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Monday, March 30, 2009 / 3/30/2009 10:15:00 PM

Prawn Mee , Jalan Ipoh

wondering whr is this?
if u noe whr is The Store at Jln ipoh
u definitely can find this
it actually situated in front of The Store
a row of stall
all selling food!

my favourite prawn me of all!!
oh ya~~
not to forget to see how many actor,actress,singer,artist hav been here for the prawn mee !
they even hav an album hanging thr!!!
see how famous they are??
eventhough not a very grand place
but stil the prawn mee can attract lots of ppl!!!

thr u go the prawn me !!!!
it look simple,
but the prawn mee soul is the SOUP!
the soup over here is not too spicy yet its very flavourful!!
top up with sliced prawn, sliced meat,kangkung,bean sprout, eggs and the fried onion!
it juz so simple yet i love it so much!!!
i think it cost bout RM4.50 for the small version !!
u definitely will love this !
the best prawn mee i ever had till now !!
it is best goes with bihun mee
anyhow....i stil so stubborn order the kuey tiau!

if u go thr in the afternoon
u will feel very super duper HOT!!!
not to forget to order this ais kacang from the stall beside the prawn mee stall!!!
i think the price is abit more expensive compare to outside food stall
but this is really nice!
all the ingredients they uses matches each other so well and its juz so yummy !!
its so refreshing when u eat this in the hot and sunny afternoon!

juz a little comment
the prawn me is better than HOU YEE KEI (which they claimed tat their prawn mee is yi chi ban )
although the stall isnt those very grand very clean very big very comfortable stall
but their prawn mee is SERIOUSLY yummy !

the ais kacang from the stal beside the prawn mee stall
is bettter than Madame Kwan's 1
no joking

try it and i bet u will believe me


oh ya
i noe i've been abandon my food blog for some time
no food post
i noe.....
i admit my fault....
seriously i din went for nice food for very long time
and currently on diet plan!

and currently my hse under renovation
and sometimes its so irritating listening to those ppl banging things like nobody business
and the house is full of dust and sand...
juz like a beach
so im busy sweeping here and moping thr!

1 more thing is my hse hav added a new member!!
a toy poodle name BRENDI
it suppose to be Brandy ( but its so sissy and brandy suppose to be a girl name )
to make him more macho,
we decided to change the spelling to brendi
a guess will post up more pics bout him

this is the little notty who make me busy the whole day !!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009 / 3/22/2009 01:07:00 PM

Coconut Flower , Klang

when u talk about SEAFOOD
of course KLANG seafood come across ur mind isnt it?
and talking bout Klang Seafood...
the only thing come into my mind is COCONUT FLOWER
coconut flower is the only seafood restaurant in klang tat can attract me !!!
lets see !

see? the entrance so beautiful right
and they have really HUGE land
whr they divide the tables into 3 types
the 1st type would be the atap house like wat u see in the pic~
another 1 is the normal 1 under a roof.. 1 more is a wooden pondok where its very GRAND as well~
i will always choose the atap 1
no matter rain sunny thunder
cuz i juz love the mood of sitting in it!

1 thing u never missed is the mantis prawn bihun
( known as har kou yok in cantonese)
this is a MUST ORDER !!!!
its seriously yummy u noe!!!
the combination of both if this is PERFECT!!!!
i feel hungry right NOW!!

this is the oyster egg
its not really disgusting in the sense tat they use S size oyster..
unlike other ppl use the L size oyster which make me..... GELI!
i eat the egg ONLY but not the oyster
ntg really great bout this lah!

dun remember wat fish is this
but its quite yummy
steamed fresh fish with soy sauce!
yummy!!! weeeeeee~~~~~

ya ya ya!
this is a must order
the steamed salted chicken!!!!!
they used the kampung ayam whr kampung ayam is much more TENDER compare to those market ayam~
they usually serve half a chicken...
but we used to order a whole chicken
cuz its really yummy!!!
salty enough, tender enough, yummy enough!!

