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restaurant BBS junction,ramli burger~selayang BBS
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 / 4/30/2008 09:17:00 PM

mom is not cooking tonight~
maybe because she lazy to go pasar~
suppose to ask dad to da bao dinner~
but dad having happy hour wif his fren~
so me n my mom decided to hav our yum yum ramli burger~
the restaurant BBS junction at BBS~
they serve the yummylicious ramli burger~
yes~ there are many stall of ramli burger in this whole wide world~
but trust me~
tis is the best ramli burger i ever had in my 19 years old life~
yes~ every1 can cook ramli burger~
but~ not every1 can cook it so yummy like tis restaurant did~" burger ayam special dua~"
tis is wat i told the guy when i reach thr..
that guy wil always say " tunggu kejap ya, ah moi~"
argh~ i dun like to be ah moi~
n everytime~
its not sekejap~
its very long time..
because they are damn good business!
they hav choice of ayam n lembu~ n telur or tidak~
ayam special means daging ayam + telur~
faster faster~ i'm waiting!!!

another guy is ready wif the bread at the bottow~
wif a few slices of timun~ pineapple~ and bawang~huge portion of cabbage!
and lots of chili sauce~
* tis is the only time i eat chili sauce~ i think ramli burger + chili sauce =best combination*
when the frying guy is done wif the daging ayam + telur~
he wil pass to tis guy~
he wil immediately put in on the bread~
n the top add more cabbage!
add more chili sauce!
n then mayonise~
at last~
cover it wif the top of the bread

the burger and up like a tall building~
cuz of the cabbage~~
and the chili sauce is like flood~
look at the daging ayam~
u noe how he cook?
he use 2 round round thing~
1 fill wif egg white~ another 1 fill wif egg york~~
then he wil put the daging ayam in 1 of the round round thing either egg york or egg white~
then he wil take it out~
out it onto another round round thing~
this is to make sure tat both side of the daging ayam oso hav the egg~
its amazing n creative isn't it??
if u wan~
u can request tat the egg dun cook too long~
so tat the york is still in liquid form~
when u bite it~
the egg york leak out~
wow!!! the feeling is so good!
look at the large portion of cabbage~~

trust me~
ur mouth cant insert everything~
for me..
i wil eat up some of the cabbage 1st~
then only i wil open up my GIANT mouth to eat the burger~
taste soooooo gooooood!!!
tiff n mom all time favourite~
the daging ayam special burger~~
quite fattening to eat this burger isnt it??
in my mind: eat once awhile only ma.. wun fat de la...

/ 4/30/2008 07:57:00 PM

because of ling fan keep insult both me n sy in DK hall wif McD~
we decided to hav McD as well!!
and ling fan hor..
v r way greater than u~
cuz v eat the hot! and crispy geh!!!!

me n sy order the mcvalue meal..
come wif mc chicken burger + carbonate drink + fries~
yum yum~~
v order the large 1...
cuz we wanna hav the large fries!
yum yum~~
v change the carbonate drink to milo and ribena as me n sy dun like carbonate drink~
is too sweet to me~~
dun realy like it~

the large fries~~
its sooooo yummy!!!
finger licking good~
as mcD realy serve better fries compare to KFC~
mine is hot!! its crispy!
wat else can i say?

more fries~
more n more fries~
more n more n more fries~~
yoooo hooo~

our side order is tis banana pie~
which is soooo yummy~
not too sweet~
n the pastry is so crispy~
i'm in love wif it the 1st time i try tis~
since it cost RM3 for 2 pieces~
so i hav to give up my nuggets~
the 'inside' of the banana pie~
its hot~~
its yummy~
and hav some banana inside~
and the fun part is~
whenever u bite~
the banana paste wil leak out~
so u must be extra careful so tat the banana paste wun 'run' out~

the Mc Chicken~
which is me n sy favourite~~
look at it~
so yummy rite?
we love tis!

and guess wat?
we finish everything!!!

