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Thursday, January 8, 2009 / 1/08/2009 12:38:00 PM

Sung Kei Beef Ball Noodle

its the year od OX!!!!!
i shall do this my 1st post of 2009 isnt it?
i read bryan's blog..
and found out tat bryan's 2009 resolution is

Bryan's 2009 Resolution
1. Do not eat beef from the beginning of Chinese New Year to the next in respect to the Year Of The Ox.
( copy from bryan's blog )

lets start on our Beef Ball Noodle Talk!

my mom praise this chilies alot!!!
according to her the chillies are yummy!!!
she can finish 2 bowl of this chilies all on her self~

the price list~
oh ya~
juz a reminder in case u cant see it properly~
this shop is closed on every public holiday and sunday
awwww.. public holiday and sunday is the day u can earn alot~~
why they dun wanna open?
i guess they are steady enough!!!!
as they are the best beef ball noodle in town!!
woooo hoooo

there are choice of either u wan ONLY the beef balls
or u can mix with the other parts~
when i was young.. i wil choose the ONLY beef ball
when i noe wat is Sung Kei Beef Ball noodle
i choose the mix 1
they hav the beef ball,stomach, and the beef
the beef here got no 'beefy' smell at all~
and the beef is really TENDER!!
the soup is so FLAVOURFUL!!!!
i guess its not Aji soup??
cuz i dun feel thirsty at all~

next up will the the noodles lo
u can choose bihun, mouse noodle,mee,kuey tiau ~
but i wil definitely choose the wan tan min type noodle..
the noodle here isnt same as those wan tan min 1
they look alike.. but different texture
the 'black black stuff' on top is actually the minced meat fried with black soy sauce!
very very yummy!!
the tasteless mee top up with the minced meat...
its oh - so - good~
love it very very much!

in juz 15 mnutes
i engulf everything up!!!!

Chinese New Year Talk...........

oh yea
chinese new year is around the corner
is every1 in the mood now?
my mom start washing this and cleaning that.
start hanging up those red lantern....
start buying mandarin oranges
as for me?
i start vacuum my room's carpet
its so so so so dusty
and something i did today
which make me like stupid!!!
the story begin with a vacuum cleaner
ntg wrong with the vacuum cleaner rite?
okay... the problem is
some1 who noe nothing bout the vacuum cleaner and clumsy is using the vacuum cleaner!
the vacuum cleaner got 2 holes to put the 'pipe' in
1 is to suck
1 is to blow
the stupid me dunno tat there are 2 holes
then i put in the pipe in the blow hole
and the disaster begins
when i operate the vacuum cleaner!
oh gosh!!!
its blowing wind out and yet i dunno
start 'vacuum' the carpet
end up the wind blow up all the dust
then when the clever me 'vacuum' the wire,wall,cupboard...
it blows up all the dust as well..
then i saw all dust flying here and there
i try to be clever
point the pipe to the dust hoping tat it can suck into the machine
oh the stupid me.. the more i point
the more they flying around!!!
end up.. the whole room is so so dusty
until my mom run in asking wat happen!
and stil
i dunno tat its the blowing hole!!!
until when i go to the living to vacuum the sofa
then only i noe its the blowing 1!!!
oh gosh!
luckily i realised earlier b4 i finish work
or not Louis must be cursing me for 'polluting' his air!
me and mom laugh laugh laugh!!

back to my role in my family
basically i did ntg
help my mom clean abit
and continue kacau my baby rabbit
and counting on how many new year clothes i hav bough
ntg to do?
yea.. im too free at home!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
oh yeah
i hav 12 new year baju already!
but i stil dun feel ENOUGH
my mom was asking me to throw away the old baju~
so tat the new 1 can fit into the cupboard
i dun feel like throwing any of them...

my sis is esprit-lover
she always buy us Esprit clothes
my mom's cupboard full of esprit
and now my cupboard will full of esprit as well..
out of 12 clothes
5 of them are esprit
see how 'geng' is my sis
of course all the Esprit clothes is bought by her from spore~
( if u are kind enough.. dun look at wat size i wear... i paiseh... ha ha )

the only 2 clothes i bought from this 12 are the 2 dorothy perkins long sleeve
tats the only 2 tat i afford!
the very very bad thing about plus size ppl like me is tat we cant easily find clothes!!
yeah this is true!
MALAYSIA brand wont hav our size at all
only UK brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge,Dorothy Perkins,Esprit hav
even forever 21 size dont suit me~ maybe the cutting problem?
how much i hope tat i can buy clothes at normal shop
the abdormal me!
this is not the worst part
the worst is............................

its hard to find pants for plus size ppl like me~
maybe i'm kinda fussy bah
so there is no new pants for me this year
only skirts!
skirts oso i bought from London tat time
Msia hav my size?
i doubt!

in my cupboard
95% consist of skirts
only the 5% is shorts
all the jeans material are all my jeans skirts!
not even jeans in it
the only pants tat i bough in Msia is the dorothy perkins 1
the white one on the top ( right)
when can i find again?
i probably nid to visit dorothy perkin again nex week

the only thing tat plus size ppl can find easily~
is purse lah!
the esprit red red purse!
i like it so much
haven bring 'her' out to see the world yet..
this sat STAR EDUCATION FAIR wil be 'her' 1st outing lah

too much nonsence today
wil be more nonsence
maybe after CNY only wil stop all nonsence
wil snap some pics of the new year deco in my hse!

stay tuned!