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Friday, June 19, 2009 / 6/19/2009 09:05:00 PM

Fong Lye Restaurant, The Garden Mid Valley

What make me abandon my blog for so long??!!!!!
oh yes! i'm busy!
seriously busy preparing my exam!
oh my god~ my 1st test in UCSI
i didnt do very good for my maths seriously!!
i dunno why!

but i will flood this post with PICTURES !
lots and lots of pictures!

i dunno why FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION can be related to MATHS!!!
i dunno why!!! i expect to be mathematic free when i choose this course!
but why!!!
i tot it will be the basic maths only but i'm WRONG! seriously WRONG!
its difficult~although i've learn it during my A level
but i cant really recall them~
and the lecturer who is teaching me now is very cin cai type
talk fast , messy writing and not friendly!
i miss Mr yap and Ms Ngaw seriously!!!
many ppl considering to complaint bout him
not to mention who but there is this possibility!

i'm thinking when i can throw my calculator in the DUSTBIN??!! WHEN??!!

the lecturer that i like will be Ms Lai who is teaching me Biology~
she's friendly , she love to smile, she care bout whether we understand or not~
and she's CUTE !

Ms Alice teach us chemistry~
we've learn bout it during A level too
but dunno why i dun really can recal it~~!!
i hope i dun be so lazy anymore not doing anything!
calculation part bout concentration is the worst part of all!

Java i dun like Ms AMUTHA!
omg~ tat time her teaching was so so boring and most of the ppl talking (include me)
then she say " if u wanna make noise go out please.. i dun beg u to listen to my lesson, especially the chinese girl sitting in the middle "
and i'm the 1 sitting in the middle
obviously she's scolding me right?!
recently she having an egypt hair~ which is FUNNY!

anyway~ lab session conduct by Mr Vee is good and clear
he will scold when u dun do his homework and he will praise if u do it good!
dun ask him stupid question if u dun wanna kena from him!
but he always wiling to teach us
and he can remember i'm TIFFANY and he love to use my name as example!

if those who is having my msn will notice tat my pm writing [ amutha and vee goes crazy]
cuz they give us such a difficult assignment question where u hav to come out with a programming about the DNA sequences~
i'm not genius k?
i dunno how am i going to do it~
god bless me and kevin !

lets start off with the main topic after i finish mumbling about UNI LIFE ~~!!

which place will i be introducing this time?
lets go to............

according to my friend who always shop in Garden
they claim tat this shop is ALWAYS full during lunch time
until u nid to ambil nombor, sit aside and wait for the waiter to call u
when i reach thr~ they give me a number
my fren look at me " tiff u wont wait right?"
but this time different
i look at the crowd i look at the food,
i decided to WAIT !

of course there are sofa for u to sit during ur waiting period
and they serve some lime juice for u too
the lime juice is VERY VERY NICE!

they will give u the menu for u u to browse through wat u wanna eat
then place u order in this paper ~
and hand it to the waiter/waitress
u must really stop them to hand the order form
cuz they are really busy !!

after u've place ur order~
they will give u the check list ~

their chopstick
high class isnt it?
and i feel i'm so artistic ~!!

snap here snap there snap this snap that
snap my face,snap my friend face, snap my bag, snap my shoe,
why my food haven come?

started to be emo~~
where's my food!
i'm hungry u noe?

this is the desert i ordered..
im not the kind who keen into sweet stuff..
but this red bean ice is reli nice..
the speciality of this ice is...
it served with condense milk...the thick type...
i cant stop myself from getting the spoon to get it into my mouth..
a must try!
can serve it before of after meal
luckily i want it before meal
cuz i can start to 'engulf ' this red bean ice to stop my emo~!!

this is the "炸番薯蛋"

which is the sweet potato ball

it is different from the 1 i tried in petaling street..
it is more chewy..
or i should say more starch add to it??
but i prefer this

because its very chewy and the inside of the ball is only 20% filled with sweet potato

the rest 80% is AIR!

but trust me, its nice !!!

oh yes! the food hav arrived!!

