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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008 / 8/31/2008 03:54:00 PM

* Restoran Pan Heong , Batu Caves *

Restoran Pan Heong 品香食家小馆
situated at Batu Caves
juz rite infront of SJK(C) Kheow Bin 侨民华文小学
its a very famous restaurant famous of their porridge!!
and the quick service...
from u sit down til u order food-1 minute
from u order food til the food serve - 15 minutes
pretty fast isnt it???

weekdays : FULL HOUSE
( wait for at least 10 minutes)

weekend : FULL HOUSE
( u are required to 'line up' and take no. , for small table u can hav it fast, big table, slowly wait!)

imagine how good is their business?

the usual pu - er 普洱茶
my dad wil never order other tea other than pu er~

this is wat they famous of..
their porridge!!!
the porridge is boiled for quite a long time..
tats u u can feel tat it is so starchy~
we choose the fish porridge! 生鱼粥
fresh fish + porridge~
they hav choice or pork rib, other fishes or ABALONE
i feel kinda too much to eat abalone porridge~
u can ask for yau cha kuai or century egg~
century egg is.....
hahaa~ dunno!

this is tau kan~豆根
i dunno wat they call in english
but this is some kind of vegetarian food...
here, they cook it wif brocolli and prawn~
this dish is enchance by the dried sotong~
which make it smells good, taste GOOD as well!!
the brocolli is so little!!
last time they used to cook wif dried scallop ~
but dunno y they change it to prawn~~
but it stil taste good as usual!!

the steam fish head 蒸松鱼头
no comment
as i hav no fate wif fishes!
lots of bones!!!
the sauce is yummy~
but!!! they put in chilli padi!
according to dad, the fish is fresh
only fresh fish can be steam! because if the fish isn't fresh anymore.. u must fried it to 'chase' off the fishy smell~

this is oso one of their famous which is the wat tan hor 滑蛋河粉
this is special from others...
as they add lots eggs into it..
the eggs are not totally cook..
stil juicy and soft..
tat makes the gravy taste SO GOOOOD!
comes wif the sotong, vege,slice of meat and some prawn!!!
this is a must order item!!!

生鱼粥 Fish Porridge : RM11.20
滑蛋河粉 Wan Tan Hor : RM8.80
豆根 Tau-kan : RM10.50
蒸松鱼头 Fish Head : RM20.00
普洱茶 Pu Er Tea : RM 2.40
Grand Total :RM 52.90

Restoran Pan Heong
No.2 Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2
business hour: 8.00 - 9.00am
Tel : 03-6187 7430

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 / 8/26/2008 09:31:00 PM

* Umarani, Jalan Ipoh *

suppose to go early to Anson's hse to help out her bday party..
( pics wil be upload at the next post!! hehehe )
but she's not at home..
me and t3 were SO HUNGRY!!
we nid food!!!
thinking whr to go and wat to eat...
suddenly remember tat long time i didnt visit umarani!
say bout umarani..
i think of M_ _ SE
dun wanna recall..
dun wanna remember!!
dun ask me why and wat...
whr is umarani??
umarani is at jalan ipoh~
those who stay at jalan ipoh definitely noe whr is it..
* they are quite famous actually as yum cha spot *

my limau ice!!
this is my favourite drinks at mamak!!!
y? cuz i love limau so so so so much!!!
when i order
i wil definitely say " limau ice banyak banyak limau "

one of my favourite as well..
t3 din say " banyak banyak limau'
end up...
she complaint too little limau~

this is mine!
the nasi goreng + ayam goreng...
the nasi gorend not bad la...
not tat 'rubbish'
their maggie goreng is very 'rubbish' tat they dump lots of ingredients inside..
the nasi goreng is slightly spicy~
the ingredients wil be the cabbage, carrot, fishbal...
not bad lo~~

my ayam goreng~
its actually drumstick~
but they chop it into pieces for me!
there are quite a few pieces when it 1st serve~
but the hungry me grab and EAT it...
and i forget to snap pic!
when i remember,
left 3 pieces only~~
i love the ayam goreng here..
cuz they goreng when there is order..
not those goreng and put the till it cold till it become not crispy!
the ayam goreng is well marinated and fried til the 'skin' become so crispy!
i love it!

this is the nasi lemak sotong + mata kerbau
my dad use to bungkus this as our dinner!!!
mata kerbau is actually fried egg..
why must call it mata kerbau???
kerbau punya mata macam tu kah??
i dunno~~~
but i love the nasi lemak sotong!
the nasi hav strong santan smell which i love it!
the sotong definely win my vote as it is so YUMMY AND SPICY!!!!!!
and mind u~ the SAMBAL is REALLY SPICY!!
do not try it if u think u CAN'T!
not a joke lah.. realy superb SPICY!

