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♥ Significant ♥

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 / 6/30/2009 08:11:00 PM

Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama

i love vietnam food!
especially their spring roll and sugarcane prawn
had it once at Little Vietnam @ midvalley
but they cancel out this dish from their menu!!
accidently found out tat Vietnam Kitchen serve sugarcane prawn!!!!
cant wait to try it once again!! weeeeee~

the business is quite good on saturday afternoon
hav to wait kinda long for the food to be serve
too bored and then i snap the deco around the shop
they hav nice environmant and decoration !!!
i love the lights !

oooh~ this peanut is an appetizer
we finish it in 5 minutes maybe?
cuz i'm hungry lah!

sis's ice lemon tea !!

the deep fried vietnamese spring roll!
i prefer the steam version but mom insist this deep fried version
but it still taste nice lah~!!
the gravy to dipped the spring roll is special and it matches the spring roll perfectly!!!!

oh ya! this is RECOMMENDED!!
i forget the name * aiks *
something like mango prawn roll??
chef recommended food i think?
if u love mango if u love prawn!
u should try this!!!!
oooooh~ i love it so so much!
never knew that the combination of mango and prawn can be tat yummy!!!
love love love love love love it!!!!

argh~~~ my all time favourite sugarcane prawn!
taste as good as Little vietnam's 1...
i love it so much~
the prawn paste wrap on sugar cane and deep fried !!
after finish eating the prawn paste..
u can bite the sugar cane, some sweet sugarcane juice will come out !!!
i love this!!

Vietnam's famous beef noodle
this is their signature dish
but its nothing great to mention~
the soup is not really nice~

i order this seafood mee in spicy sour sauce or something
getting older then i cant rmr the name!
this is not bad
i love the mee
not those yellow mee tat we used to eat
something special which taste better than yellow me~
not to forget the generous portion of seafood!!!
oh ya~ my face turn black when i saw capsicum!
luckily the they didnt stir fried the capsicum for too long
the mee dun hav capsicum taste yet.. if not i'll never touch the mee at all!

lost the receipt ~ getting older nowadays~~!!!
its not too cheap and not too expensive but in average price
the mango prawn roll and the sugarcane prawn is REALLY yummy!
never missed it if u're vietnam food lover !

Pet World 2009 !
@ Midvalley!

i've waited for this event for so long....


Brendi is ready to go to Pet World !!

leng chai brendi!

manja manja on mom's shoulder~!!
he like to sit in front
cuz he love air cond!

when he get to enjoy the air cond
he can fall asleep easily~!

* brendi dont behave like a dog when he go midvalley!!! he dun wanna walk on the floor.. he dun wan any of us leave him.. he wan us to carry him..aiks! pampered dog!*

i saw this very nice cocker spaniel~~!!!

very handsome isnt it?

this is Jordan the Maltese~~!!
sitting on sinV wee wee pad~ hahaha!!
he's really TINY lah..

this is columbus
when u call him columbus
he will look at u~~!! hahahahahaha

very very very super duper soft fur!
i love it so much

saw boey and i seriously love her !!!!!!
must snap a picture with her lah~
but she move abit
then the picture turn out to be not clear
but nvm.. at least i did snap with her!!
boey very pretty tat day!
and very good gal!

spot this miniature schnauzer at the stall selling Yu product~

Yuri Grooming academy come out with this very nice chow chow!!!!
on friday they hav a black standard poodle.. i keep on look at the standard poodle and forget to snap a picture of it~
sat they come out with this chow chow
look at the ear
so cute isnt it??!!!!

afghan hound!!
dun u think it look like human??~~!!

dun remember wat name is it
but he is a very obedien dog

its sabrina the cutie-pie!

saw this schnauzer
which make me think of 1 word only - MESSY !

awww~ this is Joey from pets icon
a very adorable toy poodle!
very manja in ur arms but active when u put her on the floor~

oh ya! this 2 dogs!
on fri night when we bring brendi in~ this 2 dogs bark at brendi
as if wanna eat him up
i guess tat make brendi feel umcomfortable
tats why he whole night doesnt behave like a dog
he behave like a sakai~ i guess scared by this 2 dogs?

