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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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Monday, December 29, 2008 / 12/29/2008 08:23:00 PM

MEE Pok , Muar

i'm Back to MUAR last weekend~
i'm lazy to blog lo...
the internet connection hav some prob and hence i cant upload my picture FAST
the speed is worst than a snail!
lets see wat we hav today~~~!!!

its breakfast time!!!
wat else other than milo???
when the waitress approach us to order drinks
i wil usually ask " wat do u hav today?"
and when he/she finish introducing the drinks

dad : haiya, ask for wat?? u wun order other drinks other than Milo de lah
tiff : wat la! hehehehe~ errrr... i wan a cup of hot milo please~

tats me!!
i wun order other things other than Milo for my breakfast~
unless got no choice?
or when i'm not feeling well..
mom always warn me not to always drink milo
she say hor " drink more lah.. drink edi cannot pang sai "

this is Mee Pok!!
quite famous in Muar lo....
this Mee Pok shop situated beside a primary school~
her business is SO SO good!!!!
a bowl of Mee Pok consist of Mee Pok Of course, minced meat,fish ball, fish cakes and vege..
and oso a bowl of soup~
i like the mee pok texture
slightly softer than those wantan min but slightly harder than those yellow mee
its thinner than those Pan Min tat u find in KL~

the Mee Pok here hav 2 version as well
the original version and oso the spicy version~
last time i used to hav the original version
but this time~ i add in lots of chili
for some reaason * secret *

mix and mix and mix together~
there u go
a spicy chili mee pok
not as spicy as those chili pan min u find in KL
oh the portion is kinda small actually~~
i saw most ppl eating the big bowl version
even my parents hav the big bowl version
but.. i hav the small bowl 1 lah~~
already GIANT
takkan nak jadi EXTRAVAGANZA GIANT

oh ya~
something i really wanna complaint is the GAL who responsible to take order!!!
she can memorised how many bowls ppl wan.. how many chili 1..big or small or so on
when ppl walk to her and order she wil " ok no prob, boss hav a seat 1st "
and then she dun even noe which table come 1st or wateva
kesian some table hav to wait for so long!!!
then when she's clear bout which table wanna hav the mee
she wil walk to the table and TAKE ORDER AGAIN
if u cant memorised
juz take a paper out and write down lah
kinda annoying when she ask ppl for 3/4 times

oh ya~ there's a chicken stall right beside of this mee pok stall
actually they share a shop together
but this chicken rice shop start business at 5/6am
and finish within 2/3 hours
by the time i go to the shop
i saw them cleaning and goin home
they selling chicken rice ball
i dunno how yummy is it
as i dun hav the chance to eat yet~
but i think its yummy
cuz it can finish business within 2/3 hours??

Friday, December 26, 2008 / 12/26/2008 12:15:00 PM

Merry Christmas!

yooooo hooooooo
i'm READY!!
on the way to the CURVE for christmas Dinner over there...
i use up around 3 hours to get ready
kinda jam infront of 1utama
after tat the traffic consider OKAY lah~~
reach about the curve bout 7.30
luckily we manage to get a nice parking~~!!

the curve
nice decoration right?
boost up my christmas MOOD loooooooooooo!!!
although the day stil bright
but there are lots of human start walking around!!!

the curve christmas decoration theme for this year is elves!!
so cutie rite???
the green green 'stuff' beside the elves is actually a squirrel!!!

the curve decoration used to be so nice lah~~
every year oso nice!!

see see?
stil hav bear bear le...
this year i find tat only the curve decoration is nice
the others juz so cincai
maybe they hav to cut cost???
even 1utama 1 lousy compare to last year's 1!

bump into this little cutie!!
named Nixon
so cute la!!!
i teach him 3 words when i play with him
tat is ' leng lui che che'

accidentally meet SAN SAN
my bestie during my secondary year
we are in the same class for form 1 only
but we are best friend throughout the secondary life!!!
i rmr the 1st time when i speak chinese
san san says ' huh? u are chinese ar ?'
wat to do.. i'm as dark as malay
if meet up with sports day..
i'm as dark as indian

