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Thursday, January 1, 2009 / 1/01/2009 06:29:00 PM

*** Happy New Year ***

2008 gone
there comes 2009!!!
i didnt go for countdown lo
my mom dun let
so i have a lonely and boring new year eve
celebrating with my rabbit, louis...
and with my beloved tv!

the 2009 1st post
let's hav a 'talk'

i've completed my Cambridge A level in TARC
i've really thank Mr Low, Mr Yap , Ms Chong , Ms Ong, Ms Ngow, Ms Chin for everything tat they've done for us!

lots and lots of things tat u guys hav done for us so far

Mr Low,
i really respect u as my lecture..and sometimes as my fren
whenever i have prob..
u wil be the 1 i look for
thanks for ur guidance and advises!

i'm so sorry tat i curi curi take ur pics~~
i really thank all the lecture tat i mention above
i do not wanna repeat wat i've blog b4 bout u guys~~
if not readers wil bang my head lah~
the A level result gonna release soon
i noe i wil disappoint all u my lecturers
i noe wat i've done
but i wil make sure tat i wil do my best in my Uni

my college life was so happy with my classmates!
all of them
although some i really not close with
but i really thank u guys for cooperationg with me~
and also accept me as Class Representative
i noe i've been torturing u guys when things regarding MONEY
but tats wat i do during my secondary year..hehehe
i do really happy on the last day
u guys do say thank you to me
say tat i'm a good class representative
i do really appreciate words like tat
maybe some of u dont agree with me
juz wanna appologize to u guys~
sorry if i ever say something tat make u guys unhappy~
or i force u to agree with me
( i hope i'm not tat cruel ... haha )
i miss the time whr we sit in DK hall~
miss the time when we waiting outside of DK hall
miss our gossiping time!

the big gals group
me, siao ying and cheng luan wasnt really very close with u guys
i mean close but not very close lah~
but really happy when u guys invite us out to celebrate ee meei's birthday
really happily playing,laughing and crazy at 'little tree'
if i'm not mistaken
tats the 1st time the big gal group go out together
with 3 cars!!!
i remember tat we actually hav 4 hours break til the next class
and we always lepak in counselling room doin ntg
complaining the stupid time table make us suffer!
but playing around in Little Tree makes the time passes so fast
i remember when its time for us to go back
all of us were saying " huh? so fast 4 hours past edi lah ?"
was really enjoy and take lots of picture's together
the whole Little Tree is conquered by our laughter,
and comment bout the lousy food

special thanks teh siao ying
my mathematic sifu
and my best friend
thanks for everything!
always listen to my prob..
and accompany during my free time.
and help me out regarding the class rep stuff when i'm not in
really thank you!
all da best in ur future!
dun be so clumsy anymore la
forget this forget that..
juz wanna tell u FRIENDSHIP FOREVER o
although we not gonna meet very often like last time
but the friendship is in the heart.. never fade!

thanks to my fren's
who hav a small birthday celebration for me
thanks san san who appear as special guest!
i remember the best birthday i ever had is during my form 5 year!!
march 20 wil always be a school holiday
and i wil never have the chance to celebrate with every1
march 20th 2007 falls on the 1st day of school reopen!
i tot no1 wil remember
but end up san san,si jia,sze yiing,val,see yan,cheng...every1 remember bout it!
it was really a surprise when i got down to canteen
i was really surprise!!!!!
and because i'm actually a house captain of McNeil ( the blue house )
every1 actually noes bout my birthday
i remember almost the whole canteen were singing Happy Birthday to me~
and McNeil's hse pratise falls on monday which is 20th march
so so so happy when all Mcneilians singing Happy Birthday to me
almost the whole day i hearing Happy Birthday song ~
i'm really happy!
and for this year
i glad tat i hav this little celebration
which fills up my memory with joy and laughter!

