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♥ Significant ♥

Friday, January 16, 2009 / 1/16/2009 07:39:00 PM

Burger King , KLCC

Burger King!
i try this on the day i went to edication fair
as my breakfast
my dad dump me at KLCC about 9.30
and its kinda scary when all the shops are closed
no where to go
siao ying is not here yet...
so i decided to go to burger king for breakfast while waiting for siao ying

i order the set breakfast
i think set no.4
i dun really remember
but it cost me about RM10...
it comes with coffee or tea
i choose tea
but actually i dun drink tea
i juz drink the warm water instead~

there comes my breakfast
pretty big portion huh?
lets look at wat we hav with the breakfast No.4

a huge croissant!!
my favourite lah~
they reheat the croissant and hence the croissant is WARM!!!!

comes with egg and ham as well
i cut the croissant into 2
and 'kepit' the egg and ham in it
croissant + egg + ham = yummylicious!!

oh ya
not to forget my favourite!
my favourite!
i always thought tat only McD hav hash brown
but when i try on Burger King only i noe Burger King hav the mini version
and i love it very much!!!!
i hope they give me MORE~~~!!!

a full and affordable breakfast
i feel tat its better than McD breakfast
i wil definitely back for the mini hash brown!!!
wooo hooooo~


Chinese New Year Talk

we not only nid to clean the house
rabbit needs some cleaning too, rite?
Louis hav his regular bath 1 week once
when i told ppl tat Louis actually bath 1 week once
i dunno bout other ppls rabbit lah
my Louis bath!
yes! he bath!
with warm water!
with his special shampoo!!

Chinese New Year is around the corner
Louis do nid some make over too, right?

lets start louis make over!

start with a bath!!!
its hard to make him stay still for picture when u 1st wet him
rabbit scare of water
even Louis scare of water
eventhough he bath since he's 2 months old~
if u din hold him properly
he wil run out! find a place to hide himself!!
but once u finish wet his whole body and start shampoo him
he wil sit still!
and sometimes if he dun like the way u bath him
he wil pee and poo after or during u bath him
telling u tat HE DUN NEED A BATH!!
but Louis seldom do so
when he pee and poo during bathing time
i wrote LOUIS with his shampoo!
Louis : so wun liao lah you.. like tat oso wanna play.. faster bath lah~ i dun like WATER!

Louis shampoo cost RM50 per bottle !!!
its actually for dogs
Rabbit hav their own shampoo too
but those rabbit shampoo in the market do not hav whitening effect
because tat time when Louis hav operation
and cant bath for 2 weeks
his tail is so yellow..
so i went and buy this shampoo for him
this shampoo is made of natural ingredient
so MAYBE it wil suit Louis
but its for dogs
maybe Rabbit cant use it and they wil drop lots of fur~~
but Louis shows positive result to this shampoo
oh yea~~
his tail is so white
his body is so white after using it for 2 times
really satisfy with this shampoo!!!

Louis hav electric shocked fur after bath
oh ya~ Louis hav his own rabbit towel
which is sell in petsmore for RM40+ per towel
see how good is this rabbit
whr the whole family willing to buy good things for him
this towel is made of synthetic cloth ( i think so? )
it can dry Louis faster compare to those cotton cloth

after bath
louis wil sit on the chair
out in the garden to clean himself under natural wind blow
some may feel weird.. why not dry him with hairdryer?
oh~~ this Louis is scare of hair dryer very much
once he listen to the hair dryer sound
he wil RUN
very very quickly
if u force him with hair dryer
he wil diarrhea...
rabbit wil diarrhea if they scared by something~~
Louis : wei.. dont take picture now lah.. shy shy lah.. haven leng chai yet~~

LOUIS is done with the make over!!!
look so sissy rite?
so gay lah...
a male rabbit using a pink hello kitty clip
louis dun show positive reaction to this~
he keep shake his head left right
so tat the clip wil drop off
oklah oklah
dun wan force him
this make oveer FAILED!
Louis : stupid clip! get lost lah!!!

oh ya
not only we human hav new baju
Louis hav his new baju oso~
3 new baju for CNY
picture wil be posted SOON
stay tuned!!