this is 1 of the set have been ordered...
the name of this set is 三杯鸡
the direct translation is three cups chicken..
in the set...
it comes with a soup, 3 side dishes, 1 rice and the chicken..
big big portion..

this is the pork intestine set that i order

i love pork intestine ALOT !!!

especially during bak kut teh!

same as the three cup chicken

this comes with the rice, side dishes and also soup~

the chicken is very flavourful! i dunno how to describe it but its very tasty!

the chicken is tender and u hav no difficulty in eating it

this worth a try!!!

oh ya~ this set can be share between 2 person cuz the portion is really big!

juz add on another bowl of rice!

this is the pork intestine which is cooked in a spicy sauce

not really spicy and its still acceptable~

but 1 thing kinda dissapointed is that they give very little pork intestine lah

not enough le~~!!!

the main character of this is the intestine and also the salted vege!! oh i love it so much!

the braised minced pork which i like alot!
falling in love with this rice~!!!!
the rice comes with the set is kinda small bowl
i bet u'll ask for more?
so just order another bowl of this!
bigger bowl and it cost just RM4.50!!!

these are the side dishes tat they serve....

fried long bean with bean curd

simple but delicious~

this is some creamy thingy that i suspect is the mayonis

there is a prawn wrapped inside~



this is the braised pork intestine~


this is the soup
i guess it will be different daily
wat i got is the 'old cucumber'
wat we call in in english??
this is flavourful and suprisingly i find CHICKEN in it
means the sweetness doesnt 100% come from MSG but also from the chicken

that's it from fong lye and i wil definitely go back again as there are lots of things tat i haven EAT!

sweet potato ball : RM 5.30
3 variety supreme diced chicken : RM 19.80
pork intestine set : RM17.80
ice red bean milk : RM7.30
rice with minced meat : RM4.50
Sub total : RM 54.70
Service Charge : RM5.47 Government Tax : RM2.74

TOTAL : RM62.90

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

Mid Valley City Shop
Lot T208,3rd Floor The Garden,MidVally City LingkaranSyed
Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur


Finish talking bout food! lets go to my dog!!

Part 1
i booked a bow tie from amospetboutique for brendi...

because i feel it is cute...

but due to timing problem..

i asked a fren who staying around ikano to get it for me..

came back...she bought another checkered shirt for him...

ohhh my my...

look at brendi...

don u feel brendi is so handsome?argh!!!!
he was so excited when the checkered on him...

2nd take for brendi...

this time is when the bow tie with the shirt..

does brendi look like a smart boy?
mmmm mmmmm...leng chai!!!


Brendi : okay ,enough time to rest !!

1 day after wearing all the handsome clothing..............................................

Part 2

oh my goodness!
brendi so cute isnt it??

ei... smiling brendi!
with the white thingy.. wats tat?

i guess this pics clearly show tat he's in PAIN!!!
yeah~ the anaestatic is over... he start to feel the pain...
oh! wat happen to brendi!!

yeap! i bring brendi to undergo castraction surgery ( in cantonese, 'yim' )
why i wanna be tat cruel to brendi lea??
its because this helps to control his temperatment and oso his behaviour
brendi is a male, he will start to do marking when he is 8th month or so
marking means tat they will MARK THEIR TERITORY
whenever he walk... he feel happy... feel in the mood.. he will angkat kaki and shh shh
even he will shh shh on ppl's leg
no matter how well is his toilet trained
still he will do so because nature ask him to do so
i dun hope tat next time he shh shh on the sofa, on ppl's leg... or wherever that he's not allowed to
for sure i will punish him and dun let him walk out from the play pan
and i guess this will make him sad as he always roam freely in the house
not only tat.. nobody will like a dog who simply shh shh on his / her leg
for his own good.. so tat he will be sayang forever
there are a lot more of other reason which i consider~
and so...
on tuesday
right after bio test~
i rush down to bandar puteri vet~
yeah~ thr is a famous Dr Edmund Yeoh thr
which is 1 of the top 10 vet in malaysia
yeah~ travel from bandar baru selayang to bandar puteri is very very very far
but wat to do?
i hav to give him the best as i can!!!
and end up Dr Edmund is a very polite , soft spoken doc
i told him brendi had once hav blood in the urine
he suggest me to bring brendi to him if this matter is discover again
cuz hav to do urinalysis on him~
yeah! he hav all the 'in' equipment and his charges aint very expensive

funny thing happen is brendi is too active
until he wake up very fast !
usually it take bout 3 hours to wake up but not brendi
even the doc says he's too active !!!!!

