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Sunday, March 22, 2009 / 3/22/2009 01:07:00 PM

Coconut Flower , Klang

when u talk about SEAFOOD
of course KLANG seafood come across ur mind isnt it?
and talking bout Klang Seafood...
the only thing come into my mind is COCONUT FLOWER
coconut flower is the only seafood restaurant in klang tat can attract me !!!
lets see !

see? the entrance so beautiful right
and they have really HUGE land
whr they divide the tables into 3 types
the 1st type would be the atap house like wat u see in the pic~
another 1 is the normal 1 under a roof.. 1 more is a wooden pondok where its very GRAND as well~
i will always choose the atap 1
no matter rain sunny thunder
cuz i juz love the mood of sitting in it!

1 thing u never missed is the mantis prawn bihun
( known as har kou yok in cantonese)
this is a MUST ORDER !!!!
its seriously yummy u noe!!!
the combination of both if this is PERFECT!!!!
i feel hungry right NOW!!

this is the oyster egg
its not really disgusting in the sense tat they use S size oyster..
unlike other ppl use the L size oyster which make me..... GELI!
i eat the egg ONLY but not the oyster
ntg really great bout this lah!

dun remember wat fish is this
but its quite yummy
steamed fresh fish with soy sauce!
yummy!!! weeeeeee~~~~~

ya ya ya!
this is a must order
the steamed salted chicken!!!!!
they used the kampung ayam whr kampung ayam is much more TENDER compare to those market ayam~
they usually serve half a chicken...
but we used to order a whole chicken
cuz its really yummy!!!
salty enough, tender enough, yummy enough!!

the asour sweet chili crab!!!
kinda disppointing cuz the crab is very small size
but the way they cook is yummy
they used to serve big size crab last time
i dunno why they served small size 1 tat day~
the sauce is nice...
so we love it too~
IF it comes with big size crab~it would be better~!

not to forget to order the deep fried man tau
dip the man tau into the sauce

coconut flower's seafoods r really fresh
and the most important is tat they can cook the seafood into yummy dishes!
their business is very GOOD!
i rmr once Mother day we went coconut flower
end up we ate 2 dishes only as TOO MANY ppl
hav to wait TOO LONG lah
the price are quite reasonable
thr are quite a few seafood restaurant in KLang
of all the restaurant i've try b4
coconut flower is still the best lah!
nice environment nice food nice service
( they hav lots of workers ! )

u must try this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!!!


after tat we headed down to tanjung sepat
and then to.....................................................

i bet not much ppl noe bout this place...
but they are developing this area~
i guess nex time it would be like port dickson ~

they are building the chalet ~
i guess when its done then more ppl will come ~
even my dad say wanna booked a chalet and fishing~~

u can walk along the beach ~~

u can hav a horse ride too~~
but i dun think its fun riding on a horse ~

u can fly kites too ~~~

u can hav some snack b4 u go back home
goreng pisang goreng udang goreng keledek or even keropok lekor!

anybody interested in SEPANG GOLD COAST???
i bet nobody interested
even myself more interested in Australia Gold Coast than Sepang Gold Coast~

blog it up just for sharing !