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Thursday, January 22, 2009 / 1/22/2009 11:12:00 PM

My Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner suppose to be on 25th January
( if im not mistaken)
our family hav reunion dinner earlier than any1 elsesAdd Video
whr we had it on 20th January
cuz my sis is flying on the 1st day on new year
she cant go back muar for reunion dinner
so we had a little reunion dinner for our small family
its such a busy day!
woke up at 7am to go to market!!
so tat we get all the fresh ingredient!!!
( even Louis sleeping soundly at tat time... haiz )
had been busy for the whole day!!!
juz for a two hours reunion dinner!!

we had our reunion outside of our house
whr the garden is juz right beside us~
it requires lots of energy to shift my mom's plant off
( without messing up her plants or not she wil SHOUT!!! )
and then bring out the table.. the chair... the ingredients... the fan~~
saw all the table lined with newspaper?
oh ya~ its good! so tat we no nid to clean up the bones after tat
juz hav to wrap everything up and THROW!!

dun wanna cook too much stuff and end up dirty the kitchen again
we decided to make a simple steamboat as reunion dinner
i dunno why...
every CNY we will be having steamboat in muar..
i dunno bout others..
but i wil hav steamboat from the 1st day of CNY.. til.... i back to KL
amazing huh?
this steamboat pot my mom bought it ages ago~
but this is the 1st time our house doin steamboat!!

those ingredients for steamboat~
we hav fishball mee, seafood taufu, porkball,fu chuk,fook chew fishball,and the Enoki mushroom~~
the typical ingredients for steamboat
my favourite is SEAFOOD TAUFU!
i finish the whole packet by my own!!!

fresh fish and fresh prawn
cut away the prawn 'misai' and kaki
the fish is clean and sliced~
cut off the bone so tat its easier for us to eat~~!!
the price of fishes,prawn and all kinds of seafood increase quite alot due to CNY~

besides steamboat
we hav side dishes as well~
this is the stuffed tau pok
which is made by ME!
hahaha... it not suppose to look this ugly~
but my sis cut the tau pok wrongly~
so this is the only way i can stuffed them~
the tau pok contains the japanese taufu,minced pork,minced prawn
and some seasoning such as salt,peppar,sesame oil~
its yummy!!!!

this is wat we usually hav on CNy
which is a kind of spring roll stuffed with meat
in chinese we named it 烧卷
inside it contains minced pork,minced prawn,water chessnut,garlic,pig's liver and an egg
and oso seasoning suck as salt , sugar , sesame oil ~
all the ingredients must be CHOPED FINELY!!
let all the ingredients rest in the refrigerator for hours
and then add in corn flour
wrap into this kind of skin
whr u can get it in market
wrapping process is very important as u cannot wrap it too loosely or it will not be nice after u cut them
if u wrap too tight they wil end up too hard
and it suppose to be in ROUND shape..
not this pillow shape which i made ( FAILED!!! )
steam for few minutes and let it cool down
and them deep fried until the skin turns golden~
cut them into pieces and its ready to served~~

black black?
haha~ this is the braised sea cucumber with chicken feet and pork belly~
oh its so dark!
but its yummy!
the gravy is good especially when u mixed it with rice~~
i dunno bout this recipe
juz noe tat the chicken feet and pork belly is NICE!
i dunno bout the sea cucumber~~
i'm not sea cucumber lover

oh ya~
not only the human having nice food for reunion
not to forget our little louis
which sitting beside us as well~~
having his favourite alphafa grass and his food~~
Louis enjoying his food too~~
this little louis getting better after castraction
he dun simply pee and poo nowadays
during our reunion dinner
he did poo a few biji but didnt pee at all
good boy!
saw a cucumber thr?
Louis hate cucumber very much!!!
he dun touch it at all!
or sometimes he wil pee on it~

tats it for my reunion dinner~~
wil be goin back muar on saturday morning til.... dunno when
will not be any post during this few days
Muar do not hav wireless internet lah~~
not i lazy!
any way

which everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

A level result is OUT
and i happily announced tat its GONE~~~~~