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♥ Significant ♥

Thursday, January 15, 2009 / 1/15/2009 06:02:00 PM

Shanghai Grand , Avenue K

yooo hoooo
i saw lots of ppl takinf the klcc pics using handphone
so i oso follow them lo
let them think tat im visitors~
KLCC taken by Samsung U900
i'm here to KLCC for the STAR EDUCATION FAIR

of course hav to snap a pics with my baby louis
if not he wil 'small gas' why i pakai cantik cantik go out..
left him at home lah
louis so 'fair' compare to me!!

waiting and waiting

oh siao ying join me in this STAR EDUCATION FAIR + reunion
siao ying oso very fair compare to me
i guess i only consider fair when compare with a charcoal~


after we finish asking this that and everything
we are filled with all sort of leaflet from colleges , universities
we cant go shopping like tat lah
so heavy!
so we decided to find a place to sit down, hav a cup of tea...hav our brunch
and of course CHIT CHAT non stop!

shanghai grand which situated inside of Avenue K
whr from KLCC
walk to the LRT station of KLCC
from thr juz walk further on to Avenue K
this shop is juz right beside Little Taiwan
its infront of Kim Gary
but Kim Gary hav closed down now
i dunno its permanent or juz for renovation...

i like the entire environment of this restaurant
kinda 'chinesy' actually
but i like it
with the chinese new year song playing 24 hour!!!
oh ya~
1 thing to mention..
their customer service i s good !!
maybe because its not peak hour or so
but they are all with well manner

the day start of with a big cup of chinese tea
oh gosh! its really HUGE!!!
which juz cost us RM1 each
pretty worth it
and its HOT~~
sy burn herself !!! hehehe

we order the peanut oyster porridge
which i FEEL tat it look good in the menu
so i order it~
and i find it fantastic!!!
the porridge contain 5 medium size dried oyster.. plenty of peanut... salted egg...century egg..
and most important
the SUPER CRISPY yau cha kuai!!!!
the yau cha guai is cut and then deep fried again
the entire yau cha guai is SO CRISPY!!!
it goes well with the porrige
the porridge is sweet ( cause by the dried oyster)
and its smooth~~
i personally like them very much~~!!
RM4.80 per bowl

next up is the Fried Yam cake which chosen by sy~~
find it yummylicous!
the best thing is the yam cake is filled with yam
oh i mean tat u can eat the yam cubes in the yam cake
usually some restaurant juz put a couple or two yam cubes and they claimed it yam cake
but actually when u eat it... u are eating the flour saja~~
but this 1 is filled with yam cubes!!
oh not to forget the CHILI PASTE
which combine with the yam cake very well~
the chili paste is made of dried shrimp
which i LOVE it alooooot!!!
the portion is quite big lah~
RM6 per plate

of course the xiu-loong-pau is a MUST TRY
as the entrance there ,
there is a large poster writing
" world famous "
and they can see how the sifu make this xiu loong pau~
a must for a xiu loong pau is tat the soup inside must taste fresh and sweet!!!
the meat must be well marinated and of course.. FRESH!
and the xiu loong pau here is soupy and the meat is FRESH!!!
can be compare with the dragon-i 1~~
oh i like this very much!!!!!
RM 8 for 4 pieces

oh ya oh ya~
i rated this 5 over 5!!
or maybe 100 over 100!!
this is WONDERFUL!
i dun rmr the full name but i noe its AVOCADO!!
oh gosh~~~ how yummy is this?
plz.... try it yourself!!!!!!
the outer skin is SO CRISPY!!
and the inner avocado is so soft..
taste so good...
til now im carving for it!!!
i love it..
i ate b4 the mango 1.. and its abit sweet sweet sour sour
but this is totally different~
the avocado is sweet..
but the sweetness isnt those sweet til geli type~
its good!
i mean it!
RM5.80 for 2 pieces

this is the pan fried dumpling
which comes at the last
on the menu there is a notice " 10 minutes cooking time"
i guess this is made to order
the dumpling here is really FAT!!
they stuffed lots of meat inside!
is like double or tripple amount of meat of wat u ate at dragon-i
but this is consider not bad
due to the EXCESS meat
i feel its kinda too much~~
RM6 for 3 pieces

siao ying treat me this~
reason is " she's working and i'm not working, so she hav the right to pay the bill "
thanks siao ying
i though tat it gonna be like 50+ or 60+
but the total bill is RM37.50
which i find it quite reasonable
and i wil definitely come back for the AVOCADO stuff!!!


CHINESE NEW YEAR TALK....................

talk about festival
not to forget is the decorations is the shopping mall
i only manage to snap the Pavillion and KLCC 1~

KLCC Chinese New Year Decoration~
i heart those red lantern!!
red lantern really gives me the chinese new year mood!
and i love the decoration~~
find it creative
and most important
brings up the chinese new year mood~~

the 1 in pavillion
full of pinky flower decoration this year
not bad lah
looks like in those movie
where japanese ppl like to run in the Sakura 'Forest"
not to run in pavillion
or every1 wil look at u~