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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 / 2/18/2009 07:55:00 PM

My Trip to Singapore ~ Day 3

besides playing playing playing in singapore
i, as a food blogger
should discover the singapore food!!

so the day 3 of my singapore trip start off with the
Singapore Katong Laksa!

Four Stall along East Coast Road near Ceylon Road all claim to sell the original Kationg Laksa
All hav similar logos and served it the same way
So, Which 1 is the original, and do the other 3 serve as good laksa?

many ppl say tat this 328 Katong Laksa is the original 1
the original here means the 1st 1 who comes out with the Katong Laksa
i decided to give this a try
as Katong Laksa is 1 of the famous dishes in Malaysia

on the table,
there is a bottle of chilli paste
i guess this is the soul of Katong Laksa?

on the walls are different articles from newspapers , Magazines about the 328 Katong Laksa~
besides those articles,
they hav many certificate from Tv Shows proved that they were FAMOUS!!

they hav pictures of Artist, Singer,Actor tat try their Katong Laksa !

there u go..
the Singapore Famous Katong Laksa~!!!
the soup isnt very spicy if u dun add on the chili paste~
and the soup is added with Santan and that's how the great taste exist!
i believe the greeny greeny stuff on top is the finely chop Curry Leaves(if i'm not mistaken )
which enchanced the flavour of LAKSA!
i suggest to add more chili paste as the chilli paste perfectly match with the Laksa soup!!!
but 1 thing is the colour of the soup isnt as 'beautiful' as Malaysia Laksa..

the Katong Laksa uses thick bihun as their choice
whr thick bihun is my FAVOURITE!
the cut the thick bihun into smaller pieces..
and tats why we juz hav to use spooon ~
the Laksa comes with prawns , fishcakes and cockles
(cockles isnt in the pics because i'm not cockles fans )

it goes like this in 20 minutes
the main reason is because we are hungry!
its almost 1pm and we haven taken our BREAKFAST!
the 2nd reason is that the Laksa which hav heavy santan smell do attract me alot~

P/S : i saw an article on the wall and i decided to share it here
the Famous Singapore Nyonya Laksa is Lethal,with rich and creamy coconut milk,a spice paste made up of the usual galangal,tumeric,shallots,garlic,chilies,belacan and candlenuts and given its addded taste dimension with freshly toasted and ground coriander seed powder, white pepper powder and pounded dried prawns.

i guess u hav the idea bout the taste?

328 Katong Laksa
No. 216 East Coast Road Singapore 428914
No. 53 East Coast Road Singapore 428771

finally the stomach dun make any noise ~
we decided to continue our journey
today's itenary is Bugis Stress and then dinner at Chinatown..
a picture of stephanie and tiffany!
oh ya. decided to clip up my fringe FINALLY
singapore is HOT! and with the fringe.. my forehead will probably full of PIMPLES!!
anyway.. i look alot better with sunglases...
where the sunglases cover up 40% of my face...!

oh ya..
in Malaysia i love to drink Pasar Malam Soya bean
but in spore..
i love Jollibean Soya Milk!
very thick and flovourful soya milk
most important is this Jollibean Soya Milk isnt VERY SWEET ~

this picture dedicated to J.Co LOVERS
this is wat happen to J.Co in spore
Malaysia J.Co hav to queue for so long and the main reason i dun like is they DUN ALLOWED PHOTOGRAPH TAKING!
tats y i swear tat i wun try J.Co ANYMORE!!!
if the Pavillion 1 go like this ( no Queue )
i'll stand in front and clap hand!!!!

maybe i'll scream HOO RAY !

the first thing to do once u reach Bugis Street is to search for this shop
yea! the TEMPURA shop!
i've try this few years back.. but never forget bout the taste!!!
for those who love deep fried stuff
i strongly recommend this stall!
they hav fried Kala Chicken chop, popcorn chicken, sweet potato, mushroom~
oh ya~ i personally love the Kala Chicken Chop and Popcorn chicken!
but i cant be so greedy to hav both of them right? if not i hav to be GOZZILA instead of dugong~~

so i juz order the popcorn chicken lo~~!!
there are spicy and non spicy version too~
of course i prefer the spicy version
maybe u guys will say its like UNCLE BOB in pasar malam...
or KFC popcorn Chicken
but trust me... this is WAY BETTER!!
the popcorn chicken is coated with tempura flour and then deep fried till it change golden brown
the popcorn chicken outer coat is crispy !
and the inner chicken is so soft... so juicy... so tender!
oooooh... i love it!!!

