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4. I love doggies - cute, furry.
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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

Saturday, April 25, 2009 / 4/25/2009 05:05:00 PM

My Laptop who kena damaged by HER !!

sorry for not updating anything up here
cuz currently my laptop is SENT to the hospital
no pics available as my desktop is a bit cacat!!!

why wanna keep sending my laptop into hospital??

the story starts...............
bout a month ago
when i wanna reformat my laptop~
i sent a a girl whom my sis bought her laptop from
she charge me RM100 for reformating my laptop
* she no nid to backup any of my files *
u guys must be thinking tat this lady is CRAZY charging me RM100 right???
some ppl can do it for free
or juz RM60 !!
and i hav to pay RM100!!!
i noe i'm stupid to pay her
but since the laptop is with her
so i juz ' cin cai' lah
let her do lo...
and when she reformat my laptop
she call me and say tat she wanna install Vista Professional for me
i say ok lo.. u like lo
* i gave her my Vista Basic as well but she refuse to use it *
happily i get back my laptop
and 1 thing i always found is tat the laptop always come out with " window system recovery"
i tot its ntg big deal
and i didnt bother it
few weeks ago
while i was using the laptop
the laptop will suddenly appear blue screen
i knew something happen!
but i dun noe WHY!

so on last friday
once i start up my laptop
it comes up with " ur trial period has end..... bla bla bla "
* idiot! she gave me a trial pack without TELLING ME!!!! *
and thr is no way for me to access into my laptop ANYMORE
i call her and she ask me wether did i do window update
i say No and she say hand the laptop to her and she will do for me!
so i send the laptop to her on tat particular day

the nex day she sms me saying tat my laptop hav to reformat again
and cant backup any files
because cant accesss into my window anymore
i say i nid the pics inside as its important to me
she say thr is another solution whr she take out something put into another computer,
backup my files... then put it back to laptop.. then reformat
and she mention tat " the charges will be different from the last time "
i was so angry and i say " its not my fault and yet u want me to pay ?"
she didnt reply me after tat
the next day i msg her telling tat its her fault for not telling me tat the window she use is TRIAL
she didnt wanna bother me " i'm very busy this few days and i will forward ur SPECIAL CASE to my boss " * which is his fiancee *
the reason she say so is tat she dun wanna TALK to me
i ask her again " u stil wanna charge?"
i was so so so so so damn angry!!!
angry till i cry!!
seriously i'm mad!!!! till the MAXIMUM !!!
she spoilt it and now blame me and wan me to pay?
my mom say juz pay her for the last time
i told my mom " its not my fault! its not tat i dun hav the money to pay.. is tat why she did this to me and yet she blame me as if i spoilt everything up !! she didnt tell me its trial pack and seriously she hav her fault!! maybe i'm stupid but she DIDNT TELL ME !!!! "
i dunno why she nid to be so money minded !
and seriously she get on my nerves
and i cry like i fail my A Level with 3 ungraded!!
i cry til my sis cant listen to wat i say
i cry till my eyes swollen!
i'm mad! seriously MAD!!!
i send a msg " get ur hand off my laptop and return to me .. i'll send to others.. thank you very much "
she didnt reply anything
the next day i didnt get my laptop
i msg her again " no nid to do anything to my laptop and give it back to me even u're so busy.. juz to remind tat DONT TOUCH my laptop ! thank you very much "
i got my laptp the nex day~~~
and i send to another fella to repair
i seriously hate her to the max!
i dunno wat i did to her til she hav to treat me like tat
did i kill her mom or dad til she nid to treat me like this????

i'm seriously mad with her this time
really !!!!

if she were tell me earlier tat it was a trial pack
i would say NO
as i hav my ORIGINAL vista basic!!!
why she wanna do tat to me???
i dunno!!!!!

i'll put up her company name and address
those who reading my blog
dun get cheated by her
dun be the 2nd tiffany who is so stupid cheat by her !!!
and then cry like mad !