din get to countdown with the crowds...
so many ppl thr waiting for countdown lea...
i called my mom around 11pm
tiff : mom.. i can stay for countdown or not???
mom : u like!
tiff : left 1 more hour then countdown edi lea... can la can la...
mom : u like!
tiff : u say la.. u say wat then i listen to u
mom : u better come back NOW! edi 11pm stil dun wanna come back? u're stil UNDER AGE!
tiff : huh??? cannot countdown meh................plz!!
mom : come back now come back now
tiff : oh.... come back now loh....
i reach home about 12am!
start to jam when coming out from curve
i guess after 12am will be worst?
LDP start to jam as well..
we rather use Penchala Link~~~
kesian t3~
hav to fetch me home.. she cant countdown as well loh....
nvm la t3.. we are best friend mah... hahahaha

more pics to be uploaded!!!
wait for t3 to transfer to me 1st

Monday, December 15, 2008 / 12/15/2008 01:22:00 PM

Kia Bee Restoran~ Muar

sorry for not updating for AGES!!
as i'm so so so so lazy!!!
doing ntg at home!!
juz busying walk here walk thr...
kacau my rabbit...
watch online movie
of course its 'eat-able'!
juz bought a new hp!!
yeah!! thanks to my sister, my mom who sponsore me!
i got the Samsung Soul U900! find it amazing!
why samsung this time? cuz samsung's camera really GREAT lah!
back to food!

i went back muar last weekend!!
when we reach Muar its around 9pm++
no wan tan min...
no choice
we had our dinner at Restoran Kia Bee
which is mom's favourite
and its famous with the slow motion cooking..
oh yeah~ u nid to wait bout 30 minutes? or an hour for ur food!
its worth!
lets begin~

the cuttlefish kangkung 鱿鱼翁菜
i think KL hav this as well
but i never try this in KL
u can get this dish in almost every restoran in Muar
its so so yummylicious because of the Satay Sauce which stir fry with the cuttle fish~
the kangkung is juz slightly boil in hot water for few minutes!
wahhhh.. the combination of the satay sauce cuttlefish and kangkung is PERFECT!!!
my dad's MUST ORDER!!
not expensive..
cost just RM10 for so big plate lea...
cheap isnt it?

oh yeah~
this is the MUST ORDER!!!
the oyster sauce chicken wing!!
weee weeee~
this is the best oyster sauce chicken wing in MUAR!!!
oooh~ i seriously love this!!
if my dad din order this whenever we come to this restoran..
my face turn BLACK!!!
this is really yummylicious lea!!!
taste sweet..
and abit of sour!!!
i kinda miss it now!!!
RM2.50 for a piece of chicken wing!
worth! worth! worth!
the best oyster sauce chicken wing in MUAR!

the presentation of this fish isnt good i noe..
but it taste GOOD!
( after u pick off the chilies and green onion)
i dun rmr wat fish is this..
but the style of steaming is OIL STEAM 油蒸
KL hav it? i'm not sure..
but this is really YUMMY lah~~~
the soft and tender fish! add on with the sweet and salty sauce!!
woooo wooooo!
i'm lovin it!!
RM30 for this fish
sorry for my poor photography skill!!yish!!

actually we order the fried kuey tiau as well
but when it reach~
we grab and eat it immediately!
i totally forget bout my camera which is juz right in front me
till my dad remind me tat i forgot to take picture..
my reaction was " argh.. dun care lah.. eat 1st"
i was really really hungry tat time!!

if u dun like the cuttlefish kangkung,
never mind
if u dun like the steam fish,
never mind
u must LOVE the Oyster sauce Chicken wing!
trust me..
once u try, u wil love it!!!

Kia Bee Restaurant
No. 3 Taman Mawar,
Jalan Abdullah Rahman,
84000 Muar , Johor

Tel : 06-9512562

Friday, December 12, 2008 / 12/12/2008 03:48:00 PM


11th september 2008 to 12th december 2008

baby whisky

i'm sorry

u'll always in my mind

i love u

hope u'll rest in peace

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 / 12/10/2008 09:00:00 PM

~ Whisky ~

my name is WHISKY
i'm a super red male toy poodle..
i'm 3 months old now..
my DOB is 11th september o...
remember to give me present during my birthday lah!!!
my mummy is Tiffany ...
i'm adopted by the Lau family..
my popo sek me alot alot~~

this is a temporary bed for me..
its actually the lower part of a carrier bag
mummy put in some cloth for me so tat it's abit soft soft...
popo say once i'm toilet train then wil give me a real bed wor..

mummy didnt use cage ~
mummy put me in the play pan in her room...

