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♥ Significant ♥

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 / 7/29/2008 08:51:00 PM

i guess everybody knows that now is the season of durian..
im a durian lover...
i love durian very very much..
and im so happy that my beloved dy dy bought durian..
the picture above is cat hill king "猫山王“。
dont ask me how 2 differentiate it..
i only know the name...
hehe..cause my dad is the 1 who told me...

this is how the meat look like...
look at the colour...
it can make me mad...
is your mind now thinking how nice it is?
feel like touching it n feel how tender is the meat?
how soft is it?
how juicy is it?
uh hmmmm...
stop dreaming...
durian is not juicy...
1ce i bite i can feel that everything around me has changed to durian..
even louis will be in green..

this is the famous D24..
accordig to the adult say..
it has some alcohol taste...
maybe its real..
but i dun really know..
as i will just eat it til it bald...
yummy yummy...
it will be more expensive compare to the normal durian..
try it...
its really nice...

look at the meat again..
it is in this perfect golden yellow..
i cant wait to eat it...
but still i have to pause 1 second to take its photo..
i sacrifice alot for this food blog..

after cleaing all the meat of durian...
we will take out the sea salt which bought by my sister duno from where..
y wanna take out sea salt?
its the traditional recipe after eating durian..
to lower down the heat in our body...

ok....like this...
the empty house of the durian will be place like this...
then follow like the picture below...

pour some of the salt on it....
some only...
not too much...
if not it will be taste worse than the dead sea wwater..

then add some water n dilute the salt....
that will be the best way to avoid getting sick after eating durian..
because durian is kinda heaty...

our queen of fruit kingdom...
it is purple in colour (outer part)
but but but but but.....

and the taste of this fruit is yummy!!!!!
let me tell u guys a joke here..(my fren was a teacher she told me this)
teacher: students..what is mango?
student: 芒果(mango in yellow)
teacher : what is mangosteen?
student : alot alot od mango (plural tense for mango)
i feel kinda stupid..
but my fren laugh like anything when she was in the situation..
ok..thats the fruit of out country..
hoep u guys will appreciate it..
as it is really tasty...
plz plz plz....
invite me along to taste it..
leave a comment in the tag box.. tell me wat do u feel about my blog..

restaurant riverview village (II)
/ 7/29/2008 08:30:00 PM

* Restaurant Riverview Village (II) ,Jalan Ipoh *

my 2nd visit here!!
not tat my 2nd time visit here as tiffany
but its my 2nd time visit here as a PROFESSIONAL FOOD BLOGGER-tiffany!
those who noes me~
i wil always say myself PROFESSIONAL
plz forgive my perasan-ness~

this is the salted vege mayau fish 咸菜马友
which is my FAVOURITE!
u wil find out tat many ppl loves to order this!!!!
the mayau fish is fried til crispy~
and then top up wif the sauce cook wif salted vege!!!
add on a few slices of meat!!

the marmite pork rib!妈蜜排骨
this is oso a must order when i come here!!!
the deep fried pork rib add on the marmite sauce!!
the pork rib is marinated b4 they deep fried it~
so it taste so good!! soft! and juicy!
and then the marmite taste sweet!
mmmmm~ yummy!

direct translate this is the hundred flower chicken!百花鸡
not tat the chicken stuffed wif flowers
but the chicken is stuffed wif sotong!!!
special isnt it????
the 1st layer which is brown in colour is the chicken skin~
and then the 2nd layer is the chicken meat~
3rd layer is the sotong meat!
u wil never noe how yummy is this if u didnt try it!

muar~my hometown (III)
/ 7/29/2008 05:22:00 PM

* Muar ~ My hometown (III) *

once u sit down~
no nid u to move~
the otak-otak seller wil come to u~
ask u whether u wan otak-otak onot!
they yummylicious otak-otak~
of course i noe which stall is good which is not..
if u visit muar nex time~
do let me noe as i can be ut tour guide
Attn: i dunno the road there.. but i noe the food
i hav to say tat Muar's signature Food is OTAK OTAK!!!!!

there is a road named the fourth road
where there is a wantan mee stall there!!
they can sell hundreds of bowl of wantan min per day~~!!
the wan tan min is different from the kl 1!
really different~
tell u some secret : i wil always order the Big Bowl!!
small bowl definitely not enough lah~~

u call it wantan min ofcourse the wantan is the MAIN CHARACTER lah....
the wantan here is yummy as well!