Bugis hav nothing to buy...
all those clothes which juz $5 dun suits me AT ALL~~
so we went for Manicure Pedicure..
my sis went for both Manicure and Pedicure
as for me.. i went for Pedicure only lo...
cuz i feel if i did Manicure.. it wil be very mafan~~~
its done by those china woman
and 1 thing i dun like is their attitude
keep on selling their products...
she says tat my toe hav fungus
so my sis say we hav the medicine for fungus which cost bout USD30 ++
so she said hers only $9++ and way better than the US 1...
and when i choose my nail polish colour..
she insist tat the colour tat i choose is new colour so she wil charge extra $2
oh god! no such thing happen in MSIA lo..
MSIA pedicure shop. ( i always go the Kepong 1 )
hav really good service.. and they really make my feet look clean and clear!
not like this cin cin cai cai.. nvm~~ !!!
i sabar.........

not to forget i bought a little pouch from the wallet shop for my MP3~~
my MP3 pouch has gone to heaven~~!!! May 'U' rest in peace~
my freshly paint purple nail..
not bad rite?
they charged me $2 extra for this colour...
nonsence.. even i use OPI nail polish in the Kepong Pedicure.. they dun extra charged me
this kind of brandless nail polish oso wanna charge?
money face la u!

after we done our pedicure..
we continue our journey down to chinatown

i saw some new year decoration
so cute rite?
u saw the wishing well
i ask my sis " is it make a wish and throw a coin inside ?"
i went and look into the well..
its a fake well..
and nobody throw coin inside..
so i dun wish to be the 1st stupid tourist who do an embarassing stuff~

if u goin chinatown
u musnt forget to get the roasted pork from LIM CHEE GUAN!
u noe how famous is it?
its very super FAMOUS!
eventhough New YEar is over..
i still got myself a packet back to Malaysia~~

there u go the freshly roasted pork!

we got a packet of 300g and a packet of 500g
300g 1 is for spore home
and the 500g 1 is for msia home~
remember to try this!!

while we walk and walk and lost in chinatown and dunno wat to do
suddenly saw this road sign
means we are not lost!!!
we found you , FOOD STREET!

this is the Singapore Famous Food Street
those food in this food street are quite famous and CHOSEN to hav a stall here~
our target is Fei Fei Wan Tan Min and a fried Kuey tiau tat we believe is SINGAPORIAN TOP LOVE!

the dinner start off with this deep fried thingy~
i tot its originally from Penang?
how come it appear in SPORE and become so famous?

u can pick watever u want
then u pass it to the boss
he will deep fried all the stuff
and cut it into smaller pieces for you~
all u hav to do is QUEUE thr and WAIT!

i choose 3 stuff only...
because my sis say : dun pick too many ar
i come back with this 3 stuff
my sis look at me : why so little?

i dunno wat is this
but i think its the flour with prawns
i find this not yummy
abit sour sour..
i tell my sis basi edi..
my sis say NO
so its a question mark till now..

next would be my favourite fishcakes!
the fishcakes is deep fried till it become golden brown!
and i love it very much!
very fishy~~
very yummy~~
very crispy!

next is this prawn thingy again
this is different from the 1st 1
this is slightly thicker 1
this is taste better than the 1st 1~~
but i personally thinks tat Malaysia 1 taste even better

this is the sauce to dip with the ngo heong~~
sweet, sour, spicy~
not bad~~!!
cost us $ 3.50 for this 3 thingy~

next will be this Prawn and Pork Ribs noodle...
this is actually the bak kut teh soup add on with the pork ribs and prawn noodle..
if to say this is the bak kut teh soup..
then i personally think tat the bak kut teh isnt strong enough~~
if to say this is a prawn soup.. then its not flavourful enough~
but 1 thing is the pork ribs and prawns are really huge.. and most important it is FRESH~
cost us $8 fot this.. ntg really great bout this lo...

along the way i saw lots of ppl eating with hot pot
and i wondering wat is it
and i saw this stall selling hot pot
and most important,
as i say.. long queue means yummy + famous

this is the hot pot tat many ppl having~
at 1st i look at it.. it dont look great isn it?
this is yummy!!!!
oh i really mean it~
the soup is very flavourful ( i dun think its aji soup)
and there are lots of ingredients inside
eggs,mushroom,sliced meat,minced mea,seaweed,vege,fishball ~
the ingredients are fresh and the soup is superb!
most important it is a hot pot with fire underneath..
and that keeps the soup warm !

it comes with either a bowl of rice or a bowl of mee
i choose the mee~
and find it not bad too~
a bowl of noodle + a hot pot ...cost us $5

P/S : u might wondering where is fei fei wan tan noodle and kuey tiau goreng which i mention earlier?
oh its a sad story!
they are closed!!!!
according to a uncle
most of the stall will closed after the 15th day of chinese new year ( chap goh mei )
and Fei Fei hav been dissappear for quite awhile..
maybe Fei Fei went travel..
i'll be back, Fei Fei
wait for me!

