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little vietnam
Monday, July 13, 2009 / 7/13/2009 05:43:00 PM

Little Vietnam @ Midvalley

crazy of vietnam food for weeks!
dunno why i juz love to try out vietnam food so much!!!
in conjuction with Pets World 2009 which held in midvalley
i hav the chance to visit Little Vietnam
a place tat attract me year ago with their sugar cane prawn
they cancel out this dish from their menu...
i dunno why
juz feel sad when i look through their menu.....

this is their something like minced chicken noodle??
oh ya! this is very very very very super duper yummy!!!!
i tot it gonna be something very normal
but im wrong! totally wrong ! its so yummy!!!!
the minced chicken in very tender
with the gravy which i love it so so so so much!!!
100% given!!!!!

i order this tom yam glass noodle~
err.. if were to compare..
i think this is too normal to mention
ntg special
not really yummy
the vege come in seperate portion
remember to pour the vege into the hot soup
i guess vietnam ppl dun like overcooked beansprout?

not to forget this yummylicious chili paste!

as for desert
i'll order this fried banana with ice cream
i guess this is famous in vietnam??

u might say tat its like goreng pisang and why we nid to pay so much??
its definitely DIFFERENT!!
the banana is like 'melting' and its HOT!!!
but the ice cream is cold ( of course lah)
the hot and cold combination is YUMMY!!
like it!love it!heart it! so so much~

again i lost the receipt..

again i cant write the price up here

again i wanna say...

i'm getting older and older and older.......


Brendi goes BOTAK........!

hahaha~ before send him to pets icon
i better snap a few of his leng chai pics 1st!
brendi so cute isnt it?
brendi : dun cut my hair lah....

Not to forget to snap with him too
haha~ brendi smiling! so cute.....
Brendi : please... i dun wanna be botak!

not only tat... mom's biggest wish is to snap a pic of louis and brendi together
finally did it today!!!!!
cuz brendi and louis tarak ngam
when louis 'ter' touch brendi
brendi wanna bite him
this is a pic CHOSEN from 10 pics !!
others are BLUR !!!!
blur because louis will runaway when he see brendi
brendi wanna bite louis

Louis : i dun like u!!
brendi : i dun like u either!!

brendi so cute rite?? hahahahah cant stop praising him!!!
brendi : really wanna shave till botak meh??

brendi : really meh? dun wan lah~~~~~

before send him over to pets icon
i bring him to Kim Tek bak kut teh to enjoy bak kut teh
no no~ he didnt eat
he juz sit down on the chair
smell the bak kut teh~

send him over to pets icon after enjoying bak kut teh~~
oh ya!
he cry when i hand him over to Mr Nicholas
Ms valerie is not thr yet cuz we arrive kinda early
he cry
cuz he knew tat he gonna be botak!

from 11.30 to 4.30~

of course i'm not sitting down thr and waiting for him
i went 1 u and ikano
for wat?
of course for SHOPPING!!!

i noe i noe.. i'm SHOPAHOLIC!
i noe i noe....i spend lots of money !
i noe i noe.... i shouldnt buy so many stuff!
but... in this picture.. i'm smiling.. i'm enjoying EVEN I SPEND LOTS OF MONEY!
after holding 2 bags of converse, 1 bag or roxy and 1 bag or dorothy perkins
i stop buying!! head to ikano, curve right after tat to STOP MYSELF from buying more
i seriously spend alot !!!

find a nice parking at the curve
went to the flea market
searching for Amos Boutique
i tot i'll be juz looking around NOT SPENDING cuz i overspend at 1u juz now
but... i didnt!! i bought a baju for brendi!!!!
oh ya! for those who wanna pamper ur furkids with al kinds of accesories and baju!
do pay a visit to amos boutique EVERY SATURDAY at the curve flea market
beside tat.. u can visit their online store at http://www.amospetboutique.com/
nice item sinV( the owner of amos pet boutique) have~
u will be like me when u reach thr " which 1 should i buy?" " har? all same price.. how?" " wei.. how?which 1 to buy???"

went pets lover center after tat to buy kibbles for brendi!
spend bout RM160 over there...
i noe i noe..
i spend alot!!!!

sharp at 4.15pm!
immediately i drive to pets icon to pick up brendi!

i was like : " OH MY GOODNESS..." ( with mouth open wide )
very big difference right?
never tot tat he will be in this look rite?
so cute with his bulu
but bulu-less he look so weird
oh ya~
after shaving
i realise tat he is so thin!
notice his leg?
its juz like gonna break anytime~

aww... kesian....
brendi : oso say dun wanna shave de la.. see i become this look? nobody gonna sayang me anymore !

he is so skinny rite?
1st look when i see him i feel he look like a girl with 2 pony tail~
but now after see him for so many days
i feel he is quite cute w/o bulu~
dad : " oh my god.. u look like a mouse? am i playing with a mouse?"
sis : " where's my brendi? give me back my brendi "
neighbour : " wah... ur daughter buy new doggie ar? "