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Monday, October 27, 2008 / 10/27/2008 06:48:00 PM

Jalan Ipoh Hokkien Mee, (II)

i've blog bout this loh mee once~
it is situated in the jalan ipoh pedalaman
but the loh mee here is REALLY yummy~
tat's why it appear at my blog for the 2nd time~~

this is their relaxing environment
( provided if the dogs are sleeping , not around u walking up and down and up and down )

the KILLING cili~
mixture of garlic and cili padi
its really HOTT!

this is the 1 i LOVE the most!!
their loh min!
which is in white colour~
the different with the black loh min is tat the black loh min hav black vinegar inside but not this white 1~
this white version loh min is juz so simple wif the eggs,meats,prawns,vege and oso their homemade MEE~
the mee is different from the outside 1 where its not tat soft~
the mee here is slightly harder but it taste juz SIMPLY SO GOOD!

the hokkien mee oso taste good~
its juz simple so different from the outside 1 as the texture of the mee is really good~
not too soft and a little bit chewy~
i juz love it so so much~
no matter u fried it in hokkien mee style or cook it in loh mee style~
the mee wil stil remain its tastyness~
which always hold me for coming back to it whenever i think of hokkien mee~

other than hokkien mee and loh mee~
we decided to try the sui kau as well~
which i rate the sui kau as average only
the sui kau is too soft~
i think i prefer those with more meat and oso prawn~
this sui kau doesnt wins my heart~

oh i juz love this loh mee sooooo much as i nid to blog them twice!
or maybe 3rd time?

/ 10/27/2008 04:55:00 PM

Paella & Tapas, Barcelona!

this is wat i mention earlier in the previous post - Paella and Tapas!!

as we hav a walk near the Sagrada Familia~
stephy sis insist wanna try paella~
it looks great and yummy~
Paellador, i think is a brand of Paella???

the Paella tat steph wanna try since the 1st day she arrive barcelona!
there are quite a few choice actually~

this is wat we saw on the table~
looks great
looks yummy isnt it?
we order
1) Paella de Arroz Con ( seafood Paella )
2)Fideua Con Questo ( fideguay )
3)Paella De Marisco , todo (Paella del Senorita )
wat's tat? no idea?
juz scroll down~

this is wat they called Tapas
which is very famous in Barcelona
its actually like our mixed rice
choose wat u wan
tell them u wan the large or regular version
and then they wil serve to u~
a good restaurant may served up to 100 types of tapas
mind u, they are not CHEAP~

wat's this?
its a tissue box actually~

i dun rmr wat this called..
i think is wine + ?? + ?? which is spanise favourite?
i find it taste weird!

they serve bun as starter~
1 bun ONLY for each person!

we try the mussles which is 1 of the tapas
ntg great actually
uncle ian say this is not those traditional tapas,
they juz buy it from somewhere and then make hot using microwave
so ntg special..
the mussles are HUGE actually~

this is 1 of the paella which is Fideua Con Questo
it contains cheese, franfruiters,ham, olives,oregano,mushroom,

ntg special i think~~~
not realy nice lea..

Paella del senorito
Peeled seafood,
and sweet peppers


Paella de Arroz Con
and sweet peppers


this is a few famous tapas choice in Barcelona
we decided to give them a try!~
really ntg nice to shout out about~
or i shall say i doesnt suits my taste...
maybe its nice to spanish
but it dun suits me~
maybe nex time we should try those real traditional tapas
i guess those might taste better?


meat balls
i find it toooo SOFT~

no idea?

fried potato wif mayonise
i can cook this as well~

some kind of sausage
too salty
too oily~

Paella and tapas is not as nice as Baguette salami i think?
oh ya~
when we visit this restaurant
we do not know how to order the drinks
cuz everything is wrote in alien words~
so we decided to order a big botle of mineral water
it cost us 5Euro for a big bottle of mineral water
means it cost RM25 for a big bottle water
mom say : our house 1 whole month , 3 person + a rabbit using, not even reach RM20!!
oh yea, 3 person bath 3 times daily, rabbit bath 1 week once, water the plants daily , mop the floor daily~
stil tak sampai Rm20 lea~~

A lesson to learn!!!