after tat we walk into the indoor hawker centre~~
oh ya~ my cou sis meet us up in chinatown
she recommend a chicken rice stall which is SUPERB
too bad.. its CLOSED too~~argh! i choose i wrong time!!
so we cin cin cai cai order some food lo..
found this fried prawn mee stall~
i always wanted to try....
but.. once i try...i....

i dun like it~
my sis warn me tat its not yummy~
see? dun wanna listen?
the fried prawn noodle is too wet compare to the 1 i ate in Muar~
not only tat..
the yellow mee which is most affraid of~
i dun like it taste~~
for the whole bowl..
i love the prawn only
at least the prawn stil hav the prawn taste~~
the mee is oh my god lah~
wet wet wet!

next up is this popiah~
makes me disappointed as well
the crispy crispy thingy not crispy anymore when it served~
and the sengkuang is boiled too long..
till it become too soft~~
no more crunchy crunchy taste which i like~feel disappointed to it~~
i stil prefer the sister's popiah in Malaysia which is crunchy crunchy~!!

we take a long walk down the chinatown
we decide to walk to Clarke Quay which is a few minutes walk from chinatown~
its a good exercise since i eat ALOT!!!
a few CNY deco tat i snap~

we walk walk walk
and we talk talk talk talk
and we suddenly interested in foot reflexology~~!!!
so we decide to give a try
$20 for 45 minutes
quite a good deal huh?

see my big fat leg!!!
today my leg is so expensive~~
$ 25 for manicure + $ 20 for reflexology~
i sweat when the ppl massage my leg..
why? its painful u noe??????????!!!!!!
and she keep laugh at me cuz i sweat~~!!!
she pull pull pull push push push my leg..
i'm so scared tat my nail polish haven totally dry, and the process of pulling pull my nail polish out too
accident dun happen~
my toe nail polish and my leg is in good condition!

after the 45 minutes reflexology~
we 3 feel so good!
and abit hungry~
and me... stomachache!!!!!
i curi curi masuk McD toilet and do some big business~~
Note: i dun even order a cup of coke ..... i juz went in!!! brave me~~!!
and we decided to hav something for supper~~
definitely not McD lah

we walk back to the food street~
this is wat i spot once i walk into food street!!!
and i saw ppl queue up~~
and out of 8 in 10 ppl actually having this~
so i must hav a try rite?
my sis tell me tat this peanut soup is very yummy!

this is their peanut soup!!!
oh ya~ i seriously in love with this!!
very yummy~
the peanut is being boiled in the soup til its soft
but not too soft and its stil chewable~~
i love this!!
i add this dumpling in it too~
my sis and cou hav the soup only as they dun like the dumpling~

there are 5 different types of dumpling to choose
peanuts, black sesame, green tea,red bean... and 1 more i forget~
i order the typical black sesame and peanut dumpling
my all time favourite!
the dumpling is thin with the sticky peanut which i love it~
the peanut paste isnt too sweet~~!!
oh ya.. beware when u eat this dumpling
its hot inside!

besides peanut
my 2nd top favourite is this black sesame dumpling~
dunno why.. i juz love it so much!!
very very strong sesame taste~~
love it!

after having the supper
we gain enough energy to walk to Clarke Quay~!!
for ur information , " Quay " is pronounce as " key" not " kuih"

Clarke Quay is always full of angmo~~!!!

see? they even hav the idea of eating in the bot
angmo sure love it lah~
in Victoria Staion i even eat in train lah~~!!!
if i bring a bread and curi curi eat in underwater world..
means i eat in the sea lo~??

we sit by the riverside~
looking at couples hugging here and there~
and the beautiful lights~~~!!
the blue light is the stairs
those stairs is for those who wanna commit suicide.. u walk down to the river
the red light is actually a bridge
and if u able to see another blue light at the far corner of the pics
its actually Roof ~
whr this 3 colours changing colour all the time~~
i love it!

if u feel tat clarke Quay is very boring
maybe u can try this~
whr u swing up to the sky !!!
not much ppll trying this
but from far we heard ppl SCREAMING!!!!

oh ya~
there are boat rides too~~
dun noe bout the price..
but i think i wun be very costly~~
lots of angmo sit on the boat lah~~

day 3 ends at the Clarke Quay River Bank

P/S : if u wonder why this post hav little pics compare to the last post.
this is because my beloved camera SONY N1 touch screen
drop into.... into.... into... the beach sand~~
i'm sorry...
u've been accompany me since i hav this blog..
i wil bring u to shop and repair..
dun worry.. i will make sure u recover~~
and i'm sorry!
i guess some stubborn sand stucked inside.. and i'll make sure it comes out!!

plz pray hard tat my camera will back alive~
all pics above are taken using my Samsung U900~
not bad isnt it??
i personally feel tat its good~~!