restaurant noodles hse
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 / 4/29/2008 08:33:00 PM

saw ho chak intro tis restaurant noodle hse b4~
it is famous wif its gan xiang pan mian and braised meat pan mian~
so i decided to try it tis time~
it situated at prima setapak~( i think so~)

the decoration u found when u step into the shop~

some articles on the wall~
introducing their famous pan min~

HO CHAK sticker~

sour plum lime juice~
cost me about RM1.80..
u can get tis everywhr..
ntg great to be shout out about


the kon lou pan min~
the thick version~
its abit too salty to my liking~
and the mee is too thick n too hard tat i dun really like it~
the crispy creep on it( they named it fishcake)
is not crispy AT ALL!
i suspect it is yday's leftover~

but the cha siew on it is yummy~
the cha siew is soft~
i like it
cost about RM4++ ( i think so)

the famous gan xang pan mian~
kinda disappointed when they serve it to me..
it is too wet~
and the taste is not realy yummy~
and overall..
it look like a sampah pan min~
wif all sorts of ingredients in it..
there are plenty of chili padi inside!
i dun like!!
i dun like chili padi!!
cost me RM5 for tis plate of gan xiang pan min~

i found out tat they serve pan min quite slow~
(maybe they start from flour-egg-water tat they make pan min...hehe~)
they are having discount now~
for those who hav student cards..
u wil enjoy a 10% discount on the food~
the total bill come up to RM12.80..
quite cheap i think~

old change kee frm spore~
Monday, April 28, 2008 / 4/28/2008 10:29:00 PM

mom went to spore for 3 days~
as my sis hav 3 days off..
i cant get to follow my mom cuz i'm having chem prac test on fri~
wat my mom got for me tis time???

mom da bao old chang kee karipap for me!!
i love tis~
last 2 years when i go spore for 1 week holiday~
i rmr i eat tis karipap EVERYDAY!
i juz love it so so much~
in msia there are old change kee as well..
but i didnt try b4 any of them~
in spore..
u nid to Q for long time for tis karipap!!
and its damn damn yummy!

the old chang kee karipap imported from spore~
it is famous wif its karipap~
which is huge in size!!
mom back home around 12am!
so i cant try tis immediately~
wat i can do is to wait til tmr morning...
and tis karipap wif definitely be my breakfast!!
ngiek ngiek ngiek~~

once i woke up..
i put tis karipap~
as well as anther chicken wings( frm old chang kee as well) into the over toaster~~
faster la~
faster la~
i wanna eat u!!
i put it for about 8 minutes
is it hot enough?
i guess so...~
cuz i dun hav any experiance in heating karipap~

look at my karipap~~
it gonna go into my stomach very very soon~
ya hooooo~~

8 minutes later......
my karipap DONE!!!

faster i take it out n place it in a piece of kitchen towel~
to absord the excess oil~~
it smell so good!!
i cant wait to eat it up!!

noe y is it huge in size?
simply because the ingredient inside is in HUGE portion!!
potato~chicken~ and egg!!
hard boil egg! i love it the most!
there are plenty of chicken inside~
every bites u can feel the potato~egg~ and chicken!
n i love it!

mom brought back tis chicken wing~
frm old chang kee as well..
tis is their new product i think~
tis is the 1st time i try~
erm~~~ too oily to me..
but its well marinated~
yum yum chicken wing~
thx mom!!
look at the golden brown skin of the chicken wing~~
n a little bit hangus hangus~
tats the part i love the most!!

old chang kee in spore is very famous of its karipap~
long long Q~
its everywhr at spore..
shopping complex~mrt station~food courts!!
n its singaporian all time favourites~
but i dunno y the old chang kee in 1 utama~
seems like nobody buying it..

ming kei pan min~ jln ipoh
Sunday, April 27, 2008 / 4/27/2008 10:41:00 PM

for dinner..
me n dad went to jln ipoh for pan min~
tis pan min stall situated at the roll of stalls in front of the store-jln ipoh..
this stall is juz opposite of kfc~
the ming kei pan min~

although its juz a small stall..
but me n my family love tis so much~
y? cuz of its handmade pan min..
which is made to order~
yum yum~

dad order tis~
the pan min soup~
this is the thin version of pan min..
its sooo big bowl~
wif some deep fried ikan bilis~ black fungus n oso some minced meat~
the soup taste good~~
i think they get their vege for free~
they serve HUGE portion of soft~not yummy vege~
i really dislike the vege..
i dunno y it must be so soft til i hate it!

