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Saturday, February 28, 2009 / 2/28/2009 06:19:00 PM

St Mary Sports day

i went back st mary last saturday~~
why?? cuz its SPORTS DAY!!!!!
last time when my year time
sports day is something so IMPORTANT!!!!
and all of us were so happy for sports DAY!!!
weheheheheh~ i ask few of my close fren back to school as well
as gathering and oso visit the teacher~~!!!!

thr are 4 houses competing in st Mary
the McNeil ( blue ) which is my fav house~~ as im the captain of 2006 mah~~ hahaha
the Popo ( green )
the Playne ( red )
the Pring ( yellow )
wondering why we having such a macho name?
all the names are given upon our EX headmistress
whr all of them are ANGMO!
i support McNeil all the time!!
go McNeil Go!!!
this is the McNeil captain's flag
whr all the captain holding this flag and march around the field
i've hold this flag b4
and this is wat it make me proud of~

see see?
my beloved McNeilians lo..
was really happy when all of them still recognise me~~
is kinda touching when every1 shouted 'TIFFANY " and start waving to you~
i love u all McNeilians~~!!!

the McNeil Cheer Leader!!!

let me introduce my beloved teachers!!
this is Pn Nurhuda
she keep complain tat i'm so fat~
and she say nex year she wanna see me in thin + slim condition~
hahahaha!! i'll try my best la pn nurhuda~!!
hehe~ Puan Nurhuda is my class teacher for form 4 and form 5 as well as my Maths teacher
while she's teaching us , she's completing her Master's in Mathematic
we graduate.. she oso graduate..
hehehe.. dun look at her small small size..
her maths is GREAT!
she pregnant when she be our class teacher
and she always say tat we bring her Luck to hav another son

oh ya~
lets talk bout teacher
the 1 on the left side is my Add Maths Teacher, Puan Chan
which is also my favourite teacher!! heheheeh
if i ever go back st mary, i'm sure to say hi to her
of course we will start talking non stop bout this that..
i found out that Pn Chan getting more cheerful~~!!! hehehehe
Pn Chan is a teacher who really sayang 5 Sc 3
she loves to joke..
and she's very good in teaching add maths
and her brain is BRAVO!!
solve a complicated add maths ques in seconds!
on the right side is my English teacher , Puan Sivanes
she's a very very very good and friendly teacher
she noe's wat a student want..
she's consider a very friendly teacher
Pn Sivanes even treat all of us drinks !!!

hehe~ beside me is Si Jia
and beside Si jia is Sze Yiing!
both are my besties during secondary school~
si jia is famous with her palm whr her palm always sweat~
when u wanna shake hand with her
she will always come out with " eh... my hand wet de ar "
i really salute Sze Yiing's attitude and of course the way she talk!!juz like a lawyer... hehehehe
sze yiing always say " i'm sorry tat we make u lost ur job as prefect "
but Yiing o Yiing...
its really worth it as i earn something which is more valuable which is FRIENDSHIP
i lost my job.. but i earn a forever long friendship
isnt it better???
if it wasnt u guys.. my secondary life wouldnt be tat interesting and memorable
i seriously miss the time tat we spend together!!

this is my junior actually
i get to noe her cuz she's a McNeilians
and most important is she is a Marchers!!
and she even be the Marching Captain last year!!
its happy to meet her on sports day~~!!

this leng lui is vivian lah~~
i never meet her ever since we graduate from st mary
which is 3 years long!
we get closed because she's my cheerleading captain!!!

yve von or u can call her PAPER!
yea~ she's very super duper thin!
u cant imagine how thin is she...~!!

yea~~ the 5 of us!!!!
its nice to meet u guys!!

