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♥ Significant ♥

Monday, April 6, 2009 / 4/06/2009 09:46:00 PM

Asam Laksa, Jusco @Midvalley

i've blog bout this asam laksa before this
and i'm seriously ddicted to their asam laksa and also the nasi lemak with rendang ayam!

this place is really full on weekend and u can hardly find a place to sit down
my advice : when u see ppl use tissue paper to wipe his/her mouth
faster go stand beside the table!

the MUST MUST MUST try Asam Laksa!
wooo hoooo~~
yummy yummy!
flavourful soup
lots of ingredients
and its AFFORDABLE!!!

not to forget is my favourite nasi lemak with rendang chicken!!!
oh ya!! beware of the sambal.. its spicy lah!!
i love the chicken rendang alot lahhhh~

now they are having lunch promotion
whr comes with iced lemon tea/soya bean of ur choice~
quite a good deal

the hse finally done with the renovation
since i'm so free ntg to do
i start to paint the hse

1st i paint the shoe rack
find it fun!!!

so i paint 1 wooden chair!
love it much!

then i paint the door frame
i'm addicted !!

so tomorrow i will continue to paint the grill

* mom say will pay me RM50!!!!! *


something nonsence which i wanna expressed !!!
the lady boss give us 3 days job at the PWTC event organized by smart reader !!
and this time i'm working for TMNET
the new stuff Bluehyppo Kidz
all we nid to do is PERSUADE those customer to sign up
then we will hav commision
* very very super duper low commision, worst than those buang sampah ppl *
things arent easy as i thought!!!

wat we hav is only the free gift (if u sign up ), brochures, a small pondok
and 3 mouths !
ppl Munchys , give FREE goodie bag to EVERY kids, FREE biscuit sample,
other such as bank negara hav HUGE mascott who walk around ,
the National Library hav MAGIC SHOW and CLOWN
spagetti got FREE TESTING!!

wat we hav?
not even the laptop
to show the parents about the programme

the lady boss say ( before the event start ) " u guys probably can get 200 customer in a day "

but we got 3 customers in friday,
4 customers on saturday
whr is the 200 customer?

we stand from morning 10.30 to 7.30
we talk
ppl listen
but no response
no free gift!
no cute mascott!
no goodie bag !

if i were parents i oso wun sign up lah!!!!

end of the day
on saturday
lady boss sms
" poor performance, tmr cancel "



i'm angry !
very angry!
pissed off!!!

i feel like talking to the boss tat how IRRESPONSIBLE she is!
is SHE who RUIN the whole da** thing !!!!
she isnt punctual
guess wat time she apppear?
the event start at 10.30am, she comes at 4.30pm
how great?
and left bout 5.30pm!!!!
no laptop wat oso DUN HAV!
the worst thing is WE DUN HAV UNIFORM!
who wanna listen to us then????!!!!!
ppl will thought tat we are CHEATER !
oh my goodness !!!
she is the 1 who ruin things, but blame us for din hav customers!

i'm seriously very very very angry this time
anyhow some1 say " boss is always the right "
i got no right to say anything
i got no right to tell her how irresponsible she is
i got no right to tell her I HATE YOU!

i wun work for her anymore
i hate irresponsible ppl
and it PROVED tat she is IRRESPONSIBLE ppl!

last time , she hav left her handbag somewhr in some school when having event
ppl might think tat " oh she's so careless"
but to me
such important document in the handbag and u can juz left is somewhere???
if u're a irresponsible ppl , u shouldnt be a boss!

i dont feel good tat i digoreng sotong
perhaps you might say its SHE who ruined everything up,dun feel bad
but her msg POOR PERFORMANCE really hurt me!!
1st time ever i work
and she makes me phobia!!!

i hate working with this kind of irresponsible ppl!!

i hope she got my blog add
read wat i say
and think about it
* she should face the wall and realise her fault *

stop here

if i were to continue
i scare i cant STOP!!!


time to snap picture for my little cutie !!!

the best time to snap picture is.............
when he's sleeping soundly
prepare the camera
u wake him up suddenly
faster faster wear the baju on him!

wat's happening??

huh? i saw camera !!!!

dun wan let u snap nice nice
snap my nose enough lah!!

ok la ok la
since u wanna snap my handsome look so much
smile for u lo....
rmr to award me my milky snacks after photography section ya!

tiff : gosh!!!! u this wai sek guai !!!

no matter how mad am i
stil i will smile when this little notty kacau me !