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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 / 2/10/2009 12:21:00 AM

My First Day in Spore

i booked the Air Asia plane to fly to singapore instead of sitting bus..
i hav experiance of sitting bus tat i nid bout 7 hour to reach spore!!!!!!!!
crazy rite?
i rather pay a little bit more and reach spore 50 minutes
i pay juz RM168 for the air asia air plane
pretty cheap rite?
if i take Singapore airline it would be RM1000+++
huge difference!!!
im poor little gal.. air asia is good enough!
but i hate goin LCCT!!!!

oh ya~
the night before i depart
which is 8th feb night
t3 and anson come to my house lou sang
packed home and lou in my house lo!!
last year we did the same thing as well!
i love lou sang!
love the meaning inside of it as well
i guess after lou sang my luck wil turn good!!!
i hope so!

we end our little party bout 3am!!!
yea its 3am!!!
after cleaning up, washing and bathing
i slept at 4am!
the next day morning i woke up bout 6am to get ready and make up
i insist not to show the no-make-up-hantu-face to ppl!
mom fetch me to jalan ipoh to catch the star shuttle bus to LCCT!
cost me juz RM10 loh~~~

reach airport too early!!
i reach bout 10am but my flight is on 12.45pm!
oh gosh!!! i'm nervous! my 1st solo!!!
LCCT MCD dont hav any place for me
i end up spending time in coffee bean
which is much quieter compare to MCD!!!
ordered a cup of hot chocolate with skim milk
the hot chocolate isnt thick enough...
starbuck's 1 is better!!!
hav to wait bout 45 minutes..
luckily i brought my magazine Pet's Lover, PSP and my beloved MP3!
if not i wil die of bored there!!!!!!
spend bout 1 hour thr..
and i decided to check in~

finally i checked in!!!!
i thought of waiting in the departure hall
( i used to do so when i'm in KLIA or changi airport!)
manatau this LCCT is different from others
we only allowed to enter the departure hall bout 12pm!
haiyo! wat kind of rules is it??
then i hav to find a place to sit down AGAIN!
no choice... not to spend more money..
i decided to sit on the bench by the road side!
haih!! like those beggar lah!!!!
no choice lah!
playing PSP and listening to my MP3

finally got to enter the departure hall!
something funny is i hav to QUEUE UP once i enter the departure hall!
gosh! this is wat a budget airline meant to be!!!
after tat there is no aerobridge connecting to the airplane!
means we hav to walk ourself up to the airplane!!
carrying my luggage!!!!!!!!!
how much i hope im paralyse.. and there's ppl who help me!!!

finally i reached spore and met my sister!!!
the environment inside the airplane is so different compare to SIA!
feel like vomitting when they touch down!
this shows how lousy is the pilot !!!
air asia stop at changi airport terminal 1 and we hav to take the skytrain to terminal 2 for lunch!
oh ya! im seriously hungry!

after walking up and down left and right
decided to hav our lunch at Fish & co
the business isnt good
there's no1 when we went in
i tot its their break~~
i love the spore fish & co

the tartar sauce and chili sauce!
we love the tartar sauce!

i had the orange juice and steph hav the dry ginger ale
mine taste normal
steph's dry ginger ale taste not bad
definitely better than coke , 7up lah...

we order the seafood platter for 1
as i've experiance the power of the seafood platter for 1 and i'm fear!
so we hav this and share out~
the portion is enought for 2 of us!

5 fresh prawns grilled with garlic sauce!
oooo i love it!
the prawns are really fresh
juz tat they are too small..
its better if they are fatter!

not to forget the calamari and the chips!!!
the portion are are big!
i love the way they grilled the calamari!!!
and it goes really well with tartar sauce!! love it alot!!!
the seafood platter for 1 also comes with the rice
the rice suppose to taste good
but they cook it with capsicum
which is myh ENEMY!
so i wil say that the rice isnt yummy~~

cost us $19.90 for the seafood platter for 1
dont remember bout the drinks
but airport staff will hav 10% off!

after lunch we went back home and hav a rest and nap
had lou sang for dinner as its the last day of chinese new year ( chap goh meh )
went out at night to Tampines Mall
once we step out
we saw the beautiful and round moon

i belanja sis watch movie
the bridesway which talk bout the friendship!
i love this movie!
they remind us bout the importance of friendship!
nowadays ppl juz think bout love relationship..
and doesnt appreciate friendship
i think this is a good movie
cost us $7.50 person per movie

i miss my baby louis alot lah!
i bet my mom wil feed him super lots of food..
i guess he hav to chage name edi...
call fatty louis better!!! hahahaha

stay tuned for more pics!

tat's all for the day 1 in spore..
not much food i try
but i promise more foods coming up!!!!

more foodss coming up o! hahaha