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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 / 8/25/2009 02:30:00 PM

My Singapore Trip (2)

Shop at BHG the whole afternoon and spend LOTS OF MONEY!
dun ask me how much!
feel hungry about 4pm and went for this wan tan noodle
which is quite famous in spore
situated right beside of OG!
hav to queue up for this wan tan min
the stall is SO TINY
but the business is so good!

the famous Pontion Wantan noodle
the fried wantan is very crispy!
oh ya~ it doesnt taste like what we hav in KL
it hav MUAR taste!
a little spicy but its alright for me!
definitely a nice try!

*P/S: for those who wanna try pontian wan tan noodle at KL, u can find the shop at Kepong , near taman fadason *

after tat we sit at the bus stop for like half an hour
thinking whr to go
cuz we dun wanna go home early~
steph : why must we sit down here?
tiff : got place to sit mah.. u tot every bus stop hav place to sit 1 meh? sit down rest 1st lah..

after tat we decided to go Chinatown to hav a walk

i wanted to try FEI FEI wan tan noodle tat i've missed the last trip
but i already had pontian wan tan noodle in the afternoon
takkan wanna repeat the same thing rite?
so we find a tong shui shop sit down and hav a rest
* our legs are seriously tired!!! *

dun remember wat this call.. mango blended with pamello?
im not sure
but its at the top of the menu!
very nice very refreshing
very strong mango taste!
love it ~

Chinatown in the day time

chinatown in night time

we hav nothing to do at Chinatown
we plan to go for Geylang Beef noodle
but the pontion wan tan min not digest yet!
as we jalan jalan jalan~
we saw this reflexology!
juz on time!
our leg are pain!!
we nid REST!

we did the foot reflexology for 45 minutes!!

Fatty leg belongs to me
thin leg belongs to steph
we hav a complete rest during the reflexology!
its kinda pain la
the ppl say my backbone ,my stomach and my shoulder not good
and he say our leg very tired!
tiff : of course la..we walk the whole day lea!

after the foot reflexology
we feel HUNGY finally!
we decided to go for beef noodle! yeah!
wanted to take the bus
but you hav to take it at opposite road..
our legs are tired!
no strength
so we take taxi!
i only take taxi once in spore tat is going to Changi airport
its not easy to catch a cab!
cuz ppl stand in front of us will catch them 1st
me and steph decided to change strategies and we walk in front of those ppl
and we catch a taxi 5 minutes later!
yea~ we sounds bad.. but we are hungry!

from chinatown to Geylang it cost us SGD 15
if u wanna enjoy a bowl of yummylicious beef noodle
STOP the taxi when u saw this!

oh no!
this is wat i carving for since the 1st day i reach spore
omg omg omg!!!

the beef is so tender
i hardly believe tat its BEEF!
no beefy smell at all!
so tender!
so juicy!
the sauce is juz right to bring up the taste!
its oh so good!
we order the 2 person portion
and they are quite generous of their portion
as u can see the beef is EVERYWHERE on top of the kuey tiau
not to forget the gravy which make me felt in love with GEYLANG BEEF NOODLE!

we order this fried oyster as well~
not really yummy as they put too much starch
* different stall with beef noodle *

we take bus home after tat~ and slept around 12am!
didnt on laptop online or so
hav a nice hot shower then terus lie on bed !
too tired!


DOGATHON 2009 @ Bukit Ekspo, UPM , Serdang

the dogathon starts from 6.20am to 2.30pm
around 5am i woke up and bring brendi back to his play pan
to feed him breakfast and also wait for him to pee and poo
after tat i put a beetle little bagpack for himi din let him wear any baju, cuz according to STAR newspaper,such hot weather can cause heat stroke!weather is hot and dog nids water
i pack some food for him,water bottle and of course poop bag incase he wanna poo~
t3 suppose to reach at 6am but she's late
kesian brendi so sleepy fall asleep while waiting for t3

went for kim tek bak kut teh for breakfast
and then only we start our journey to UPM
by the time we reach its already 7.30am
the parking is almost full and thr are SO MANY DOGS!
UPM is so big, but they really make an effort whr they put up lots of direction to guide us to the Bukit Ekspo!
i'm so happy!!!
i look infront behind beside, all of the car hav dogs inside!!!
brendi is on leash and he bark non stop!
wat to do..he so anti-social
ppl bark he wanna bark..
ppl bark him once he bark twice

the First Place we hav to go is to the Physical Examination Booth
whr they will check their teeth , eyes...
juz a simple check up
then they will put a 'number plat' on the dogs
i guess they wanna count how many dogs present

after that we hav to proceed to the registration counter
whr those who wanna take part in any activity can register thr
and then we are given 2 paper bags ( to fill in the free gifts )
and also coupon to redeem free gifts

very adorable Golden Retriever !
aww.. i love them so much
but im not staying in banglo
my house will definitely not enough place for them to run around!

the forever 'face black black ' chow chow

this is a cutie female poodle
her owner is very friendly
she's very guai cuz she went for training b4
her mom advise us to bring brendi for training
cuz brendi very anti social

when the owner say SIT means SIT
and she will look at her owner
so cute rite??
i decided to bring brendi for training
but dunno which 1 to bring yet

Brendi : SIT only mah.. i also noe lah.. very 'lek' meh???
Tiff : damn kiasu la this dog... normally at home hav to shout at him SIT for 10 times only he sit

she's wearing skirt
so cute rite?
nex time i also wanna buy skirt for brendi!


they do grooming for dogs
and all the money tat they collect will go to charity
but i dun remember which charity they donate to

saw this 3 poodle on the table!