/ 10/27/2008 04:18:00 PM

Baguette + salami!

i realised tat i forget to post up some barcelona food!
luckily i remember it!!!
wats the special things in Barcelona?
of course the Paella and Tapas!!
wat's tat?
i wil introduce to u guys in the next post!

for this post
i wil introduce Baguette + salami!!!
wats tat??
look at the follwongs pics!

Baguette and salami is something very common and special!
of course Baguette is somekind of bread
which is kinda hard compare to the normal Gardenia
usually the british wil eat it wif olive oil
but the spanish wil cut it into HALF
and insert some ingredients in it
for example turkey, ham , salami or chicken
the reason they stack the bread like tat is to attract the outside tourist to buy it~
the 1 i get near La RamBla is much Expensive compare to the 1 i get from the shop near my apartment
the reason is because La RamBla is Famous with tourist spot
of course they will charge of course higher for the same thing

i usually wil share wif sis
because the baguette is not Small
is quite Huge actually
they wil wrap it in those bakery wrapper
and cut into 2
and then wrap again in another layer
they do this so tat we dont hav to use our DIRTY fingers to touch the yummylicious Baguette!

there u go
the yumylicious baguette!!!
i juz love this so much
the salami taste a little salty if u eat it juz like tat
but it goes well wif the baguette!!!

oh ya
the price
near La Rambla cost 5 Euro each
near my apartment cost 3.95 Euro each~~~
but when the time comes when ur brain say 'BAGUETTE SALAMI'!
no matter how ex is it , juz go and get it!!

Friday, October 24, 2008 / 10/24/2008 10:55:00 PM

My Trip To barcelona (III)

after drinking a bottle of chocolate milk
and oso sandwich with hotdog~

this is the famous Barcelona football stadium
my mom try to find beckham here
of course he's not here lah
sunny day hav to wear scarf?
my mom and dad describe me as 'madness'

on the way to MOntJuic
a hot and sunny day!

this is a bull fighting building
under contruction
no bull fighting during the time i went thr
my sis wan to go for the bull fighting lah
but too bad~~~
the building is under contruction

me me me
a hot and sunny dar
wonder y i wanna tie my hair?
simply because of my sis!
u noe wat my sis say on tat day when i tie my hair
' tiff..i feel like wanna talk to u... talk alot alot alot' ' y?? biasa oso u din wana talk to me ar?' 'haiz.. biasa ur hair like a GRASS... how i wanna talk to a grass ar???'
i wonder my hair got tat grassy meh?

stephy sis and me!!!
i dun look like grass today!!

we hop on a bus to visit MontJuic
of course u can choose to walk....
to finish Mont Juic,
i think u wil need half day....
wif bus,
u go around,
use only 15 minutes!!!
convenient isnt it?
tats the machine to put the 3 days pass
' tit-tit'
then u can go ahead to find a seat~~!!

hop on bus to visit MontJuic

this is the place where de the olympic held

after leaving MontJuic
we went to casa Battlo!!!

neh neh neh
casa battlo
very creative an very nice isnt it??
tats the famous casa battlo
the balconi is like a mask
if u look at msia balconi
but look at this

im in 1 of the church in Barcelona
i saw the sign NO MINI SKIRT
but nobody stop me from stepping in
tak mau bother lah..

in the church
there are this goose?swan? in the church
so cute!!
isnt it?
of course they are not walking around
i find them CUTE
can i hav them?
maybe she/he can become baby louis fren?

in the ang mo crowd

make a wish?
no la...
posing only lah...!

sponsore a stone for this church~~~

in a old old street!

me and mummy~~~
mumy look blur??

any1 noe wat is La Boheme in Malaysia??
a bakery shop whr u can get in jusco!