huge and yummy!!!!
marinated pork wrap in the wantan skin!!!

the teo chew kuih stall!!!! 潮州粿
i gonna tell u tat this is my favourite kuih stall in muar!!
i eat this since young u noe???
i'm teochew~~
i noe ntg bout teochew..
i dunno how to speak teo chew
I NOE ~ teo Chew Kuih is yummylicious!
u can find this in KL as well ( but very few stall selling this )
'they' face 'extinction'

this is the salty glutinous rice 咸糯米饭
its actually glutinous rice fried wif some dried shrimp~
and then make it in shape~ put on some cha siew on top of it~
( as an indicator tat this is SALTY version )

the white 1 is the sweet glutinous rice 甜糯米饭
which is actually glutinous rice wif some white tau sah in the middle~
this is yummy as well!!!

the left 1 is the Mangkuang Kuih 笋粿
the middle 1 is the White Kuih (白)包饭粿
the right 1 is the Black Kuih (黑)包饭粿
okay! i admit i'm not good in naming this ~~~

after u've order wat u wan~
the guy there wil pan fried it for u~~
i order 10 pieces of the salty 1 and 5 pieces of the sweet 1~~
of course da bao balik KL lah...
it taste GOOOD!!
eventhough the nex day i juz heat it up wif the oven toaster~
it stil taste nice as before!!!
i prefer the salty 1 as it fried wif the dried shrimp..
making it taste so good!!!

the rambutan in front of my popo hse are all RIPE!!!
the red-juicy-sweet rambutan!!!!
i gonna da bao this back!!!

see see
all are mine!!!!!

muar is a littlee hometown~
whenever i back MUAR~
u wil often listen/see the word ' da bao'
of course the food here is yummy! special! traditional food!!!

ding tai fung
Sunday, July 27, 2008 / 7/27/2008 11:43:00 PM

* Ding Tai Fung , Garden *

before i introduce FOODS!
let me show u some Perasan pics~
this is ME!!
i'm wif my new Aqua Colour contact lens..
which means i ts blue-green colour..
hahahaha~~look like a Doll la..

the camera is the 1 i use to take the pics of the FOODs!
my sony N1!!
touch screen camera~ 8.1 megapixel~!!

okay! stop crapping!!

Ding Tai fung 'step' in to malaysia finally!!!!!!
ding tai fung is a famous restaurant serve chinese food which origin from taiwan
they hav an outlet at spore~
where u hav to Queue to get a place!!!!!!
i'm proud to hav a try here today~
i wanna see how GREAT is it!!!

the menu!
their signature dish is of course the Mini Meat Bun~~~
u can find lots of choices of bun which hav different fillings in it!!!
look at the bottom
hahaha~~ how famous is it??
let me taste it!!!

in such a 'chinesy' shop..
of course u hav to order chinese tea la~~~
my fren wanted to order the Sprite!
luckily i stop her!!
'u hav to follow the 'style' in this shop laah~
RM2 per cup and FREE REFILL!!

the jellyfish~
which is the appetizer over here~~
the jelly fish taste SOUR & Spicy~
i like it!
my fren HATE IT!
hahahaha~ maybe it taste weird so some1~
RM3 for this...
" i oso din order this!! y they put on the table once i sit down???? then i hav to pay!!"
hahahaha~ she hate the jellyfish!! prejudice lah...

the Ding Tai Fung Signature Dish which is the Mini Meat Bun 小龙包
once u mention bout ding tai fung~
u wil surely remember bout this..
and of course i come here because of their famous Mini Meat Bun as well~~

they come in either 6 pieces or 12 pieces~
i order the 6 pieces Mini Meat Bun

how do u start wif it???
stuck the whole thing in ur mouth???
bite a small mouth at the edge of the bun
suck out the soup !!!
Caution : ITS BURNING HOT!!!
u wil find out tat the soup taste sweet!!!
pretty good~
after tat only u put the bun in ur mouth
1st bite : fantastic!
2nd bite : amazing!
3rd bite : 1 More PLEASE!!!!

the Chef Recommended Cha jiang La Mien炸酱拉面
we tot tat it would be GREAT!
it hav some kind of weirdo taste~
dun really like it~~~
the Petaling Street 1 taste even better!!
RM14,50 for this!

