM

Takoyaki, 1 UTAMA

my favourite takoyaki!
dont u think the box they use very cute???!!!

i've blog bout this once
the last time i had this is in Sunway Piramid
but this time i had this in 1 Utama lo
i stil prefer the baby octopus 1 compare to the others!
Taste good as usual
of course it is half cooked at 1st
and when u order, they will reheat it
add up with the sauce and mayonise!!
i love it soooooo MUCH!!
arent they look so tempting!!!
ooooh so delicious!!!

RM4 for 3 biji!
worth the price
but the service kinda slow..make sure u're not in rush o!


Brendi's 1st Full Grooming!

Brendi : i drive u to Pet's Icon for my full groom ar ... u wait ar.... i drive slowly~~~

tat brendi is wearing pampers when he is in the car
cuz he's puppy mah
cant predict when he will pee or poo
cuz puppy not really clever at tahan pee or poo
but so far he never pee or poo in the car b4~!!
good boy?
Brendi : oh i look so ugly in pampers! can u remove it??!!! if got leng lui outside saw me with pampers sure they laugh till terbalik lahh.... take out la plz!!

brendi look handsome boh???
kinda mature look edi right?
but i ask the groomer to cut teddy bear look
maybe brendi memang look like ah pek!
his feet not tat nice yet cuz tat time i cut poodle leg for him
end up he dun hav his teddy leg right now~
as it grow longer will be very cute lah!
satisfy with Pet's Icon grooming!
and brendi love it too!

Brendi : i handsome or not??!! hehehe
when i tell brendi we goin Pets Icon for grooming.. he 's so excited till he run like a mad dog!
yea he loves to go thr~!!
it cost us RM60 this time
the next time will be RM80 lo!!
looking at his handsome look
worth it lah!

Sunday, May 17, 2009 / 5/17/2009 07:41:00 PM

Rakuzen , Chulan Square

this post is gonna FLOOD with pictures !!!
and apologized for not blogging for so long
due to i've started my UNI life and everything goes upside down!
promise will blog more often * if i hav time*
oh ya!!!
if u feel free , please click on http://www.tiff-chemistry-planet.blogspot.com
whr this is my assignment blog
talking bout food chemistry!
a boring blog... but juz click in and say helo me lah~~
put some nice comment lah~~

its me its me at RAKUZEN !!!!!
i wanted to try them long time ago but nvr hav the chance lo!!!!
this time luckily i call abit easier for reservation...
if not i wun be hav the chance too..
i made the reservation on thursday afternoon
and the non smoking area is all FULLY BOOKED!
we hav no choice but to choose the smoking area
but its not too bad
din see any1 smoking!

let my sis welcome u guys into RAKUZEN !

excited betul!!!

'a piece' of wasabi 'leaf'
thick and alot and SCARYYYYYYY!

once u take ur seat they will bring in the towel...
i'm not sure its hot or cold....
anyway.. its nice and hygenic to wipe ur dirty hands b4 meal~~!!!!

dun forget to scan through the menu when u wiping ur hand
it hav limited choice la... but when u open it surely u hav things to order rite??!!!

Start off ur day with starter !!

after tat will be the temaki and makimono !

not to forget to order something which will make u full :

garlic rice

Cold Soba

and the beef sukiyaki !!

as for teppanyaki..
they hav....

salmon teppanyaki

chicken teppanyaki

or the Stir Fry vegetables...
( saw capsicum?? yea ! i din touch the vege ! )

then the yakimono
which means the gilled stuff ~

the skewed chicken,grilled mackerel and grilled mushroom


6 of us actually gulung up 16 of this !!!!
i regret i din order more
( cuz my cousin sis thr mah.. paiseh !! )

hehehehe~ the chicken kaarage which is tender and crispy !!!

as for desert...

of course go for the greentea ice cream lah
but they dun come with red bean paste lea
so its kinda bitter
so i dun eat them
i prefer kampachi 1 comes with red bean paste to neutralise the bitterness of greentea ~

fruits lah fruits lah !

overall the food taste not bad lah
i mean some of them lah
the beef sukuyaki isnt nice whr the beef is hard and chewy when we eat them
and the portion is too small
i understand tat they wish to minimise the wastage
but i guess its something unhappy when we saw such a small piece of salmon fish served ~~!!!
but dun hesitate to press the button then they will come and take ur order !!!

if were to compare to Hotel Equatorial Kampachi
they're abit behind because of the choice and the portion
but talking bout price,
Rakuzen is much more cheaper whr is cost bout RM55++ only

mom dun really like Rakuzen and she's making noise tat she wanna go Kampachi nex time !!