why i comment the nasi goreng as NOT BAD only?
cuz i seriously love this nasi lemak!!!
look at the egg yolk!!!! argh!!!!!!!
i regret for din order this!!!!
i love this..
i got to curi makan t3's 1...
FEW mouth only lah... t3 dun mind 1 rite???

we wan to order the chicken cheese naan~
which taste like pizza...
the indian dunno wat we talking..
he bring the menu..
he repeat : semua campur ar?
t3: YAYA~~
end up.. they serve us the chicken Naan!
which is NOT YUMMY lah...
some more he seems like wanna fight wif us
dun like the guy here..
but the chicken cheese naan here really yummy and taste like pizza..
too bad i cant try it edi~~
but i wasn't tat happy! wat kind of service is it?
i'm customer or your MAID?
crazy madness!

this looks like.....
no comment!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008 / 8/23/2008 02:47:00 PM

* ICHIBAN RAMEN, Sunway Pyramid *

i'm here at sunway pyramid!!!
this was something i eat long long time ago~
but didnt bother to blog bout it~
i forget everything bout it~~

Ichiban Ramen...
suppose to try out Ajisen Ramen~
but... its kinda far for me to walk from the car park!
and the main point is i'm super EXTREMELY hungry!
i dun think tat i can walk floor by floor,shop by shop searching for Ajisen Ramen~
so i shall give a try to Ichiban Ramen isnt it?
oh yea~

of course the speciality here is their Ramen~

A cold and A hot cup of GreenTea~
free refill

the Kimuchi Ramen~
taste hot and spicy and sour~
the kimuchi is crispy!
i tot they hav to store the kimuchi for quite a long time before it become kimchi???
y they can remain the crispy? or even more crispy???
but its tasty~
try it IF ONLY u can eat spicy food~
kinda spicy to me~

Sappora Ramen Set
this is a ramen comes wif lots of corns~
taste not bad lo...
the cha su tat comes wif it is good~
but i think i prefer ramen wif plain soup ~

the sapporo ramen set comes wif this fried chicken!!
i hav to say tat this is YUMMY!
super duper YUMMY!
i think they use the boneless drumstick~
marinate and deep fried wif some bread crumps~
the chicken is soft nd tender~
stil remains its juicyness eventhough after deep fried!!
top up wif the sauce which taste sweet and sour!
the chicken is PERFECT!!!!

this is the ramen~
not bad
soft and smooth ramen!!!

the Sapporo Ramen Set : RM20
(comes wif sapporo ramen, a cup of greentea and fried chicken)
kimuchi Ramen : RM15

* enjoy a 10% discount on the sapporo ramen set when u present the jusco card *
i dunno when this promotion end


~pics to share~

this is my baby louis~
wif the spongebob tupperware tat my sis bough from LA disneyland~~
cutie cutie louis~
very kesian i always wanna take his picture..
he's SHY!
everytime when i wanna snap pic..
he wil RUN!!!
when i chase him,
he run even faster!!!
so difficult to snap his pic lah~~

louis wif lipstick~
ei.. dun misunderstand tat i torture him ,put lipstick for him
this is a natural lipstick..
any1 noe wat is it?
its CARROT!!!
after he eat carrot..
his lips wil turn red~
cutie louis!
love u , baby louis!

Friday, August 22, 2008 / 8/22/2008 08:18:00 PM

* Chicken Rice , Jalan Ipoh *

im at JALAN IPOH !!!!
heheheh~ mom wanna go to the Jln Ipoh Affin Bank~
i was keep nagging and nagging TAT I'M VERY HUNGRY!
EAT before we go to BANK!
at last~~~ I WON!
we decided to makan 1st!

the yummylicious Chicken RICE!!!
woooo hoooo~
the Jalan Ipoh Chicken Rice!
they used to be FAMOUS last time~
i dunno bout now~~
we reach thr at about 1pm..
there are lot's of ppl~
i guess their chicken rice is stil as good as last time?
the last time i visit here was a few years back~

there comes my ROASTED CHICKEN!!!烧鸡
woooo hoooo~~~
cant wait to FINISH EVERYTHING ~at first sight~!!!!
the chicken is soft~ not bad..
i think last time 1 is better~~
mom also say so~
now its ntg nice to shout out about..
ntg special compare to the outside 1~
kinda disappointed....

