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♥ Significant ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2009 / 8/20/2009 10:35:00 PM

Kim Gary @ Tampines ONE,Singapore

i've not been blogging for MoNTHS~
reason because i'm busy with all presentation, assignments, quiz, and final exam
2 days after final exam i went spore for a GETAWAY!!!
oh yea~
i nid to getaway from MSIA!
i will reveal it at the end
incase it spoilt my mood of blogging!!!

i booked my flight online few days b4 i departure
kinda LUCKY cuz the flight isnt full yet!!!
special thx to T3 who fetch me to airport
and thx stephy sis who pick me up at Changi~!!

its about 9am when i reach spore
we went Kelliney for breakfast
i didnt blog cuz i'm tired after the flight!!

went home and i sleep bout 5 hours after finish unpacking my stuff and hav a nice bath!
wake up and i'm full with energy
we shall not go far at the 1st day
we choose TAMPINES ONE which is a new shopping centre
i've never been thr~
its about 5pm and we are HUNGRY !!!

the 1st place we bump into is
the pan fried pau
we queue for about 10 minutes for this!
i tot its nothing nice to huu-haa about but i'm wrong!!!
i love it so much~!!!
i willing to queue longer for it!

the 'skin' is soft on top and crispy in the bottom!
not to forget the JUICY meat inside
hav to becareful when u bite it
cuz the JUICE will 'fly' out!!
the juice is VERY sweet
the meat inside is VERY TENDER!
oh i love it!

as usual 'his' face appear in Kim Gary

i always drink milo AIS
no matter whr i go
as long as MILO AIS appear on the menu..
then i will ORDER milo AIS!

sis's honey pork rib with vegetable and rice
not bad
but i feel tat the ribs is too dry and too hard
probably they overcooked it

this is the supreme mix grilled curry with spagetti tat i order
i used to order this in KL
would like to try out spore standard
still taste the same
alot of ingredient
a must order for big eater!
it comes with either spagetti or rice
i choose the spagetti~
the chilli is thick and flavourful
and add on the CHEESE ~
its heavenly good!!
i love cheese so much~

steph feel abit geli with cheese~

went home bout 11pm
after exploring Tampines and Tampines One
spend about SGD 200
aww.. juz the 1st day and i spend so much??

back to the story why i wanna GETAWAY from msia

its actually i LOST MY HANDPHONE

for those who noe me well
u guys will pop out with 1 word " AGAIN??"
for those who juz noe me not long ago will give me 4 words " ITS OK , NEVER MIND "
i admit tat this time is my careless
i didnt wanna tell the process how i lost my handphone
all i hav to say it its my careless.. my fault
okay.. msia is full of crime..full of THIEF
i dunno why they are so uneducated
take things tat doesnt belong to them and never think of the owner's feeling???
malaysian are like tat... its not the 1st time
this is the 4th handphone tat i lost
some say i should ' get used to it "
but its hard!
cuz U900 is my sis hard earn money
she buy this U900 for me eventhough my mom dun let~
i'm very sad
i'm seriously feel very guilty
1st of all i feel sorry to my sis and my family
secondly, i love this handphone alot!
more than i can say
its a past tense now
for those who is reading this
nex time when u found a handphone
plz... contact a person from the phonebook
return the handphone to ther owner
cuz u will never noe how the owner feel when he/she noe's tat the handphone is gone
maybe u pick up an IPHONE tat u adore long time ago
but hav you ever think tat the owner hav work hard to own tat phone
u adore the phone so much, wat about the owner?
inside might hav important documents

i hav 400++ pics inside
which lost together with my dearest U900
i seriously curse the person who steal my handphone
i hope ur handphone will lost 1 day and u will feel wat i'm feeling right now~

i shall stop here or i'll never stop!

P/S : i've change my number... those who want my number plz look at my MSN pm or u can email me for my new number...