the asour sweet chili crab!!!
kinda disppointing cuz the crab is very small size
but the way they cook is yummy
they used to serve big size crab last time
i dunno why they served small size 1 tat day~
the sauce is nice...
so we love it too~
IF it comes with big size crab~it would be better~!

not to forget to order the deep fried man tau
dip the man tau into the sauce

coconut flower's seafoods r really fresh
and the most important is tat they can cook the seafood into yummy dishes!
their business is very GOOD!
i rmr once Mother day we went coconut flower
end up we ate 2 dishes only as TOO MANY ppl
hav to wait TOO LONG lah
the price are quite reasonable
thr are quite a few seafood restaurant in KLang
of all the restaurant i've try b4
coconut flower is still the best lah!
nice environment nice food nice service
( they hav lots of workers ! )

u must try this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!!!


after tat we headed down to tanjung sepat
and then to.....................................................

i bet not much ppl noe bout this place...
but they are developing this area~
i guess nex time it would be like port dickson ~

they are building the chalet ~
i guess when its done then more ppl will come ~
even my dad say wanna booked a chalet and fishing~~

u can walk along the beach ~~

u can hav a horse ride too~~
but i dun think its fun riding on a horse ~

u can fly kites too ~~~

u can hav some snack b4 u go back home
goreng pisang goreng udang goreng keledek or even keropok lekor!

anybody interested in SEPANG GOLD COAST???
i bet nobody interested
even myself more interested in Australia Gold Coast than Sepang Gold Coast~

blog it up just for sharing !

Monday, March 16, 2009 / 3/16/2009 10:22:00 PM

I love Yoo ! 老油鬼鬼 , Midvalley

this is the porridge tat i mention earlier in the Jonker Sweet Post
this is actually our tea time b4 we left Midavalley!
i love YOO ! 老油鬼鬼

there are limited choice of food available
but thr are the Set A and Set B over thr for u to choose..
if u wanna save money and wish to try 2 things, take the Set then~

Set A comes with the porridge and a bowl of yau cha kuai
this the the Cantonese Style Porridge and its very smooth!
inside thr are dried oyster and peanuts!!!
and its very tasty!!!!!!

Set B comes with the HOT soya bean and a bowl of yau cha kuai~
i might look odd eating yau cha guai with soya bean
and its my 1st time combining both of this too..
and trust me..
its yummy!
the soya bean is not very sweet
i love the combination of soya bean and yau cha kuai!

1 thing i love over here is their you cha guai comes in big bowl!
definitely more than wat u got at Bak Kut Teh shop and even tastier !
its crispy and its still WARM!!

the porridge sold here are not very expensive and its very suitable for those who wanna hav light meal~
althought they dun hav many choices
but... wat they are having now are really TASTY
and worth the price
and we always hav to lined up for the porridge
lots of ppl love the smooth porridge and oso the warm soya bean~
as well as me ^^


dont you think she's CUTE????!!!!!
so chubby til i feel like wanna pinch her cheek lah!!
she's my neighbour
she hav sweet voice
cute look!
i believe she will be a super leng lui when she grow up
and she's the 1st KIDS who dare to carry louis like tat
and louis very friend with her!!!!
she dun scare louis will bite, she dun scare louis fur..
how adorable she is !!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009 / 3/15/2009 02:38:00 PM

Alexis , Midvalley

here i come , Alexis!

the drinks over thr
oh ya~
their menu is juz normal paper
no thick cover fancy front page
juz a normal paper
the choices of food not really wide
even the drinks as well
the pics above is the chocolate(cold) and the apple+orange juice ~
ntg fancy

i order the Nasi Lemak as MANY ppl recomment this to me
i think it cost me bout RM20++ for this nasi lemak..
the nasi lemak comes with rice,sambal egg,vege,ikan bilis,fried chicken and sambal prawn
few side dishes and the portion is quite big
the MAIN thing for Nasi lemak is the RICE of course!!
i found out tat this rice is frangrace and the amount of santan added is juz right making the rice so perfect to me!!!!
not to forget the KLCC over thr----- SAMBAL EGG!
yummy enough, but they are too stingy over the sambal lah...
not to forget the vege ( i dun really noe wat vege is it)being mixed with olive oil and onion, i love the VEGE!!
the ikan bilis is nicely sliced and fried til crispy~
it taste abit too salty to me~
i love the overall presentation of the nasi lemak
which makes them different from the nasi lemak tat u get beside the road....