Roasted Pork~烧肉
haiz~ this is even worst!
the 'skin' is NOT crispy AT ALL!!
compare to last time.....
once i taste tat the 'skin' is not Crispy
i feel tat this is NOT GOOD AT ALL~~
haiz haiz~
where gone the used-to-be-famous-yummylicious Chicken??

the rice~
argh! too much water~
the speciality is they cook the rice wif ginger~
the rice smells good~
but~ its so SOFT
i'm eatiing Chicken RICE not CHICKEN PORRIDGE lahhhh....

the soup~
ntg special to shout out about..
my mom can cook this as well~

besides the chicken rice~
we try the popiah as well~
which is a few stall infront of the chicken rice stall~
RM1.60 per popiah~
1st of all~
when they serve, the popiah 'skin' edi PECAH!
i seriously dun like the UGLY LOOKING POPIAH!
the crispy crispy thingy is SO LITTLE!!!
til its negligible~
the mengkuang which is in the popiah is too WET!
disappointing as well~

WHERE CAN I GO?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 / 8/20/2008 08:48:00 PM

* 爱面子 ,wangsa maju *

me , siao ying and edmond went to wangsa maju are for our lunch~
we FORCE edmond to join us~ hehehehe!!
few days ago cheng luan say tat wangsa maju are hav a pan min shop tat opened not long ago.
we decided to give them a try as luan say the pan min are not bad~~

this is the pan min shop~
no english name?
i think i dun rmr~

the choices of pan min are very little~~
kinda out of idea wat to had!

edmond order the Mama Pan Min
funny name isnt it???
according to edmond~ no mama taste!

siao ying go for the soupy version of fried fish cakes pan min~~~
she comment tat the pan min NOT BAD lo...
juz 1 thing~
the chili NOT YUMMY!!
the chili Queen say the chili not yummy
means its really not yummy!

as for me..
i go for the zha jiong pan min
i EXPECT something really special from them..
but found out tat this pan min isnt special at all lah....
come wif 2 meatballs~fried fishcakes and the minced pork~
errr~ the pan min is abit to little i think~
very small portion~

All the above pan min cost RM4.90 for the small version~
ntg special to shout out about ler~~

* sorry for the blur blur picture ~ my nokia N80 definetely works but the light in the shop is abit too dark *


~ Pics to share ~
( pics taken using my Nokia N80, to prove tat my N80 actually works! haha )

we were doing Solvent Extraction for our chemistry practical~

the apparatue for solvent extraction~
saw 2 seperate layer of liquid~
actually they are mix together~
the reason to do solvent extraction is to seperate both the liquid~~
the apparatus are so ' IN' until it keep leaking~
and the 'lock' cant be open~
how accurate is my experiment?
to be honest~ 1 of them FAIL~

my trial timetable~~
( my pretty handwriting isnt it??? hahahaha * perasan * )
its coming soon~
but i'm stil playing around~
DS mario i've reach World 5
play wif louis~
go out wif mom!
im enjoying my holiday~
and i think i'm gonna DIE in my coming trial~~~

Monday, August 18, 2008 / 8/18/2008 04:14:00 PM

* TakoYaki @ sunway pyramid *

this is definitely my dessert after sakae sushi..
cuz i was angry!
very very very super ANGRY!
zyrence noe tat~ t3 noe tat~
because of U!!! SHIT!
argh~ dun wanna recall and spoilt my mood~
get lost!

wats my desert??
looking at the cute little box~
wat is it inside lea?

yooo hooo~
ofcourse my favourite takoyaki!!
the box very cute rite??
i choose the little octopus 1 which cost me RM4 for 3 biji~
but the flour is abit too thick OR in other way i should say the takoyaki is abit to FAT~
nvm~ it stil taste good!!!


~ Pics to share ~

its zyrence's birthday cake!!!
Happy Birthday to U~
happy Birthday to U~
happy birthday to zyrence~
happy birthday to U~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

this is my ji mui lo~
my very very very very very super duper good ji mui!!!
she's pretty isnt it???
happy birthday ya zyrence~
hope u hav to nice bday celebration tat day oh!!

~this is zyrence wif pinky~
pinky is the pink colour teddy bear tat zyrence holding~
which is a gift from me and t3~
of course i gave zyrence another gift~ which is from me ~
only zyrence and me know wat is it oh!
pinky is cute isnt it????
i tie the ribbon for pinky so tat she looks even more cute and adorable~
* zyrence , can i hav it back ?? i miss pinky lea..... *

anson and tiff~
she wil kill me soon!
( she say she look so fat in this pic , but wat to do lea? i look thin ma ~~~ hahaha )
t3 look so funny at the back~
( faster laugh at t3 ~ WAHAHAHAHAHAHA )

elly zyrence tiff
i love u zyrence! muack muack!

the 6 of us
see see zyrence~ smile til so happy nea~~ wahahahaha