a close look at the fried ikan bilis which is crispy~
i love it~~
n the minced meat which taste a little salty as it gives the taste for the soup~

as for me..
tis is the very 1st time i try tis SPICY PAN MIN!
i sacrifice for my food blog..
i wanna post tis spicy pan min up~
tiff~ bravo!
look at tis ! look at tis!!
look at the chilies~~
luckily this pan min wif choi sam~
if not i wun eat the vege at all!!!
tis is the dried spicy pan min~

look at the amount of chilies they put~~
oh my goodness~~~
i'm sure they hav the free chilies supply as well..
its not tat spicy~
maybe bcuz i eat it very fast..
i eat tis bowl of noodle in 10 minutes time..
cuz i dun wanna feel the spicy~
after finish it~~
i drink the hot soup in 10 seconds time..
i wanna hilangkan the spicy taste~

i'm proud of u!
u sacrifice for tis blog!!
bravo! well done!

the pan min soup cost RM4.00
n the dried spicy pan min cost RM4.20

food for doc fish~ selayang mall
/ 4/27/2008 05:13:00 PM

other than introducing human's food..
tis time i wil introduce food for fish!
tis is a kind of fish from turkey~
they named it doc. fish~
they are specialised in eating human's dead cell..
juz wash ur feet..
then deep into the water whr full of tis kind of fish..
then they will all come to ur feet..
suck n clean up the dead cells....
1st few second u wil feel it is geli..
but later on..
u wil feel tat its so comfortable...
i like the feeling ~
after tat~
u wil feel tat ur feet is soooo clean~ soooo smooth~~
the fish spa is everywhere now..
in pavillion there is 1..
1u oso opening soon..
i try tis in selayang mall yesterday while waiting for my dad finish massage..
RM20 for 20minutes..
n RM28 for 30 minutes..
i try the 20 minutes de as i'm a poor little gal~
let look at the pic i took~

the 1st few minutes when u dip ur feet in..
all the fish wil go to ur feet..
suck all the dead cells off..
geli betul!!

after a few minutes..
the fish getting lesser n lesser.
as no more food for them~
n now..
u wil start to feel comfortable~

lesser n lesser fish~
means ur feet is getting cleaner n cleaner now..
feel so comfy~~

after 20 minutes
when i touch my feet..
i feel tat my feet is smoother than last time.
thx doc fish!

restaurant perfect gourmet~ kepong
/ 4/27/2008 04:21:00 PM

me n dad were hunting for food around kepong..
actually we wanna go to the fishball noodle shop..
but too many pppl..
no place to sit..
so v juz drive around kepong..
n found out tis restaurant..
restaurant perfect gourmet..
which serve beijing food..

the menu of the shop~

the soy sauce~ vineger~ and toothpick~
i like it..

dad love pu er tea..
so v order tis pu er wang~( king of pu er???)
i wonder which is the queen~

the chili~
its red!! its hot!!
it smell soooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood!!!
i'm in love wif the chili!!

dad order tis beijing zha jiang ra mien~
dad say it smells good..
in love wif it!
lots of vege around..
arrange neatly in a circle~
the brown-black thing is the sauce.
it actually come seperately.
then u hav to mix it together~
argh~ yummy!
tis bowl of ra mien cost RM7.90
awwww... its soooo cheap~~~!!!

tis is mine!!!
the spicy chicken mushroom ra mien~~
its sooooo spicy~
i kinda cant take it..
smells good n taste good~
i exchange wif dad's zha jiang ra mien..
cuz i cant take the spicy~

take a close look..
generous portion of vege n ra mien isnt it??
dad love the ramien here...
cuz its hand make but not machine made..
tats y u can see the size of the ramien is different~
the ra mien is smooth!
i love it!
it cost me RM7.90 for tis bowl of ra mien~

as for the side dishes..
we order the pan fried dumpling..
i love the skin!
i love the meat inside!
i love everything

the bottom is crispy~
where as the top is soft~
wow~ i love it!!
RM 6.90 for 6 of it~
y tis restaurant sell things at so low price huh???

the siao long bao..
the size of siao long bao is soooo huge!!
too much meat in it~
not juicy at all
compare ti dragon-i..
dragon serve it is small size but very juicy~
once u bite it..
the burning juice wil flow into ur mouth~
i love siao long bao cuz of the juice
but dunno y siao long bao is juiceless~
awwww... disappointed~~
RM 4.90 for 3 biji of tis siao long bao..

dad say the siao long bao n dumpling best goes wif tis..
the vineger + ginger slice...
i hate ginger! i hate vineger!
so i din touch tis~
i create my own recipe!
i dip mine into the chili..
remember the previous picture wif a spoon full of chili.
i love it.
so i eat wif it..
taste sooooo good!!
love it!

the bill up to RM36.95 wif 10% service change~
its soooo cheap isnt it???