Techno System Enterprise
34-B Lorong Haji Taib Lima
Off Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur.

maybe she can do a good job bout computer stuff
but her attitude and behavious makes her NOT QUALIFIED
not qualified to repait computer
even not qualified to be a HUMAN being

i noe i'm mean over here
but seriously i'm mad at her !!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009 / 4/06/2009 09:46:00 PM

Asam Laksa, Jusco @Midvalley

i've blog bout this asam laksa before this
and i'm seriously ddicted to their asam laksa and also the nasi lemak with rendang ayam!

this place is really full on weekend and u can hardly find a place to sit down
my advice : when u see ppl use tissue paper to wipe his/her mouth
faster go stand beside the table!

the MUST MUST MUST try Asam Laksa!
wooo hoooo~~
yummy yummy!
flavourful soup
lots of ingredients
and its AFFORDABLE!!!

not to forget is my favourite nasi lemak with rendang chicken!!!
oh ya!! beware of the sambal.. its spicy lah!!
i love the chicken rendang alot lahhhh~

now they are having lunch promotion
whr comes with iced lemon tea/soya bean of ur choice~
quite a good deal

the hse finally done with the renovation
since i'm so free ntg to do
i start to paint the hse

1st i paint the shoe rack
find it fun!!!

so i paint 1 wooden chair!
love it much!

then i paint the door frame
i'm addicted !!

so tomorrow i will continue to paint the grill

* mom say will pay me RM50!!!!! *


something nonsence which i wanna expressed !!!
the lady boss give us 3 days job at the PWTC event organized by smart reader !!
and this time i'm working for TMNET
the new stuff Bluehyppo Kidz
all we nid to do is PERSUADE those customer to sign up
then we will hav commision
* very very super duper low commision, worst than those buang sampah ppl *
things arent easy as i thought!!!

wat we hav is only the free gift (if u sign up ), brochures, a small pondok
and 3 mouths !
ppl Munchys , give FREE goodie bag to EVERY kids, FREE biscuit sample,
other such as bank negara hav HUGE mascott who walk around ,
the National Library hav MAGIC SHOW and CLOWN
spagetti got FREE TESTING!!

wat we hav?
not even the laptop
to show the parents about the programme

the lady boss say ( before the event start ) " u guys probably can get 200 customer in a day "

but we got 3 customers in friday,
4 customers on saturday
whr is the 200 customer?

we stand from morning 10.30 to 7.30
we talk
ppl listen
but no response
no free gift!
no cute mascott!
no goodie bag !

if i were parents i oso wun sign up lah!!!!

end of the day
on saturday
lady boss sms
" poor performance, tmr cancel "



i'm angry !
very angry!
pissed off!!!

i feel like talking to the boss tat how IRRESPONSIBLE she is!
is SHE who RUIN the whole da** thing !!!!
she isnt punctual
guess wat time she apppear?
the event start at 10.30am, she comes at 4.30pm
how great?
and left bout 5.30pm!!!!
no laptop wat oso DUN HAV!
the worst thing is WE DUN HAV UNIFORM!
who wanna listen to us then????!!!!!
ppl will thought tat we are CHEATER !
oh my goodness !!!
she is the 1 who ruin things, but blame us for din hav customers!

i'm seriously very very very angry this time
anyhow some1 say " boss is always the right "
i got no right to say anything
i got no right to tell her how irresponsible she is
i got no right to tell her I HATE YOU!

i wun work for her anymore
i hate irresponsible ppl
and it PROVED tat she is IRRESPONSIBLE ppl!

last time , she hav left her handbag somewhr in some school when having event
ppl might think tat " oh she's so careless"
but to me
such important document in the handbag and u can juz left is somewhere???
if u're a irresponsible ppl , u shouldnt be a boss!

i dont feel good tat i digoreng sotong
perhaps you might say its SHE who ruined everything up,dun feel bad
but her msg POOR PERFORMANCE really hurt me!!
1st time ever i work
and she makes me phobia!!!

