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Monday, February 16, 2009 / 2/16/2009 08:01:00 PM

My Trip to Singapore, Day 2

day 2 start off with a bowl of minced meat mee
situated at the hawker centre right behind of Kovan MRT station
i love this very much!!!
some ppl dun like this because of the heavy taste of the mushroom
but to me its ok~
the minced meat is not overboiled til the texture become too hard...
there is the spicy or non spicy version~
i personally prefer the spicy version as the chillies goes very well with the mee~

it comes with fish ball fish cake minced meat pig liver mushroom and mee of course!
the mee i choose the singapore pan min
which is different from the pan min in malaysia
the singapore pan min has no different from the yellow mee tat we hav in malaysia
except it is the 'kemek' version
but after all it still taste better than yellow mee~~

if u dont noe which stall selling yummy food
all u hav to do is look at the queue
Singapore isnt same as Malaysia
u hav to place ur order , pay money and collect the mee yrself
tats why when the queue is long
it represent tat the food is yummy
till every1 willing to queue up for it!
oh ya..
i queue up for 15 minutes+ for this bowl of mee

from kovan u hav to take the MRT down to the Harbourfront
when u come out from the MRT
there are signboard giving u direction which way to go to sentosa island
there are 2 ways to choose
either the bus or the cable car
me and sis choose the bus !
hav to walk bout 5 to 10 minutes to the bus station
get ur ticket
$1.50 per person
hop on the bus and make sure u get the best seat!
with strong air cond and clear window!
do not forget to get the map from the counter
mark down whr to go and whr not to go

there u go
the bus will bring u in straight into Sentosa Island!!!
the construction tat is goin on is the Casino
the bus wil stop at a bus stop
from thr u can choose another bus to the destination tat u wanna go
there are 3 types of buses which is the blue line , red line and yellow line
and few types of beach tram to bring u around sentosa island
the map hav the detail of which bus wil be reaching which place

this is the toilet sign
find it very " hawaii " feel
in Malaysia those toilet sign is naked
but in singapore they wear different dresses and trousers

this is the beach tram
there are few types to hop on
each of them bring u to different places
and dun worry
its 100% clean

the first stop is the Singapore Underwater World!

the ticket cost us $22.90
its abit costly
but trust me.... its worth it!
this price also include the pink dolphine show

at the entrance there is the touch pool
whr u can touch watever things tat is in the pool
there are workers thr intruducing different types of fish in it
and ways to feed those fishes~
oh ya..
the fish will not be stupid stupid stay there to let u touch
they swim very fast when they see the fatty hand approaching them!
there's a fish who swim very hard when my hand approach him
and then the fish try to swim fast
too bad.. i'm even faster
i press him down
i think he end up crying in the pool..
since those who swimming cant be touch
so lets touch those who cant swim
tat is the starfish!
there's instruction writing not to press them
i'm some1 who is stubborn!
i press it
and find it hard
i'm sorry the poor little starfish!

oh ya
dun think tat this is the pink highlighter on a piece of blue paper
the pinky pinky things is actually fishes!
there are too tiny to be seen
and tats why they use a kind of light to mark them with pink colour
and its shiny
the fishes are really tiny
till.... its like a biji of rice
i'm not joking!

this is the giant pacific octopus
its really huge as u can see! it occupies 3 over 4 of the aquarium
i guess if i were to eat this
i nid bout 1 week!
anyway... its not for sale or for cook!
i feel tat its kinda torturing tat they cant swim freely in the sea.. but juz sit down there for us to see....
he got no friend to chit chat with as he is in the individual aquarium

and this is the japanese giant spider crab
its really huge
but he is better
his aquarium is bigger compare to the giant octopus aquarium
and he is not alone
he has friend to chit chat with
or to fight with
sometimes they are lucky to be in there too
at least there are no shark or whatever things tat wil eat them up...!

this is the Leafy Seadragon
its looks like SeaHorse wearing a flowery skirt
but it name as seadragon
most probably is larger compare to seahorce
and oso the flowery things attached on it!

below are the jellyfish!
which is the 1 tat i love the most!

different colours of jellyfish
actually jellyfish itself do not really hav colour on them
the colour tat u seen through the pics
are actully lights~
is shows tat how thin is the jellyfish
even the lights manage to penetrate though
and the light are changing colour
thats y there are different colours of jellyfish
they are beautiful isnt it??

the dugong!!!!
this is the underwater tunnel
whr u can either walk..
or there is a 'walking floor'
which u juz hav to step onto it
and then is wil 'walk' around the tunnel...
see see.. the dugong kiss me lea~~~~
my sis say im dugong! cuz our body size same
big and fat!

the colourful fishes
i dun plan to snap the little angmo boy
but he keep sitting down thr
dun wanna move!!
so i hav to include him in the picture lah..
all the colourfulk fishes for example the NEMO is inside too...

gives the shark a kiss before i leave..
and i feed him food which is my hand!
there are more things to be seen inside the underwater World
there are a pool full of stingray too
there are shows such as feeding fishes
juz make sure u check out the times of the show and dun missed it!

we got a souvenir from the underwater WORLD lah
there are free photography near the entrance
and the ppl there wil tell u how to post
then she wil give u a paper... with number on it
juz bring the paper to the souvenir shop
they will show u the pics taken
and if u are happy with it..
print is out!
cost $10
kinda expensive.. but memorable!
i look so fat! argh!!!

hav some desert 1st before heading to the next place!!!
find it too starchy !
like eating gum

next is the Luge and Skyride!
there are few package for u to choose!
me and sis choose the 1 Luge 1 Skyride package~
it cost us $10

safety comes 1st!
get the helmet at near the entrance
oh ya.. find it good as they hav different sizes of helmet
big head ppl like me no nid to worry lah
b4 u get to ride on the luge
there are instructor there teaching u how to slow down,how to stop the luge and so..
make sure u pay attention!