all of us in blue!!
cuz we support McNeil!!!!
sitting in the middle is San San
which is my best friend!!!
i rmr the 1st day when we meet in class
we were to prepare to go to chinese class
i ask her in chinese " are u joining the chinese class?"
she was so shocked!!!!
hahaha~ " u can speak chinese? i tot you're MALAY lea... "
hahaha~ this misunderstanding occur because of my tanned skin!!
after the 1st exam.. we get to sit together in class as i got No. 1 in class and she got No. 2 in class
our friendship build up at tat time!!
and guess wat.. we are in the same class during form 1 only... form 2 to form 5 we were in diff class~
and we are always so friend
our topic never stop!
even till now.. though we only meet once a year
but the topic to talk hav never STOP!
san, u're my best best best best friend i ever had!!!

haha~ big group of ex st marian
its always nice to meet them up!!!
most important is to talk to the teachers~~!!!
say cheese~~
even though 3 years hav past
but the friendship tat we build up will never past!

we hav a walk around the school too~~~~~!!

saw McNeil tent?
tats the place whr all the Mcneilian sit inside it~!!!!

look at St Mary's field
not even a spot which is 'botak'
the greenery grass ~~!!
i miss tat alot...!!
i miss the time when we are having PJK class
whr we hav to run around the field~!!

this corridor!!!!
i walk on this corridor for 5 years!!!!!
i love this corridor so much !
and seriously i miss it~~~
i miss the time when i go to school~~~~
St Mary is always rubbish FREE~~hehehe

something new here is the this big poster!!
wat caught my eyes is

this is the beloved canteen~
look at the cleanliness~
compare to TARC... its uncomparable!!
the 1st table ( with the black bag and green bottle)
is the table whr i meet San San every morning
and wat we used to do is SLEEP together
sometimes we dun sleep but chit chatting non stop
of course when the McNeillians walk pass me they will alwys smile or say good morning to me~~

the beloved school hall
i hav lots of nice memory here
when we are having teacher days,speech dar, merdeka day celebration
we always hav it in hall
and the best thing is all of us from different class will gather and gang up together
shouted like MAD!!!!
i miss those days~
i miss the St Mary spirit~
i miss all my friends!!

something new here is this ,whr they write down al the school captain
and oso the headmistress~~


the moto of our school is I SERVE
and we never forget bout this!!

we hav this lovely greenery garden in the middle of the school
its really well kept
and i love it~~!!

the st mary's muzium
i'm not really sure whether its open or not?

this is a rack to put all the trophy tat st marian gal achieved!!!!

the KH bengkel~~
make me think of the time when we nid to do kerja kayu, kerja jahit, and electronic
non of them i did well
but i always got A
why? i hav helper lah~~!!

this is our quadrangle
the place whr the Perhimpunan happen every monday morning~~!!

oh ya
this is wat i missed the most!
the st mary toilet which is so clean all the time!!
not even the bad urine smell!!!
not even a tissue around the toilet bowl, or sink
its always clean
and all the toilet are in good condition
can be flush all the time!

the teachers room
i used to be in here
50% of the time in school spend here
i always step in here to chat with teachers~~
and of course helping teachers regarding society, class attendance and all

McNeil din get the champion cup this year~~~
and i personaly feel tat the spirit of sports day is no longer tat 'hot' compare to my year
during my year.. cheering and shouting everywhere
but this year i hardly can listen to McNeil cheer
i still love the 2006 sports day whn i'm the captain
the feel is not same.. everything not same
i rmr i was in the tarik tali competition tat time
i wanna join because i wanna bring up the spirit
end up.. it really do bring up the spirit~~!!
imagine few hundred of McNeilian shouting my name
and imagine we got the champion.. we win EVERYTHING!!!
and the most embarassing part is i tear my track suit!
embarassing!! it totally tear into 2 pieces!
luckily i hav my little pant inside.. if not.... i cant imagine
hahahaha~ imagine they stil shouting my name even my pants tear into 2
and when we are annouced tat we got the gold medal~
every1 come and hug me!
i rmr i cry!
why? its so so so touching!!!
when u win everything!!!!
pull and cry pull and cry~
tats the most memorable thing!
and the worst is all the teacher recognise me in the tarik tali team.. and... and...
they come and say " you're cry baby lah"
argh.. imagine !! a McNeil captain crying!!!

thr are more things to talk!
thr are lots of beautiful memory!
i'll keep them in my heart

never forget !