i hate working with this kind of irresponsible ppl!!

i hope she got my blog add
read wat i say
and think about it
* she should face the wall and realise her fault *

stop here

if i were to continue
i scare i cant STOP!!!


time to snap picture for my little cutie !!!

the best time to snap picture is.............
when he's sleeping soundly
prepare the camera
u wake him up suddenly
faster faster wear the baju on him!

wat's happening??

huh? i saw camera !!!!

dun wan let u snap nice nice
snap my nose enough lah!!

ok la ok la
since u wanna snap my handsome look so much
smile for u lo....
rmr to award me my milky snacks after photography section ya!

tiff : gosh!!!! u this wai sek guai !!!

no matter how mad am i
stil i will smile when this little notty kacau me !

kim san
/ 4/06/2009 11:17:00 AM

Kim San Kichi Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd ,

Sri Hartamas

i've mention bout KimSan Kichi SO MANY TIMES in my blog cuz i seriously adore the japanese food here !
here, at Kim San Kichi
u can taste authentic Japanese food
and yet.... your wallet nid NOT to bleed.....

cold and hot version of greentea
and guess wat
the greentea is RM2 for 4 cups !
means only RM0.50 Each cup~
and its refillable
drink as much as u can !

1 thing i'll never missed is their Kani Karage Maki
which is the Soft Shell Maki
its tiny compare to wat u can get in Yo Sushi
but although its tiny, it still can taste as good as Yo sushi's 1....
i seriously love this !!!

oh ya oh ya!
the Gyoza !!!
i love their Gyoza
definitely delicious

as for main dish
my dad go for the Saba Set
which is 1 of his favourite fish
dun really like it as the fishy smell very strong
not to forget to squeeze a few drop of lemon juice onto the fish to minimize the fishy smell
the saba set comes with Grilled Saba fish, Rice,Miso Soup,and fruits
never forget to mention tat thier fish is really FRESH !!
and they grilled it juz nice
abit 'hangus' but it taste juz so good !

oh ya!
the Tori Karage!!!
must order must order!
u will never noe how CRISPY is it
and the chicken is SO JUICY and TENDER
deep fried usually will make the chicken dry up and hard
but this is totally upside down
whr the chicken remains its juicyness and tenderness
while the outer skin is SO CRISPY !!!

they are having promotion
whr the Grilled salmon head cost just RM12 !
see? i told u... u can enjoy nice food and its wallet friendly isnt it?
* i macam saw the fish tongue lea.... scary....*
the salmon isnt FISHY at all !!
maybe some might say " i dunno how to eat fish head 1 lah "
dun worry
juz eat whenever u saw the meat
and then korek korek...
till u reach the salmon fish's cheek
thr a small piece thr as well
which is the BEST PART!
whr its very tender!!!

chawan mushi which is my all time favourite !!!
i juz love the soft and smooth texture of the eggs !!

my mom pulak go for the Salmon Teppanyaki
which u can choose either ala carte or set
the set comes with the salmon tepanyaki , rice, miso soup, and fruits
i love this as well
except the beansprout is abit overcooked
i prefer beansprout which stil remain its crispyness ~
anyway , the salmon fish is heavenly delicious
i used to afraid of salmon last time because i've try b4 once in a restaurant and its so fishy !!
but this 1 totally change my mind!
and guess wat?
i keep on curi my mom's salmon lah !!!
cant resist the temptation !!

my sis order this
which is the Ton Katsu Set
which comes with the deep fried pork chop, soba,rice,miso soup and fruits
the soba actually serve in hot soup whr steph dun like it
* she order the wrong thing *
so end up she scoop everything out and disposed the hot soup!
hahaha~ she love the cold version of soba with ice on top of it !!
the ton karage is good
juicy,tender and crispy!
steph dun like the hot soup soba so her face is black when she eat it
but last time she try the cold version and she love it !!