Poodle Gathering


BU Park

yea as the title i'm bringing brendi for the poodle gathering!!!
i reach there 8.30 sharp and i dun see any poodle over thr
i was wondering will they cancel it yday but forget to imform us?
or they change the time?
wait and wait and wait finally i saw mocha!!
then bring brendi walk around ...
finally i saw Elsie bringing Cooper!
i started to be excited lah!!

Brendi so tired after walking for such a long distance
tat day walking will equal to his 1 week walking distance !
Brendi : wei.. tired lah keep walking !!! i wanna rest then u take out camera snap !!

thr are lots of doggie thr whr brendi can make fren with
this silky terrier is smaller than brendi but brendi scare him !!
the silky bark abit.. then brendi wanna run !
Brendi : yeee... scary !! RUUUUNNNN!!!

and then he saw another black schnauzer
brendi oso scare
brendi: yeeeee... black black de... tak mau kawan!

and then he saw a cutie shih tzu!
and this time brendi make friend with him lea
brendi : come come we make fren...!

Brendi :this is Elsie jie jie~
elsie jie jie say i hav flying ears !!

Brendi : this is elsie's jie jie poodle,named cooper..cooper kor kor very cook and handsome lea... i wanna be like him

this is a maltepoo which is a Maltese + poodle
named Bruno!!

Bruno act Emo??

Brendi:this is gal gal !!
she very cute lea..
and very tiny size!!
see she wear skirt!!
so pretty and adorable !

Brendi:this is browny jie jie~~
oso wearing skirt
tiff say wanna buy me a skirt after seeing so many pretty poodle with skirt
but i'm boy lea....

dark brown boey with browny and pretty
they whispering something to each other??

Brendi : tiff say wanna take picture wor.. so i pose my EMO face let her snap lo
since she snap non stop!

another smiling pose!!
hahaha~ brendi drink water till all the beard wet wet lo!!

the 1 wearing skirt is may may
wan brendi make friend with may may
end up brendi so shy and make those innocent face!!

neh~~ gal gal.. so pretty and adorable isnt it??

another picture of may may

i seriously in love with may may's skirt le!!!!!!

this is the cutie and brave boey!!!

brendi and mocha
i dun think brendi make friend with mocha
brendi shy boy lah!

Brendi : this is cooper kor kor! damn cool and handsome wei!

the handsome and 'hungy' amos !!

another pose !!!!
Brendi: tired lea.....

while brendi rest
brendi : wat's happening over there??

hahaha!! 18 SX
amos hump mocha
but mocha is a male lea!
funny betul....

amos innocent face !!

mocha in front and cooper at the back!
cooper look cool no matter in which angle!

lying in my arms
brendi : tired liao !!

* Amos keep hump brendi till brendi scare Amos so much!!! keep run here run thr so i better keep him in arm lo *

the pampered gal gal and may may
always wanna be in mama's arm !

gal gal very adorable lah!
seriously love her !

smile !!!

brendi take picture with his trainer!
t3 teach him sit,down,down-stay,stand,stand-turn,stand-walk,hand,give-me-5 and oso bang bang!
brendi listen to 'bang' then he will lie down act die
damn cute!
nex time must take picture !

all the poodles owner!!!
spot the standard poodle? ( at the right side of the picture)
i guess 1 mouth she can finish up brendi liao

another Happy Family picture ! !

not to forget the shy shy CoCo!!

went home and terus bath brendi!!
see his innocent face?
he dislike bathing session
but i bath him twice a week!!!
this pics look funny!
his head is brown but body colour so light!

this is brendi 1st outing to the park
1st time walking on the road
1st time meeting so many dogs
1st time playing with so many poodleS!
and he act quite good all the way whr he seldom bark !
i though he will scare of Golden Retriever but end up he went and kiss the retriever!
But brendi stil kinda anti social whr he very shy shy lo!
must bring him out more often so tat he dun be tat 'sakai'
brendi sleep once we get up the car to go home
till reach home
put him back to his playpan
then sleep till i wake him up to bath
finish bath then 2pm
sleep til night 8pm

forget to mention tat notty brendi PEE and POO in the park lea!
no dicipline at all!!
no manners!
but i noe puppy cannot tahan shh shh lah..
no matter how he's stil a puppy
so i didnt punish him lo~~!