i heard some1 say tat the fried rice is nice~
so i give it a try~
i choose the Chef Recommended Pork Chop Egg Fried Rice 猪扒蛋炒饭

this is the fried till crispy Chef Recommended Pork Chop
Minus Mark : i saw 1 rice on the pork chop!
the pork chop remains juicy and tender after being fried in the boiling hot oil
it taste slightly salty if u taste it juz like tat..
but it goes well wif the fried rice~~~

the egg fried rice is ntg great to shout out about..
juz normal rice fried wif egg and some green onion~
the rice is a bit tasteless..
but when u eat it wif the Pork Chop~
it wil taste better...
errr.... to me.. this is... okay lah....
RM 14.50 for this!

as for dessert
i order the Ginko yam Paste 白果芋泥
this is YUMMY!!!
the yam paste is NIC!!!
wif the ginko on top which is YUMMY as well~~
i love it!
but it come in very TINY BOWL!
i SHOCKED when i look at it~
RM6.80 for this!!

subtotal : RM50.10
10% Service Charge : RM5.01
5% Government Charge : RM2.50
TOTAL : RM 57.60

yuk kee
/ 7/27/2008 11:02:00 PM

in the morning, was having a very good mood...
so i suggest my fren to bring me to yuk kee which is famous with their toast...
my fren owys say " thieir kaya looks not nice,but taste really nice"..
why she will say so?
continue look at my blog then you will know why she will say that....

yuk kee is located at Jalan Kamunting.
i bet nobody knows about it.
it is near to the tan chong building if im not mistaken is near complex wawasan.
it is a very easy place to reach, any one who really interested..
can drop comment or can tag me.
i will tell you ho to reach that place.

this is their business sign board..
look very old right?
no doubt "old" or "outdated" is their signature symbol.
ok, it doesnt include the customers.
i reached there by 7am and yuk kee will only start operate on 7.30am..
we waited in the car..and guess what...
not only we were waiting...
now u can imagine how good is their business?

finally the kopitiam is now open.
this is their menu board.
they listed everything they have..
from toast, half boiled egg to steak , pork chop and etc.
a nice place to go but make sure you have what in your mind.
attn* look at the end of the picture...
can you see roti babi??
when first i went, i tot they wrote it wrongly..
i tot maybe it is suppose to be roti barbie or others,
but myfren told me, its correct and it is 1 of their famous dishes.
so it means this shop is non-halal..

this is the interior of the shop,
i have taken this photo when i was about to enter the kopitiam...
and my fren said" all the chairs remind me about my childhood"
tiff: " i feel you are so old"
yes, they dont have those plastic stool or chairs in other shop,
their are still using the oldy oldy chair which made by solid wood.

this are thier news paper cutting.
don salah faham, not news paper cutting for project..
its all news about yuk kee.
this is only 2 of them, they have alot.

here come our drinks.
i have ordered hot milo..
my fren "teh panas kurang manis banyak susu"
i wonder will the waiter feel like punching her when she gave this order.
but the milo was just nice and according to my fren..
the tea is smooth...
im not a tea lover..i dont get what it means..
if you are a tea lover..
you should try out there.

dang dang dang dang..
this is their faous toast...
they have 2 choices..
which is toast or steam..
(bakar /steam)
i have ordered the steam version..
which the bread is so so so soft..
it will always come it a cude of butter and their famous kaya.
now you know why my fren say that???
normally, every1 will eat with butter..
but im exceptional.
coz butter is "ngao mei"
my fren: tiff, u auta..butter and kaya is the best combination"
tiff : " i dont 12 have ngao mei"
but guys..even without the butter...
i feel the toast is perfect..

this is their french toast
which is a must try in their menu..
it comes with their famous kaya..
u just nid to cut it into small pieces n dip with their kaya..
that moment, u will feel that u r at the higest point of ur life..

this is my fren's mee sua...
she is a mee sua lover..
i know, the fried mee sua look not tempting..
guys...it is so yummy til even when you dream also you can dream about it.
the mee sua is abit starchy..
the taste its just nice...
it fried with pork, fish cake, vegetables.. and uncountable ingredients...

what are you waiting for?
waiting for your saliva to drip down?
opps..look at your table or your key board...
its wet..
i will definitely go back there..
as for me, i think that is the best toast i can ever taste..
and i love their style of their shop. it is just so warm...