we actually left out this when we order at first
and remember it at last minute!!!
this is a DIE DIE MUST ORDER EBI Tempura!
u wil amaze by the ebi tempura
really !!!
the batter of the tempura is so crispy
and the prawn inside it just COOKED
and tats why when u bite it
u can see that the prawn inside is like those not cooked prawn
and u will be surprise tat the prawn inside actually very juicy !!!
i hav to emphasis tat this is a DIE DIE MUST ORDER ITEM !!
not to forget to dip into the soy sauce soup ya !
the soy sauce soup give a perfect taste to the Ebi Tempura!
maybe in ur mind when says bout Ebi Tempura
then another things appear is EXPENSIVE lah
and guess wat
in Kim San Kichi,
for 6 Ebi Tempura,
it cost ONLY RM18 !!!
if u still think tat its expensive
i must say tat it WORTH the price !

we seems like order lots of things rite?
in normal restaurant i guess it will cost bout RM170 ++ RM180 ++
let me show u

Gyoza : RM 8
Kani Karage Maki : RM 15
Salmon Head Shio : RM 12
Tori Karage : RM 12
Salmon Teppanyaki : RM 19
Chawan Mushi (2) : RM 6
Saba Set : RM 16
Ton Katsu & M.so : RM19
Green Tea (4) : RM2
Ebi Tempura : RM18
Total : RM127
10% Service Charge : RM12.70
Grand Total : RM 139.70

u see lah u see lah
it cost just RM140 !!
if i were to rate them
i guess the result would be

Food : 4 over 5
service : 3 over 5

* service is kinda slow because at night most probably its FULL , and every1 is busy ! *

Kim San Kichi Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No 16, Jalan 27/70A ,
Desa Sri Hartamas ,
50480 Kuala Lumpur .

( its not something new if u hav to wait for 15 minutes before u can get ur table because usually weekend they wil be FULL ! and the shop is a bit too small for them )


Once Upon A time........

there was a doggie named Brendi
having his afternoon nap
while he is dreaming of some drumstick in front of him ~

Suddenly !

some1 walk in !

Brendi : Who is it??!!! how dare u disturb my afternoon nap??!!!!

its actually tiff with her camera !!
to snap picture !!!!
* evil smile *

Tiff : Brendi boy... take picture loooooooo...come come pose lah.... give face lah
Brendi : dun wan lah ! everyday take picture since u hav ur new camera !! i dun like to take picture lah.. dun wan dun wan !

after sometime tipu him with some snacks

Brendi : ok la ok la.. take 3 picture enough ar.... i give face u ar......3 shots only ar

snap 1
see brendi can be model liao
pose with 1 eyes open 1 eyes close lea
( represent no eye see this bad sister who love to snap picture ! )

snap 2
not to forget to show his handsome look lah...

snap 3
and some artistic pose !

Brendi : wei... why u stil here ar? i edi say 3 shots ar... go go go... dun disturb my afternoon nap !

Tiff : ok lo... small gas and stingy fella !

Saturday, April 4, 2009 / 4/04/2009 11:22:00 AM

Full House , NZX

i'm at the famous Full House
wanted to try them long time ago
as i heard tat the environment and the food is nice~
too many good review from them and i decided to give them a try !!

talk bout their menu
wahahaha ~
look at the description :

-18 years old 2 years back i'm 18 le !

