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♥ Significant ♥

Sunday, January 11, 2009 / 1/11/2009 06:21:00 PM


the 1st time when i went into this shop
i actually wanna pack the red bean tong shui for my mom
but when i approach the boss
he being so rude saying tat they DONT DO ANY TAKE AWAY
he insist tat take away is something WASTING TIME
and seems like wanna chase me off from the shop..
i hav really BAD impression with them

but i decided to give them a try
as my friend was telling me tat the tong shui thr quite nice wor..

i dun find any english name for them..
is it HONG KONG?

the table hav this big big poster
pictures of the food tat they are serving
probably is their best selling? or must order?

they give free tissue paper..
and i TAKE AWAY the tissue...
cuz behind hav the address to post up mah~

this is the combination of tau fu fah and sesame tong shui
( i apologize for my POOR english! i dunno how to say 芝麻糊 and 豆腐花 in english,EMBARASSING!!)
this is a fresh combination to me as this is the 1st time i saw this~
decided to give this a try since it look special
i thought tat it would be weird
but it turns out to be GOOD~
the tau fu fah is very smooth...
the sesame tong shui is very thick and flavourful too
oh ya~
i like the presentation
and oso the bowl!!!

this is the yam sai mai lou with glutinous rice ball
oh yea~ i love this SO MUCH!
i regret order the small version
i should go for the big 1!!!
this yam sai mai lou really tasty
and the great things is tat there are some yam tiny tiny cubes in it too
i love it!!!
as for the glutinous rice ball
i guess they buy from the outside 1 which hav the sesame fillings
i find this yummy too~
the combination of both of them are yummy as well..
the small version comes with 1 sesame glutinous rice ball only
argh.. not enough lahhhhhh

as for the snack
i insist this durian pancake
i thought it gonna be very great!
the layer of cream is so thick
can u see tat?
the durian flesh is juz like 30%..
70% of cream
and i find it geli
i guess this wil be very fattening
look at the amount of cream they give~~~
no wonder the durian pancake look fat and bengkak...
inside all cream lah..
i rate 1 out of 5 for this durian pancake...
compare to desert sumptious
this is ntg great~

other than the durian pancake
we order the curry fishball too
the fishball is those frozen fishball tat u can find in the market..
and the curry paste is not as flavourful as the pasar malam 1 actually~
i rate 2 out of 5 lo!!~~

tau fu fah + sesame tong shui = RM5.00
yam sai mai lou + glutinous rice ball = RM3.50 ( small )
durian pancake = RM6.00
curry fishball = RM4.00
total : RM18.50
service charge : RM1.85
Grand Total :mRM20.35

i wil definitely come back for the yam sai mai lou and glutinous rice ball
i really love it!!!
10% service charge???
outside 5% only wor..
maybe because of tat packet of free tissue and tat cup of free water??

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