i love to bite like this!!!
then mummy and popo wil say ' whisky... stop... u good boy... stop biting lahhhh'

this is aunty sara
she's helps our family to clean the house..
she's so happy to see me..
she say " whisky.. must fren with aunty sara ar.."
of course i wil fren aunty sara lo...
she sayang me alot lah..

i love to sleep!
i used to sleep in the carrier bag at night..
where as in the afternoon..
i love to sleep on the floor..
cuz the floor cold cold de..
i like cold cold...
i hav a rhino and a panda toy~
mummy put a small clock beside me.. so tat i wun be scare in the night o~

i oso can sleep like tat~
how come mummy curi curi take picture 1????
yeeeee.. paiseh lah.....

i'm lazy lahhhh
i'm tired lahhhh
i wanna sleep lahhhh
why u keep wanna take my pic wor???!!!!

why i got baju geh?
its actually Louis 1 lo..
Louis is my rabbit brother lah
mummy say Louis now very fat edi.. old baju all cant wear..
she scare i catch a cold..
so give me this 1 temporary..
mummy say wanna buy skirt for me.. but im a male wor??

bite u!!

pose for mummy to take picture...
she wil sayang my head later on and say : 'whisky good boy...'
because always when she wanna snap i wil move here move thr..
seldom wil stand straight let her snap lah...
i'm a notty boy...

hehe~ 1 more post for u lah

i'm sleepy now..
dun wanna pose edi lah..
i wanna sleep~

i've been diarrhea for this few days..
mummy scared i wil die lah..
cuz i didnt wanna eat anything or drink anything
maybe cuz i'm not used to the environment lea..
i scare scare?
mummy rush to pet shop today to buy me some canned food and oso diarrhea medicine..
this few days mummy hav to use syringe to feed me water and food
and the notty me dun wanna open my mouth!
they hav to korek korek..
then put water terus for me..
i dun like lah...
sometimes i wil vomit out...
dunno when i wil start eating..
mummy so worry lea..

Monday, December 1, 2008 / 12/01/2008 10:38:00 PM

Waffle World , 1 utama New Wing

wooo hooo~
i've heard lots of good review from WAFFLE WORLD!
here i am!!!

this is the banana walnut!!
with a cherry on top of the ice cream(gone into my stomach)
and i think double scoops of vanilla flavour ice cream
the ice cream is added with some walnut toppings~
underneath the ice cream is the fresh banana~
and the the last layer is the WAFFLE!!!
weird combination of banana,ice cream and waffle?
trust me.. its GOOOOOOD!!!
thumbs up for this!
the waffle is made to order... so its hot and yet its crispy!!!
the soft and fluffy waffle juz so good with the banana and ice cream!
not to forget the walnut!!!!
i love walnuts!!!
woooo hoooo~

this is the chocolate tripple nutz!!!
where the waffle is chocolate flavour...
strawberry follow by cream follow by 1 scoop of ice cream and then the chocolate flavour waffle!!!
the cream is so milky~ and of course its SO FATTENING!!!!
very very milkly cream and i dun like it...
end up i hav to scoop it AWAY from my waffle!
the waffle is so so so chocolate!!!
i think they put in some solid chocolate..
and the chocolate melts in the waffle..
making the waffle SO SO YUMMY!!!
ooooh~~ i love it!!

look at the fluffy waffle ~
so so chocolate..
and they put more chocolate on it!!!
full of chocolate~~!!!

( i hav to convince myself tat chocolate is NOT fattening!!!! hahaha )

i'm so satisfy with both flavour tat i choose..
there are choice of pancakes as well..
but to me.. the best pancakes is in Paddington House of pancakes
and waffle is best is WAFFLE WORLD!
i'm a waffle lover...
i usually order kaya+ butter flavour!!!

1 thing to complaint is tat the 1 of the waiter thr..
he dun understand english..
so he cant take order..
even when i ask for bill oso he dun understand
and then he come with the bill...
i think is RM23++
and i pay RM24..
he come back to me as if i give the wrong amount..
then i look at him once more..
he look at the money..
and appologize to me...and walk off...
i think he didnt noe how to use the cashier machine
when i finish talking... i walk away..
he call me back to give me the change..
i almost forget bout the change..
because he is so so slow~

pity him lah..
come from other country..
didnt noe any language..~