-Shoppaholic oh gosh ! this is so so true !!

and look at the Tiffany
tat tiffant shouted STOP TOY !!
whr it shows tat this Tiffany hav a doggie !!
wah ~~ its juz like me !!
who hav a dog name BRENDI !!!!

as lots of ppl mention bout their superb Environment
i snap a few of them :

very nice very good very romantic??
not bad lah
very creative and different from other restaurant
i think their theme is WHITE
not sure bout it !

there are fake plants for sale ~

and oso some funny funny stuff for sale

the Menu hav Ala Carte Part as well as the Set Lunch ( serves from 12pm to 4pm Daily )
and the set lunch comes with Tiffany's Set, Tracy's Set, Tony's Set and 1 more which i forget
fun isnt it?
i named Tiffany of course i will order Tiffany's SET !!!!

the Tiffany's set comes with lime juice
where as the Tony's Set comes with ice lemon tea

Tiffany's Set comes with chicken soup
Tony's set comes with Mushroom soup
both soup taste good !!!
* additional RM1 and u can enjoy this bowl of soup *
very flavourful and i guess its not from Campbell

Tony's Set comes with the chicken chop ( dun rmr the actual name)
anyway ~
the sauce taste good
but the portion is kinda too small
comes with a piece of debone drumstick
with some mash potatoes
the chicken is juicy and tender
they did a good job on the mash potatoes as well
dun very butter-ry smell
soft and totally mashed !!!
not to forget the sauce which perfectly match the chicken chop !!

Tiffany's Set comes with the Pansear Doly Fish
a few pieces of pan fried doly fish top up with some sauce and mushroom
not to forget the yummylicious Mashes Potatoes and some vege
* oh ya.. i find it weird to find Bak-Choy in western food... hahaha *
the doly fish is the worst doly fish i ever had in my life !
why? its so fishy and its NON EATABLE
i din eat the fish as the smell is too strong
luckily the mashed potatoes safe me from die of starving
the fish is really........... oh my goodness !

the desert would be the ice cream
and it taste weird to me
the ice cream is not soft like those ice cream we hav
its like ice kacang with yam flavour
yes !

overall the environment is nice but the food isnt really tasty
i guess they should improved in the set lunch ( i never try their ala Carte b4 )
lots of ppl loves to order the set lunch because its not costly !
their set lunch dissapoint me alot
and the Doly Fish scare me !
but the presentation of the foods are very 'pretty'


Brendi finish his 3rd Jab finally !
and i proudly announced tat Brendi is very healthy and notty !!!
i will post up some video showing how notty is he!
but he is a clever pup
he can learn a tricks within few hours

right after 1 week after his jab
i bring him for Basic Grooming
as i dun like the messy him and his hair covering his eyes !
heard lots of good review bout pets icon
then i decided to bring him to pets icon
which situated at NZX

Brendi is in his Carrier Bag while travelling in the car
1st is i dun want him to dirty the car ( puppies cant tahan pee and poo )
2nd is i want him to used to his carrier bag
its his 1st time in the carrier bag

Brendi : help.... police kor kor help me out ! my jie jie bully me ! jail me up in the carrier bag.. HELP ~~~

Brendi : Help me please.... ! i dun wanna be in the carrier bag lah !!!

once Brendi Reach he can only sit on the grooming table
this is cal socializing
yea~ because this is his 1st time.. he hav to learn how to sit on the grooming table
thr are dogs inside
they are barking
brendi bark abit abit as he still very scare bout this strange environtment
after 10 mintues warm up
he bark the loudest !
and when i wanna walk off
he bark the LOUDEST !
* we are not advisible to look at them cuz when they saw us.. they wil be manja, move here move thr and make the grooming process even more difficult *

Brendi : jie, nex time bring me again k? i can bark as lous as i want over here ! and i hav new friends !!!

after leaving Pets Icon then we went and walk around NZX
come across this Pet Shop
and found 1 female toy poodle
hav the same which marking on the chest like Brendi
and she's 3 months old !
how good if i can find her as girlfriend for Brendi !
but i cant
the cost of taking care a dog is PRICELESS !
dun u feel she's so tame, so motherly...
oh i love her so much!!!
the owner say if stil nobody wanna buy her, they gonna sell to breeder !
if any1 out thr wanna buy a toy poodle
tell me k? i recommend u this female toy poodle
she gonna be very cham if were to sell to breeder
she will be left in the cage keep on pregnant then give birth then pregnant then give birth
then when she's old or cant pregnant anymore
she will be left to die in the cage
i will bring her home if i can !
she can be brendi's girlfriend... but not a mother!