we are at the market at...??
the market named....
( i dun remember lea )
spot this fruit juice stall
which i find it so colourfull
look at it oso happy
the 100% natural fruit juice
nid not to speak spanish wif them
they wrote in english wat juice is it
juz point at it
and then use ur finger to tell them u wan 1 or 2 or 3?
and they wil give u wat u wan

thr we go
we got the mango juice
its really 100% lea...
very mango lo~~!!!
cost us 2 euro

i dunno wat is this
and EVERYONE seems to like it so MUCH!!!!
i find it gorgeous
look like drumstick

we wanted to go out everynight actually to experiance the barcelona night life
but we didnt manage to do so
mainly because jetlag~
the night time in barcelona wil be the midnight in Malaysia
of course we feel sleepy!
and then we wil sleep like a pig!
so on the last night
we manage to go out at night
after i insist every1 to change baju after DINNER!
juz wanna show u guys hor gorgeous is sagrada Familia at night


worth for me to SACRIFICE my oi oi time juz to visit this!!!

weee waaaa weeee waaaa
i'm in love wif this sagrada familia

more dogs!!!
this old woman seems like wanna KILL me!

hav u ever seen Giant Schnauzer?
its really huge
and look at this giant schnauzer
he follow behind his owner WITHOUT any Chain!

i hav something to say!
upon my last day in barcelona
something BAD happens on me!
i tot in europe country wouldnt hav thief
i tot ang mo are al good ppl
but its WRONG!!!!
angmo do hav bad ppl as well!!!
the story begins ....
i was walking wif my mom my sis and uncle ian down the street
there is this BIG FAT UGLY SHITTY WOMAN!!!!
come to us
( sorry i hav to scold her like this.. but i'm really in TRAUMA after tat! )
she smile at us
she was holding a bouquet of roses
and then she put a rose into our pocket
she's saying ' fiesta'
which is in spanish means Good Luck
i tot she was an angel
i tot she's good!
after tat she show us the 10cent Euro coin
so we tot of giving her 10cent lo
logic isnt it?
after uncle ian give her 50cent Euro
she say : no no!
and then she put back the coin into uncle ian pocket
she point at me
showing a 10 cent euro again
so we tot tat it was a blessing for CHILDREN
and we should give her
i open my purse
which contain 350 euro together and 5 euro together and some coins
i give her 50 cent instead of 10 cent
again she say : no no!
again she put the coin back into my purse
and then she point at my sis
i was blur tat time
i didnt noe wat happen
after tat i look at my purse
all the 350 euro GONE
left the 5 euro
i stunt for 2 seconds!
and i realised she's a THIEF!!
i hold her hand
i look try to look for my money
and the clever her steal my money
and put it underneath the bouquet of roses
i immediately PULL out my money
luckily i'm fat with lots of energy!
and oso thanks my sis for the sandwich and hotdog and chocolate milk which give me ENERGY!
I MANAGE TO PULL BACK THE 350 euro from her fat fat HAND!!!!
after tat
i look at her face
she look at me
she's very angry!she pull back the rose
and walk off
i didnt bother her at tat time
i was in trauma
my sis my mom stil dunno wat happen
after she left
i tell my mom she's a thief she steal my money
my sis and mom : WAT??? GO AND GET BACK LAH!!
i say i got it back edi
my sis shocked!
not because of the thief
but because i'm ALERT
this is the 1st time i'm ALERT throughout 19 years i live in this world!
im shocked too! y am i so alert huh?
after tat
i saw her using the same technique on the others as well
but tat time i didnt bother her
i didnt think of scolding her
cuz i was in trauma
after i go back to apartment
i regret tat i dn scold her! kick her!
im sure tat she earn alot daily
imagine she got 350 euro in juz 5 minutes
after tat i din bring so much money when i go out
this is a lesson
never put ur money together in a purse
put it seperately
i learn a lesson!!!

end of my barcelona post
wil post up my london pics soon
after a few food post
i seriously miss MALAYSIA food within tat 3 weeks..!
so i hav to blog!