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Thursday, September 4, 2008 / 9/04/2008 06:57:00 PM

* KiK KoK , Ikano *

i was attracted by this kik kok because it situated right beside the escalator
whenever u come down from the 2nd floor
u can see the aunty making this kik kok~

this is known as crepe right???
lots of choice~

this is how they make the crepe~
the flour is added wif water and egg
and then put a ladder of flour on the fried pan
use a special made tool to scrapt the flour around
of course in round shape~
put a layer thick layer of butter!!
it smells so good when u stand beside it~~
cant wait for it!!
add on the honey~
and then cut the banana onto pieces and put it on the crepe~

this is mine!
i choose the Butter + Honey + Banana
does it taste WEIRD?
its taste absolutely good!!!
the crepe is SOOOO CRISPY!
oooh i love it!
i seriously love it!!!

/ 9/04/2008 06:13:00 PM

* Wan Tan , Chef TIFF *

i'm goin to introduce to all of u guys the best wan tan in the world!
which is handmade by ME, TIFFANY LAU HWEE WEN!
woooo hooooo~
excited! happy!

Let's start!~

follow the step above and u wil get to taste the best wantan in the world~

u nis some prawn
of course the fresh prawn is most wanted instead of those frozen prawn~
peel the prawn and wash it ~
remove the shit k?

cut the prawn into cubes
dun cut it into TINY pieces or CHOPPED it...

prepare the minced meat
how much do u nid?
agak agak la..

add in prawn wif the meat~
and then add in the chicken powder

mix everything TOGETHER~

boiled a pot of water
add in the chicken and ikan bilis~
this is the soup for the wan tan~

wrap everything wif the cling wrap~
and put it back into the fridge~

~ let the meat sit in the fridge for few hours ~

this is the wan tan 'skin'
buy the freshly made 1 instead of those in supermarket

prepare some flour in water
this is to serve as GLUE to stick the wan tan skin~

put some meat on the wan tan skin and wrap it~
how to wrap it?
depends on ur creativity~
and then apply the flour water on the edge of the skin to glue the skin together~

there is goes the wantan tat chef TIFF wrap..
look like a piece of art isnt it?
like a flower~~
i din noe tat i'm so clever in wrapping wantan until my mom tought me few years ago~

look at the wan tan~~
all in same size
not even 1 pecah~
i'm proud of myself!
yooo hoooo~

boil the wan tan in the hot boiling water~
how to noe whether its cook onot??
look at the wantan
when the wantan float on the hot boiling water
means its COOK~

drain out the wantan
u wil find tat the water used to boiled the wantan is sticky and starchy~
the reason y not to put the wantan into the soup and boil it til it cook is because the wantan wil make the soup sticky and starchy
whr i found its abit not so nice to drink starchy soup~

add in the soup tat u boil earlier
of course u hav to heat it up..
add in some fried onion as well~
a simple and yummylicious wantan soup is DONE~
ready to serve~
is it yummy?
oh yeah, the wan tan is lovely~
if u wanna deep fried it, add in some water chessnuts , it wil taste absolutely YUMMY~
oh yeah~
i'm so proud of myself~~

why do i say this is the best wantan in the world?
cz its make by myself
of course its the best


~ pics to share ~

its me its me~
bringing louis to school ~
as my frens require to see him..
cutie louis sitting in the carrier bag~
i'm in the chemistry lab..
the experiment of the day not disect rabbits o~

a carrier bag for louis..
specially for rabbits..
although its small..
but i feel its juz nice for him..
those looks like gal's handbag is abit not too good i think..
not only big~
but too deep..
this is juz nice for my baby louis~
see? the guai guai louis~ sayang sayang

my cutie baby louis...
talking on handphone
" hello? baby louis speaking.. who are u?? salah nombor kah??"

louis new hat
which is my camera pouch~
he look so cute no matter in wat way~
i love u baby louis~

/ 9/04/2008 06:05:00 PM

* Kuey Chap , Muar *

this is the 2nd time i blog bout this ~
of course kuey chap is my FAVOURITE!!!!
the best kuey chap is in Muar..
in a little stall~
i start to eat this when im young~
me and dad wil sit right in front the stall and eat...
i juz love the feeling~

this is the kuey of kuey chap~
the texture is similar to kuey tiau but this is in different shape..
its in square shape~
of course the soup is the gravy from the braised pork~
add wif some salted lobak~

this is the chap of kuey chap
its the braised pork, pig intestine, pig stomach , eggs , taufu and so on wif lots of spices~
i think this is the traditional teo chew dish~
i dunno??
its slightly salty but goes really well wif the kuey
dun tot tat it would be disgusting
i'm sure u wil in love wif it once u try it!!!

do u noe wat the uncle say when he send the kuey chap over?
he says: wah... u so big edi.. last time stil small small when u 1st come and eat at my stall~
of course i'm glad tat he stil remember me..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 / 9/03/2008 11:09:00 PM


this is the fried salty chicken~
ofcourse its different from the normal chicken~
this chicken is marinated wif salt~
and then deep fried in the hot boiling oil~
this chicken is absolutely yummy!!!
the salt chicken then u usually eat in kl wil be the steam version~
in muar u can get the deep fried version~
yooo hooo~
my must order when i come here~

the lala~
which is my dad's favourite!!
seldom hav in muar~
but today we are lucky to got them!
yooo hooo~
the lala is YUMMY!!!!
i love it!!
the sauce is GOOOOOOD~

this is the muar style fried kuey tiau which is the wet version~
a little bit different from the kl 1 is tat the wat tan hor in muar is in black colour~
they taste almost the same...
the kuey tiau is black as well~
comes wif the fishball, sotong. vege, prawn, meat and fishcakes~

the claypot fish head
i think kl dun hav such things isnt it??
fish head 'bath' wif some flour, put in the boiling hot oil, deep fry til golden colour,,
after tat, put in yam,mushroom,fried fish head into a claypot
boil it until the yam and fish head is SOFT..
after tat add in vege , slice of meats , tau pok..
and its ready to serve~
easing cooking but i really love it...mom's favourite....
i juz love the soft yam, melts once u put in ur mouth~

restoran ting ting is situated at Bakri
whr is it? i dunno... juz follow the signboard when u drive
its around 20 minutes journey when u tavel from Muar Town~
of course..
the name ting ting is something to laugh about
u noe i noe la..

/ 9/03/2008 10:22:00 PM

* Dunkin' Donuts' *

i'm here at dunkin!!
yoooo hooo~
i was once attracted to their sandwiches
but i never try it again as i was busying trying other foods
was kinda happy as my stomach start making noise b4 lunch time
so i decided to hav some donuts at dunkin as a 'appetizer' b4 my lunch


lots of choices of donut

the sandwich counter!!!
all the ingredients for the sandwiches is HERE!!

instead of choosing donuts as my appetizer
i choose the sandwiches as my appetizer~
i juz cant resist the temptation!!!!
i order the double cheese and egg!

look at my double cheese and eggs~
the croissant hav a really strong butter smell
the egg is prepared using microwave
and then move it on the bread, put on 2 pieces of cheese on top!!!
the cheese is slight melt due to the heat from the eggs~
one bite on it, and u wil love it!!
i dun lie~ i really dont!!!
of course i remove the tomato as i hate TOMATOES!

the chicken sadwiches~
which is the chicken tuna~

look at the generous amount of the chicken tuna they gave!!
it taste simply perfect!!!
i'm in love wif it again!!!

the egg double cheese sandwich and the chicken tuna sandwich cost us RM6.90 each~
i in love again~