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kim san
Monday, April 6, 2009 / 4/06/2009 11:17:00 AM

Kim San Kichi Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd ,

Sri Hartamas

i've mention bout KimSan Kichi SO MANY TIMES in my blog cuz i seriously adore the japanese food here !
here, at Kim San Kichi
u can taste authentic Japanese food
and yet.... your wallet nid NOT to bleed.....

cold and hot version of greentea
and guess wat
the greentea is RM2 for 4 cups !
means only RM0.50 Each cup~
and its refillable
drink as much as u can !

1 thing i'll never missed is their Kani Karage Maki
which is the Soft Shell Maki
its tiny compare to wat u can get in Yo Sushi
but although its tiny, it still can taste as good as Yo sushi's 1....
i seriously love this !!!

oh ya oh ya!
the Gyoza !!!
i love their Gyoza
definitely delicious

as for main dish
my dad go for the Saba Set
which is 1 of his favourite fish
dun really like it as the fishy smell very strong
not to forget to squeeze a few drop of lemon juice onto the fish to minimize the fishy smell
the saba set comes with Grilled Saba fish, Rice,Miso Soup,and fruits
never forget to mention tat thier fish is really FRESH !!
and they grilled it juz nice
abit 'hangus' but it taste juz so good !

oh ya!
the Tori Karage!!!
must order must order!
u will never noe how CRISPY is it
and the chicken is SO JUICY and TENDER
deep fried usually will make the chicken dry up and hard
but this is totally upside down
whr the chicken remains its juicyness and tenderness
while the outer skin is SO CRISPY !!!

they are having promotion
whr the Grilled salmon head cost just RM12 !
see? i told u... u can enjoy nice food and its wallet friendly isnt it?
* i macam saw the fish tongue lea.... scary....*
the salmon isnt FISHY at all !!
maybe some might say " i dunno how to eat fish head 1 lah "
dun worry
juz eat whenever u saw the meat
and then korek korek...
till u reach the salmon fish's cheek
thr a small piece thr as well
which is the BEST PART!
whr its very tender!!!

chawan mushi which is my all time favourite !!!
i juz love the soft and smooth texture of the eggs !!

my mom pulak go for the Salmon Teppanyaki
which u can choose either ala carte or set
the set comes with the salmon tepanyaki , rice, miso soup, and fruits
i love this as well
except the beansprout is abit overcooked
i prefer beansprout which stil remain its crispyness ~
anyway , the salmon fish is heavenly delicious
i used to afraid of salmon last time because i've try b4 once in a restaurant and its so fishy !!
but this 1 totally change my mind!
and guess wat?
i keep on curi my mom's salmon lah !!!
cant resist the temptation !!

my sis order this
which is the Ton Katsu Set
which comes with the deep fried pork chop, soba,rice,miso soup and fruits
the soba actually serve in hot soup whr steph dun like it
* she order the wrong thing *
so end up she scoop everything out and disposed the hot soup!
hahaha~ she love the cold version of soba with ice on top of it !!
the ton karage is good
juicy,tender and crispy!
steph dun like the hot soup soba so her face is black when she eat it
but last time she try the cold version and she love it !!

we actually left out this when we order at first
and remember it at last minute!!!
this is a DIE DIE MUST ORDER EBI Tempura!
u wil amaze by the ebi tempura
really !!!
the batter of the tempura is so crispy
and the prawn inside it just COOKED
and tats why when u bite it
u can see that the prawn inside is like those not cooked prawn
and u will be surprise tat the prawn inside actually very juicy !!!
i hav to emphasis tat this is a DIE DIE MUST ORDER ITEM !!
not to forget to dip into the soy sauce soup ya !
the soy sauce soup give a perfect taste to the Ebi Tempura!
maybe in ur mind when says bout Ebi Tempura
then another things appear is EXPENSIVE lah
and guess wat
in Kim San Kichi,
for 6 Ebi Tempura,
it cost ONLY RM18 !!!
if u still think tat its expensive
i must say tat it WORTH the price !

we seems like order lots of things rite?
in normal restaurant i guess it will cost bout RM170 ++ RM180 ++
let me show u

Gyoza : RM 8
Kani Karage Maki : RM 15
Salmon Head Shio : RM 12
Tori Karage : RM 12
Salmon Teppanyaki : RM 19
Chawan Mushi (2) : RM 6
Saba Set : RM 16
Ton Katsu & M.so : RM19
Green Tea (4) : RM2
Ebi Tempura : RM18
Total : RM127
10% Service Charge : RM12.70
Grand Total : RM 139.70

u see lah u see lah
it cost just RM140 !!
if i were to rate them
i guess the result would be

Food : 4 over 5
service : 3 over 5

* service is kinda slow because at night most probably its FULL , and every1 is busy ! *

Kim San Kichi Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No 16, Jalan 27/70A ,
Desa Sri Hartamas ,
50480 Kuala Lumpur .

( its not something new if u hav to wait for 15 minutes before u can get ur table because usually weekend they wil be FULL ! and the shop is a bit too small for them )


Once Upon A time........

there was a doggie named Brendi
having his afternoon nap
while he is dreaming of some drumstick in front of him ~

Suddenly !

some1 walk in !

Brendi : Who is it??!!! how dare u disturb my afternoon nap??!!!!

its actually tiff with her camera !!
to snap picture !!!!
* evil smile *

Tiff : Brendi boy... take picture loooooooo...come come pose lah.... give face lah
Brendi : dun wan lah ! everyday take picture since u hav ur new camera !! i dun like to take picture lah.. dun wan dun wan !

after sometime tipu him with some snacks

Brendi : ok la ok la.. take 3 picture enough ar.... i give face u ar......3 shots only ar

snap 1
see brendi can be model liao
pose with 1 eyes open 1 eyes close lea
( represent no eye see this bad sister who love to snap picture ! )

snap 2
not to forget to show his handsome look lah...

snap 3
and some artistic pose !

Brendi : wei... why u stil here ar? i edi say 3 shots ar... go go go... dun disturb my afternoon nap !

Tiff : ok lo... small gas and stingy fella !