i brought Louis to School!
i remember the experiment canot be done
and something happen
the lab asistant want me to see mr siva
i was shivering and actually * dun like * to see him
i meet him once regarding the change of timetable
and he dun seems like happy and willing to do it for me
although i knew tat he is a good chemistry lecturer
thanks Bryan for accompany me to see mr siva tat tinme
and i was so scare when he suddenly wanna go to our lab
cuz i rmr louis was playing in the lab
i whisper to bryan
ask him to run back to the lab and hide louis!
thanks to edmond,weng shen and bryan's help to hide him!
if not i think me and louis wil kena kick out!

oh yea
i hav a trip to genting with zyrence , anson and t3
and it was really FUN!!!
fun playing in the theme park and shouting and screaming!!!

as for Science 3 student
which is my secondary fren
we hav a little gathering
although not much ppl attend
but we really have fun
playing and talking around!
it was really fun when we sit down and hav a talk
never neglect any1
tat's wat i love the most!
i'm monitress of sc3 for 2 years!
in this 2 years
i really learn alot of things
but i really take care of my sc3 well
my sc3 call me big mama
and they are juz like my daughter
when we wanna bising
i wil let them bising
when time to quiet
i wan silent!
sc3 really coop with me alot!
there's no1 who fight with me or disagree with me
thanks to regina as my assistant! u are the best assistant i ever met!
i'm seriously lookng forward for another gathering
the friendship tat we build for 2 years. i wil never forget bout it
big mama always love u guys!

oh ya
not to forget my trip to London.Barcelona.Belgium.Great Yarmouth.
thanks sis for sponsoring my trip~
thanks aunty lilian & uncle ian for planning everything
i leave Tarc earlier than my classmates 3 weeks
cuz i went london during my study period
yeap~ i skipped class and go for holiday!
when ppl struggling to study and revise
i struggling to eat hotdog or eat spagetti
i really enjoy alot in London And Barcelona~
thanks to sis. mom and dad!

and my cousin wedding
1 of my cousin brother wedding makes all of us gather together!
tiffany , stephanie , melissa, melanie, marianne
the 5 of us!!
there's been quite a long time since the last time we gather together
cuz my sister working in spore~
so very seldom 5 of us can be together!
really happy to play with them
laugh with them
most important
i keep wanna take picture lo!

oh yea~
i got a new handphone too
i lost 3 phones edi
when i tell my dad i lost my mobile phone
he's expressionless
cuz i always do so~
but my sis and mom sponsore me money to buy a brand new samsung U900!
i like this phone so much!
samsung camera is much much better compare to nokia!!!!
thanks sis!
thanks mom!

thanks to t3!
thanks for fetching me here thr everywhere
u'remy best best friend lo!!!
never say NO when i ask something
thank you very much
friendship forever yo~~~

thanks to dad
who always didnt scold me
and support me wateva i wanna do
although i'm wrong stil u wanna support
i hope tat god bless u with good health!

thanks to mom
who always take care of me
cook for me
scold me and nag me
and of course thank you for taking care of louis when im not at home!
thanks to all the advises, scolding
thanks for giving birth to me
let tiff comes to this world which full of joy and hapiness and colours!

thanks my sis
for the advise
and always when i almost step into the wrong road
u wil be the 1 pull me back on time
thanks for the money u give me monthly.. i swear tat i wun use it!
i will keep it as my savings
when wil ii be millionaire?
( sis.. u give me more money lah )
thanks for buying me baju, skirt, this and tat and bla bla bla tat i wan..
thank you for buyiing the very very nice H&M pants which i love it alot!
thanks for my samsung U900 too~~

there are more things to talk about
but its too long
i guess i should stop here~

last but not least
i hope tat in this 2009.. all my wish comes true * please *
(the top of my wish list is can i be thin when i wake up tomorrow morning? please ! )
all the best to me..
good luck to me~
and also
all da best to my dearest frens.. or maybe my blog readers...
Happy 2009!
time to light up our 2009!

i love my family!

i love my mom

i love my dad

i love my sis

i love my baby louis!

i love my friends

i love my money

i love everyone!

i love my bloggie FOOD MADE ME ALIVE