do forgive me for my GELI Face!

its me!!
me and sis were kinda funny
we stop in the middle of the road for photography section
of course this can only do whn there is nobody
we went sentosa on thursday
not much tourist
so we can snap as much as we could lah...
i noe..
i look funny!

oh yeah
i enjoy playing this!
u actully riding this luge down the slope
and tats why it can really speed!
and its not scary!

after riding the luge down the slope
u wil ride this skyride back up to the entrance area
this is not scary
but my sis is screaming when it goes higher and higher
she keep ask me not to move
as if the things is dropping down
but it will not okay???
oh ya..
this skyride will fetch the us and the Luge up the slope again!
see how clever is it
nid not to waste money for workers or lorry to fetch the luge back up
this skyride will fetch the luge too~~

P/S : one time Luge ride isnt enough!
me and sis went for the 2nd time
all u nid to do is present the ticket tat u bought earlier
and u wil enjoy a $2 off for the next ride
means it cost us $8 for the next ride
the 2nd round we stop snapping pics
but we speed like mad!
when i pass through my sis
i wil shout " drive cefiro u wil be faster than me.. but this i wil be faster than u lah "

next stop is the Singpore Hippest Beach
the Siloso beach!

see wat can both of us do in the beach

am i enjoying the sun
having sun bathing?

stand under the coconut tree ?

the answer is............................

i'm holding an unbrella!
okay.. u can laugh!
i'm the only 1 holding umbrella at the beach!
i noe its funny
but all because of my sis
she wanna hav some sun bath
and then want me to accompany her
hello sis... if i hav sun bath
i most probably cant go back Malaysia
they wil send me back to Africa edi lo....

besides holding umbrella doin nothing

Snap some stupid picture too!!!
i look so stupid rite?
this is not SO STUPID yet
the most stupid 1 .....
scroll down and hav a look.....

oh gosh! stupid isnt it?????

we both act stupidly at the beach
until the angmo laughing at us
wondering wat we doin!
so this angmo come and join out 'jumping photography section'
but as u see
he didnt jump...
i look so funny in this picture
but i think my sis look nice!

Stop Laughing lo...!!!

another thing that we can do other than snapping those stupid pics is drawing some sand art....

Steffi and Tiff
with our hand and our flip flop!

oh maybe i doin some stupid action
tat is digging a hole
and burry my sis leg inside..
childish lah~

i say those sand look like our skeleton
my sis say i wu liao...

finish doin sand art
maybe i should snap around
see the sexy angmo!!!

this pics isnt for snapping my sis
is to snap the girl right beside my sis
which having sun bath
my sis hav to be the mangsa
incase the girl stand up and kick me for snapping her pic

i find this is a 100% father!
the baby look so cute!

oh ya
proudly present this SONG OF THE SEA!!!
i find this really amazing and im in love with it!!

there are only 2 show's each day
which is either the 7.40pm or the 8.40pm
u hav to get the ticket earlier
me and sis get into here at 6.45pm
we wanna hav the best seat!
this few kampung houses look normal before the sunset...

the show begin when the sky turn dark~
let the picture do the talking!

amazing isnt it?
gosh!!! with lights and water
and fireworks
it can be so beautiful!!!!!!!
it cost us juz $8 and its very worth it!

i got myself a pair of flip flop as souvenir from Sentose island

after a whole day playing and shouting
both of us were tired!!!
but stil we went to vivo city for a quick shopping~
next is having our dinner at about 10pm

the famous Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre
as u can see
its long queue
when u see long queue
means its yummy!

they even hav newspaper article bout some fake Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre
so take note!
dun go to the fake 1 o~

they are selling quite a variety of dishes
fried chicken drumstick, fried chicken wing, otak otak, veg
and many more

i had the fried chicken drumstick, fried egg and curry vege
the chicken drumstick is very crispy
and i believe its juz fried
as u tear the chicken
the smoke is coming out.. and u wil burn ur finger
but this doesnt stop u from tasting the crispy chicken skin
the skin isnt fat or oily ~
inside, the chicken meat is tender and juicy!!
the curry veg got no complaint except the cabbage is boiled too soft

my sis hav the ladies finger , fried chicken drumstick and the egg
the portion is kinda small
and i believe if i were to go thr for 2nd time
i would like to tambah nasi
the nasi hav the strong santan fragrance
and the rice is not too soft or too hard

this is why i like the fried egg so much!
look at the egg yolk!

me and sis both agree tat the sambal is very nice
the spicy is juz nice and it is cooked with ikan bilis!
oh ya
they are quite stingy bout the sambal
make sure u add more before u leave the counter

unlike msia nasi lemak
our nasi lemak include the peanuts and ikan bilis and hard boiled egg
but spore nasi lemak, the ikan bilis, peanuts and eggs are added upon order
and u hav to pay for it~
the nasi lemak is fine to me..
i love the rice and the fried chicken~

the queue never stop from the minute i start queue until the minute i leave
they are always good business
the queue today consider short
if u meet up with dinner time or weekend
the queue may go even longer...

look at all the certificate tat they hav from newspaper or tv shows
this shows how good they are isnt it?

Ponggol Nasi lemak Centre
N0.238 Tanjong Katong Road
(opposite Caltex )

as we went home
we agree tat we are not full
we should add rice lah!
but so late eat nasi lemak.. u wil grow like giant lah~
so we da bao a bowl of mee from the hawker centre situated right opposite of our house
its my 2nd bowl of minced meat noodle of the day!

and tat sums up my 2nd day in singapore...
do complaint at my chatbox if u feel i'm crapping too much
or uploaded too much picture k?