neh~ this 1 lah..

maltese named sha sha

another chow chow ~!
but i feel yuri's chow chow lagi cantik~!

oh ya! this is the 1st year having Rabbit Competition!!!!
luckily i went on saturday and didnt missed out this competition!
lets look at how well rabbit dressed up!

look at this this loop year rabbit!!!

i guess this is kimono?

pyjamas black rabbit!! cute !!

king of rabbit!

more owner is dressing up their rabbit

Another Angel ~

all rabbit waiting the judge to examine them~

got 1 ang mo lady checking the condition of the rabbit..
the fur, the teeth and everything
and then will come out with a CHAMPION RABBIT

the most exciting part is this Fashion Show !!!!
friday night 7pm and saturday noon 4pm u can see tiffany sitting down thr!
cant wait to look at it~
the friday 1 amaze me and then i went again for the saturday 1~!!

the emcee~

the 3 very talented violinist~

Victor Lee which is the 1st Malaysia Idol top finalist!
he can sing well and most important is he is a pet lover!
he hav a shih tzu named Zebrano~
Zebrano appear on friday night ~ but not saturday noon
according to victor... zebrano having stage fright whr he shiver non stop when he's on the stage.. and when zebrano go back home.. zebrano vomit non stop~
so victor decided not to bring zebrano out for saturday's performance~!

the Emcee for the friday night fashion show

Emcee for the Saturday noon fashion show!
spot joey there on stage!!!
she's so cute!! she shit on the stage and make every1 laugh! hahaha

For those who missed the fashion show dun worry!
i will post up the picture tat i snap!

1st : Poomeranian with the Theme LION!

2nd : White Toy Poodle with the theme Sun

3rd : Trivia the shih tzu!!!

Trivia damn pretty rite??!!!

4th : White toy poodle with the theme MOON

5th : Husky!!!!

Husky very yeng ar!!!

5th : White Miniature Schnauzer!

very creative isnt it?
i never thought tat dogs can be like this!

6th : toy poodle with the theme EARTH

7th : Coach the Super Red Poodle ~

9th : the Golden Retriever !

10th : the toy poodle with the theme leopard

every1 clap for this leopard gal
but eventually i feel she's is overacted~

all of them are the heros and heroins for this fashion show!
Pet's Icon and Starwood from thailand!

Spot valerie?
she smile all night!
smile till " see teeth cant see eyes "

i guess when brendi going for grooming , i will nid to make appointment 2 weeks ahead!
their business will be damn good lah!

see that brendi?
become a pig once we back into the car!

besides watching the fashion show!
i did spend money too!
oh i spend quite alot lah!

bought this advantix for brendi for the prevention of ticks lice flea and mosquito!
Jason recommend this ~!
i think it cost me RM54

actually i plan to buy this 1 but not the advantix
but see see since brendi nid ticks prevention so i buy lo
this is deworming pill~
RM18 for this box.. only 4 pills inside~!

bought this yu spray too
something like dry cleanind for brendi
i'm attracted because of the smell!
it smells extremely GOOD !
love it so much!
RM49.9 for this bottle ~

after spending so much~
i got this for free!
no~ not the Samsung plama tv...

is this little bear
dunno why brendi hate him so much
he nearly tear this bear into pieces!

i love this plastic bag so much!
hav 3 of them now~~!!!

the forum says tat those who bringing dog suppose to go into the hall through loading bay
but we can only go into loading bay when we come from PJ ( according to kessiny)
we are from selayang not PJ!
so we enter Midvalley parking lot
and when we step into the lift
the lift stuck and the door cannot be close
and when the door close
there is this MALAY who say " maybe the lift can sense the dog tats why cant close the door "
i plan to scold to him!
but he is clever~ he say so when he almost reaching
so once he finish saying those UNEDUCATED STUPID words
he run out~
how stupid and uneducated is him? so stupid!
i dunno why this kind of stupid words can come out from the mouth of a ADULT!
uneducated ! stupid!