not to forget the fried chicken
but to me its over fried
as u can see it already become INDIAN
and the skin is so crispy
but its over fried
the meat no longer juicy~

thumbs up to the sambal prawn!!!!
i love it
medium size prawn fry with the sambal
the sambal is not to spicy
juz right to my liking
and perfectly matches the RICE!!

this is the Chicken Esscallope
( if i'm not mistaken la )
the chicken is coated with bread crumbs and deep fried!
kinda dissapointed for this as we EXPECT it would turn out to be very good
but the chicken end up to be too DRY
no more juicy, no more tenderness

this grass is yummy!
i guess its spinach????
i dunno wat they add for topping
but its really nice!

overall the food is quite ok
i like the environment over thr
and oso the services over thr....
but for the price..
its abit too pricy but to me.. the nasi lemak worth for the price!
i'll be back for their nasi lemak again!


imagine i wear this for the whole day walking in Midvalley

and the next day i wore this the whole day again
which is way higher than the purple 1....

and i end up to be in my super comfortable CROCS!!!!
thanks for recover my FEET!!!!

it hurts when wearing high heels, but its nice when wearing high heel, between hurts and nice.. i choose the NICE... so i deserve to suffer from painful FEET!

sorry for not blogging for few days
i'm busy!!! hehehehe
i'm here to annouced tat my CAMERA
sony N1 touch screen
had passed away!!


i'm getting Canon IXUS 870 IS


Sunday, March 8, 2009 / 3/08/2009 03:03:00 PM

KTZ , Kepong

oh i sorry for not updating for a week!!
yes yes! i've been very busy!
why why?? i will tell u guys when the its the suitable time!
i've been very happy this few days!
why why? i went back st mary! and also TARC!!
juz to get my spm and A level certificate
its nice to talk to the teachers!
and its nice when all the teacher wish me good luck!!
i better stop talking bout my Ex school or i wil talk non stop! hehehe

lets back to FOODs!

this is the Kei tak zek!
if i ever carving for desert
KTZ will be at the top of my list
why why? cuz i love the desert..
as well as the snack!!!
its special!
and its delicious!

the Black Glutinious tong shui
the very thick and flavourful taste do attract us alot!
not to forget the coconut milk which enchance the tong shui!!!!
its a bit thicker compare to those u hav outside
but no worries, it still taste good !

the waterchessnut tong shui which is my favourite
dun tot tat my tong shui hav 'dirts' on it
its actually the black sesame
why do the waterchessnut tong shui hav sesame??
hahaha~ cuz i add the black sesame dumpling! my favourite!!!
it burst tats why the tong shui end up polluted by the black sesame~
the black sesame dumpling goes well with the tong shui~~

as for snack
they hav a few famous snack
1 of it is the Cheong Fun
the simply yet yummylicious snack!!!
the fillings in the cheong fun is the cha siew
simply ingredient simple procedure,
but its not easy to catch every1's heart!!!

because u nid a good SAUCE!!
yes... the cheong fun goes very well with the chili paste as well as the black sauce paste (which taste sweet )
w/o the sauce, cheong fun wun be special anymore~!!
i love the chili paste as well as the black sauce
whr they perfectly match with cheong fun!!!
tats why we always ask for EXTRA SAUCE !!!!

next up is the carrot cake!
oh ya! this is a MUST TRY ok??
i love this very much! and i seriously admire the chef who did this!
very simply and cheap ingredients
but.... but..... it can turn out to be so YUMMY u noe??
inside the carrot cake u will see slice by slice of carrot!!!!
how they did it? the carrot texture is still thr and it didnt melt even after steam!!!
not to forget the chili paste ya!
must dipped with the chili paste!!!!
i love this very much!
( i plan to learn how to cook this !! hehehehe.. )

the presentation very nice isnt it?
this is also 1 of their top seller
the Seaweed Roll
the seaweed taste isnt very strong so those who dun eat seaweed can try this too~
they hav seaweed,ham, eggs wrap together creating such a nice roll!!
this is my MUST order cuz i love it!!
they hav the mayonise for dipping as well
but i dun dip mayonise since its so FATTENING!