Since brendi hasnt been to PETS ICON for a month edi
cuz im too busy
so i decided to let him go for this RM15 grooming
he memang cannot diam diam sit down let ppl cut 1..

while waiting for brendi
i play with the 3 poodle
kitty is showing off her skills
she's stand like this and will never come down until the owner give command
hope brendi can be like her after training!

so cute rite?
i guess her name is Rui Rui
i wanna kidnap her !

Rui Rui smile at me lea..
heart melt edi....

again she's smiling at me..

this is miki~~
so cute rite!
and very guai
she dun bark at all when i carry her
very friendly and dun bark at strangers at all!

guai guai let me take pic some more
she dun move at all
as u can see the image is CLEAR!

see Rui Rui give me this funny look.. hahahaha!!!
so cute la Lui Lui
i like her fur dye as well..

this poodle also doing grooming
having chicken leg and poodle mouth cut

brendi favourite kibbles
got free gift coupon to redeem
and they give a small can of king salmon and potatoes
and i see them selling Big Packet addiction thr as well
20% discount
i buy a big packet addiction since brendi gonna finish his old packet soon..

saw this very cute maltest
she noe how to do camera post u noe??

so cute rite?

look at her camera post
so adorable isnt it??!!!

1 more post
as white as towels lea...

i tot they give this as free gifts

they give a box of tissue je~

i saw Eva and Meeko~~
so adorable lah
and so cute wearing the same baju but different colour

saw this very nice husky

white part so white
black part so black
nice rite??
and very obedient as well

Puppy waiting for Adoption at SPCA booth

its so hot whr every dog lies on the grass with long tongue ( to lost heat )

is this Doberman??

i like this pics alot
brendi look so 'sunny' here rite?
my cutie brendi!

Horse Ride any1?
i wonder do the horse fetch doggie as well?

so fierce la they 2

its open air 1 u noe?
only those booth hav camp
we are all under the sun!

its so hot and we plan to go home actually
but anyhow i promise MY POODLE CLUB to snap picture at 11am
but i see brendi's tongue getting longer and longer
he dun like to be hot 1
so i bring him to the play ground
which is under the shade
let him hav a rest

yea~ 'REST'
but non stop snap picture
kesian him!

so cute rite??!
brendi also can play in playground lo...

i hav a video brendi slide down
damn funny!
but i dunno how to post video lah!

this little boy is the 1 line up behind brendi when play slide
and he is so interested in brendi and follow brendi wherever brendi go

he scare of dogs
and yet he wanna play with brendi!

brendi : finally i can drink water and STOP TAKING PICS~ thank god!

after drinking water
of course the PHOTO SNAPPING session still go on
tiff and brendi

Brendi is S size
mom : aiyak! why din tell me earlier? i go buy toto mah...

Brendi resting on the bench~

Brendi posing for Dogathon 2009!

wah~~~ wat makes brendi look so syok ar?

because of yeen yeen's fan lo..

brendi so STUPID lah
tie himself up!! hahahaa~

got this as free gift
i dunno from which booth
but it looks fresh and decided to give brendi on the spot
tat brendi hor.....

he dance because of the biscuit~
some more exposing his 'bird bird'
damn sia sui lah

stil dancing!!! the biscuit really very nice...
i guess brendi can model for pawtiserrie edi..
yummy till dance!

Brendi: no more edi ar??? why give 1 piece only?? i want more....

Bring brendi for this Vet COnsultation for RM3 only
we hav coupon given during Pets World so i nid not to pay for the vet consultation!
saw lots of dog kena heat stroke
the weather seriously hot!
and all the vet put ais into plastiv gloves and then put on the body of the dog
to lower down the temperature...
its a long long Q so we went to the My Poodle Club booth to wait for the photography section


win win!

Amber Chia come to promote Artemis
and also Pets Lover Magazine

Amber Chia Dog names Kelly

KElly and Amber Chia again..
Kelly is a Golden Retriever

MiloBoy on the chair and win win on the ground

Cutie Blossom

Amber Chia Signing on Pets Lover magazine and the magazine is to be given away to those who answer her question correctly
her 1st question is " what is my dog name?"
i'm the 1st who come out with the answer " KELLY! "
and i get the Pets Lover Magazine
woo hoo..save money no nid to buy !! hehehehe

its BOy BOy!

Ricky Chai

Cooka the forever pretty and well dressed

Its Blossom again~

this is Jessie ( not sure bout the spelling)
an agressive and fierce poodle

this is another win win

MY POodle Club

Bringing Win Win and Brendi run 'into' camera! hahaha
win win so cooperative but brendi... haiz!

Amber , Tiff and brendi!!

win win and amber

Truly THANKS MCD drive through who save my life!
so so so so hot eventhough im sitting in the car with FULL BLAST air cond!
McFLurry u save my life!!
thank you!

brendi's vet check up at UPM!

this is wat the doctor rite
brendi is fine and healthy
ntg to be worried about
but hav to put on more weight~
tat fatty, some more wanna eat so much ar???

Brendi : yeah! doc say i can put on more weight means i can eat more right?YEAH!