t3 accompany brendi in brendi's play pan
yea~ he's in pain.. he hav to sit on soft stuff...
he manja alot.. dun wanna stay in play pan at all!
tats why t3 hav to sacrifice herself to be brendi no.2 and sit in the play pan till tat notty fall assleep!

now it is day 6 and brendi feel alot better
no more pain and he can jump like mad
he can play like mad
1 thing is he dun like the white things
the function is actually prevent him from licking the wound cuz licking might cause infection
he can only take it off on tuesday
and thursday i'm sending him over to pets icon to hav grooming
let him enjoy at pets icon


there's 1 incident happen recently..
which is i hurt my leg n the result of it...

my toe nail came out...

trust me...the feeling of pain is extreme..

all thanks to T3's dog- teddy...

because he chase around the house...
and i swear i will never PLAY WITH HIM AGAIN!
i suppose to hav such a nice toe nail and coloured with purple nail polish from O.P.I
but now... its colourless,nail-less, and it look HORRIBLE!

T3 brought me to clinic immediately...

the doctor is very good...

humour n very kind...

he used alot of strength n time to clean my wound...

thank god...

he did it gentlely..

i got a bius during the process...

and this is the product of the process..

he told me to becareful...take good care of my toe...

so that it can recover fast.AND..


i took out the bandage...

the look of my toe is just like the picture below...

i know it looks disgusting....

im sorry...

just 12 to share...haha..

during the process of recovering..

i need to visit the clinic often to clean the wound..

to avoid secondary infection with antiseptic applied..

got 1ce i went to a clinic near my house because i'm wearing skirt tat day and i hav to go home to change before i go to clinic..

after changing i feel lazy to travel down to jinjang to look for the doctor that i used to go..
i went to another clinic near my hse!

end up...

her skills were so poor..she dun apply ANTISEPTIC for me
thr are a piece of net-likes stuff to prevent the bandage stick to the wound
she give me a NOT GOOD 1~

and she made the bandage stick to the surface of my toe...

oh gosh...it was so so so so terribly pain..
the bandage stick to the recovering surface
end up the 'skin' grow up to the bandage
and the doc( i usually visit) hav to PULL OUT EVERYTHING
imagine.. a nice recovering wound destroyed by HER!!!
i'm angry!!! very angry!
why wanna use cheap medicine on me?
i afford to pay u k?
not only that
as a doctor she dun even noe how to bandage my toe
i can feel tat my bandage is coming out and my friend even suggest me to put selofan tape on it!!!
dunno how to wash my wound dunno how to put bandage
u think u qualified as doc?
juz now how to say my skin very dry bla bla bla..
say i TOO FAT bla bla bla...
some more promote me to eat coconut oil ( which she sell it in her clinic)
say coconut oil can trigger high metabolism then wun be tat fat
got patient listen to her and get slimmer after consuming the pill!
nonsence! i love to be fatty girl! cannot ar??!!!
i dun nid u to tell me wat should i consume to be thin k?!
fat mai fat lah~~!! maybe after listening to you consume the coconut oil i'll be FATTER!

i cry when i tell my mom wat happen to my toe!
i dunno why she(the bad doc) wanna treat me like this!
i dun kill her family i dun rob her
why wanna treat me like this?! why??!!

and i swear i wont go back to that clinic anymore!

thanks to DR.CHEAM(the good doc) who treat me well give me good medicine~
if it wasnt him who treat me i can never recover that fast!

and i WISH my toe can grow asap!

i hate teddy who chase me
i hate the bad doc who make my wound go worst!!
i thanks t3 that bring me to see doc
( she dun mind tat my blood drip on her slipar)
thanks dr cheam who treated me
and my parents who sponsore the money !!!

thats it for now
i hope i hav more time to blog ~~~ hehe