not to forget their paper wrap chicken ya!!!!
u will not regret order this!

the well marinated chicken is being wrap into some kind of paper and being deep fried when u order!
the reason they wrap they chicken is to 'lock' the juice inside the chicken
tats why the chicken taste so juicy and tender eventhough being deep fried!!!
the chicken is marinated with few herbs and spices which give the paper wrap chicken a SPECIAL taste!!
its yummy!

actually there are more to order such as siu mai
their siu mai is quite expensive.. but when u eat it u will noe tat its worth!!
its suitable to hav light lunch at KTZ since it hav wide range of snacks

66,Jalan 7 , Kepong Baru , 52100 KL

* they hav another branch at 1u too.. but i've never try that b4 *


any1 wondering wat i doin during my 5 months holiday?
basically i'm doing ntg EXCEPT i got call up tat i hav job!!
i'm working as part time smapling gal!!
why i choose to be like tat?

lets look at my work!!

i hav to wake up early in the morning and get ready
why nid to be early since i dun nid make up??
simply because i nid to tie up my hair!!
its hard to tie my hair cuz its TOTALLY layered and i nid spray and clip to hold it on to a BUNCH!
not to forget to wear my smart and nice uniform!!!

i'm working for enfagrow!!!
hehehehe.. when i'm so free doing ntg..
i end up arrang the milk like this
and some parent come up to me to ask is thr a promotion goin on??
i noe... they tot i'm selling cuz i arrange them like this
too bad i wasnt selling any of them..
i'm juz giving out free sample

this is the Enfagrow Mascott
whr he earn MORE and his working time is DAMN SHORT
how short is it??
juz like come out for a walk for 5 to 10 minutes
then in a day come out bout 2 times
easy job rite??
and yet he's getting higher salary!!!
its quite tough as the kids love to touch here touch there push here push thr
and its hot inside the mascott~~!!

let's look at my job scope~

i didnt bancuh the milk actually cuz i dunno how the measuring
so t3 and anderson will be the 1 bancuh
and i wil sit down look at them!
then i will fill the milk in the cup once they are chilled!!

then i wil be holding the milk
asking ppl to come and drink!
plz.. next time if u saw me doing this
plz do come up to me and take a cup of milk k?
im pretty bored when nobody wanna drink the milk!!!
and its tiring holding the milk and standing and smiling!

its a very very very easy job
as u can see in the pics
T3 is playing my PSP
anderson is looking around for pretty gals
and i wil be thr doing sampling
and then we will take turn to sit down!

the enfakid A+milk!

4 times DHA, FOS ,INULIN
i guess this 3 ingredient is good for brain growing?

and when got nobody wanna drink the milk
u can talk to the kids
joke with them
and of course snap picture of cute cute kids isnt it?
this gal very pretty and very cute isnt it?
pretty in the sence tat she hav really long eye lashes!
even longer than those who wearing fake eye lashes
cute in the sence tat she noe how to cium my hand when i approach her!!!
so clever isnt it??

when u are tired of sitting down and snapping pics and talking to other ppl
u can always hav some competition spontaneously!

the flower basket competition
the above flower basket is from the contestant TIFFANY!!

and this is the flower basket from contestant ANDERSON!

we even play with the kids
we say ' drink 1 cup hav a free flower basket '
but no1 seems to interested!

the most tiring section is when we hav to set up the tools and machine~
and oso the cleaning up part
the above pics show tat how clever are us!
the leftover milk is being recycle
how we recycle them?
we soaked our hand inside!
according to Anderson adn t3
milk is good for skin complexion!
it mean tat after soaking my hand into milk
my hand will be smooth and fair edi!

tats all for my job scope
easy job?
and i earn RM80 per day!
even the taxi fees can claim le!
not bad rite??