u really hav to be well prepared if u wanna hav a dog
let me show u the basic spending doe Brendi

Food :

-Addiction wild kangaroo and apple 1.2kg : RM43 (finished within a month )
-pure coconut oil supplement for shiny coat : RM37 per bottle
-tube vitamin for puppies healthy growth : RM29 per tube
- Heartgard for heartworm prevention : RM60 per box ( for half year )
-snack to train him tricks : RM 15.90 per packet ( last for a month)

-Biogroom Bronze Lusture shampoo : RM38 per bottle
-Christensen Day to Day moisturizing conditioner : RM60.90 per bottle

Basic Grooming : RM 40
(nid at least twice a month )

Full Grooming : RM80
( 3 months once )

toys for him, clothes for him
and so on !!

of course all the spending above is for those who really love ur dog
and u wish ur dog to hav good life
u can purchase cheap and unhealthy food
or maybe a RM10 per bottle shampoo
to me
if i were to keep them
i will provide the best i can

some mickey and donald duck i saw !
i love donald duck la
see how cute he is !

the pets icon principal Valerie Khoo
who is the 1 groom for Brendi
see how many cert she got !!!!
she's so famous !!
and she herself is a dog lover !!!
very friendly and very good service !

oh ya
i saw tiny teacup poodle in her shop !
the white 1 is so cute !!
so small although she's already 3 months old !!!!
how i hope i can bring him back home
so cute isnt it?
teacup is even smaller than toy poodle !!!!
this white 1 is cute and very active !



















Brendi : Halo everyone

brendi finish his grooming in 3 hours time!!
Ms Valeri explain tat because it is his 1st time and she dun wish to scare brendi
she wan brendi to noe tat grooming isnt scary
and tats why they do it slowly
to make him feel comfortable
* i saw brendi fall asleep on the grooming table .... hahaha *

Brendi : i'm sleepy la.. !!!
u better let me sleep and stop snapping photo !!!

i choose to cut poodle leg for brendi !
cuz now is the flea and tick season
whr lots of flea and tick will walk around hunting for dogs !!!
i dun wish brendi to suffer from ticks and so i cut poodle leg
which is easier to detect ticks
we usually call this chicken feet !
dun u think its like chicken feet?

Brendi :
am i handsome after grooming???
i noe my feet look like chicken feet lah !!!!

Brendi : snap as much as u want la.. dun wan bother u edi ! i wanna sleep edi lah !!!

Brendi look so handsome !!!!!

Brendi : * pawswaves* goodnight every1 !!


oh ya
my sony is totally gone !
send to sony service centre and the ppl dianogsed tat the lens and screen is gone
nid bout RM680 to service
so expensive
i buy new 1 better lah!
ngong !

thr u go my new Canon Ixuz 870 IS
wahahah~ all picture above taken from this camera lo !!!

its recommended by Anson and she say its really good !!!
so i trust her and get this model !

i love 3.0 inch LCD screen
and most important is its wide angle lens!!!

Canon IXUS 870 IS Features
• 10.0 Megapixel resolution
• Colour variations: Gold or Silver
• 4x wide-angle (28mm) optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
• DIGIC 4 for outstanding images and fast response times
• Great people shots with Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB, FaceSelf-Timer and Face Select & Track
• Targets blur with High ISO Auto, optical Image Stabilizer, Motion Detection and Servo AF
• Auto Red-Eye Correction in shooting and playback
• 3.0” PureColor LCD II with wide viewing angle
• Multi Control Dial and customizable My Menu
• Smooth, 30fps VGA movies

Great isnt it?
cost me RM1300 for this camera
anyway it worth the price
as the picture quality is so SUPERB !!!

welcome my canon Ixus 870 IS to spongytiff.blogspot.com
Sony Ni rest in peace ya !