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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

Friday, January 2, 2009 / 1/02/2009 08:18:00 PM


when u saw strawberry
then u wil noe obviously u are at cameron highland!!!
which is famous of their strawberry!
but the strawberry not sweet and not tasty
dun kena tipu when they tell u.. " very sweet ar.. i cheap cheap sell to u lah "
its sour, not juicy, not yummy
my sis bought a box of strawberry from korea
tats wat we call STRAWBERRY!!!
the sweetness.. the juicyness.. and the size which is big
tats strawberry lah
cameron always hav those self plucking strawberry
whr they give u a basket and a scissors
then put u into the strawberry farm
1kg RM40
lots of ppl do the self plucking
i understand tat its fun to pluck urself~
enjoy the fun to do self plucking
but... disappoint when u eat the strawberry~
i din do the self plucking~
cuz dad edi bought the ready plucked strawberry

cameron is famous of their pearl corn
because the corn here is different from the normal 1
the pearl corn is much more juicy and sweet compare to the normal 1
and the pearl corn can eat it raw as well~
i refuse to eat it when the gal say try it
after my dad try.. then only i put into my mouth
and i love the raw 1
very juicy and sweet!!!
there are fake pearl corn which is from ipoh~
the real 1 wil not be very fat..
but very sweet and juicy!

this is a MUST TRY
the deep fried abalone mushroom
quite a few stall selling in cameron!!
if u got a good deal.. it wil be 2 for RM5
or not.. it will be 1 for RM3~
i like it!
the crispy crispy batter!
i love it!
the next day when we wanna go back
my sis refuse to go back
if not she dun wanna leave
so we hav to search for this!
bought 2 boxes!
this 1 u cant do at home
cuz the recipe is at the flour~~

my favourite!!!!!
my dad bought 8 biji
and i finish 5 biji on my own
sis and mom dun like is cause its too starchy
but me? i like it!!
like the chewy chewy taste
i've bought some sweet potato back KL as well
maybe i can try out how to do this sweet potato ball
and start my business!
stay tuned!

its quite lucky for us to get a hotel room w/o advance booking!
they actually do not hav any room available..
lucky for us to get a apartment with 3 bedrooms which can fit in 5 ppl~~
we staying in STAR REGENCY
find this hotel much convenient compare to Equatorial which we stay last time
from star regency
juz cross the road
and u wil reach the pasar malam ( available only on weekends )
convenient... but....
i think they should renovate the rooms
the things really lauya
and the towel rite.. same colour as the floor mat
( the dirty and old colour... )
makes us feel geli~~
it cost us RM368 for a night

there's a living room~
quite big rite?
oh ya~ the sofa no 'MEAT' 1
i guess the sofa is thr for centuries?
until the cotton were all 'melted'
when u sit on it
actually u sitting on steel only~~
the tv.. only hav TV3 and TV1
ntg to watch at all!!!!!!
sis,i caught ur butt! hahahahaha
we regret din bring louis here
if not he wil happily hopping here and thr in the living~
but 1 thing i scare is he wil lick the floor
u noe la.. hotel floor...
later he kena poison lo

the kitchen
look at the cupboard
so many space rite..
but NOTHING in side!
so different from the 1 i stay in barcelona
the 1 in barcelona hav all utensils, pots,plates,bowl,microwave
this 1? ntg.. not even a bottle of mineral water inside the fridge!
oh ya~ i remember when i'm goin out w/o my handbag
i hide my handbag in the fridge
sounds nonsence rite?
my family say im nonsence for hiding it inside..
no1 gonna break into our hotel room~

2 single bed join together to form a double bed~
2 rooms with double bed
its pretty big huh?
and another room with single bed as well..
tat room can be louis's personal room if he follow us..
too bad he's not in
cuz the journey to cameron really BELOK BELOK
he wil pening lo~

the view from the hotel room~
ntg special~

not to forget souvenir for my baby louis~
the fresh carrot!
i insist to buy the 'head' of the carrot oso!!
my mom say " nonsence... go back oso have to cut off lah.... "
i remember i holding this in the pasar malam
every1 was like looking at me
" this gal is blocking ppl's ways! "

my dad washing the dirty muddy sweet potato tat we juz bought from the market
i hav to highlight the word MY DAD WASHING
my mom pampered my dad too much
my dad never wash dish, or wash clothes at home b4!!!
he's washing the potato now

after washing the dirty and muddy sweet potatoes
send them into the steamer
the steamer is from KL,BANDAR BARU SELAYANG-my house
hotel mana ada so good.. provide steamer?
the hotel hav the water cooker only
ntg else..
the big kitchen
dont even contain a spoon
consider a kitchen?
luckily we brought out steamer
to enjoy the fresh and yummy sweet potato!

Let's Talk Bout something Else.......


oh ya~
few years back
MONKEY plant is very famous among the chinese
the chinese believe tat
the monkey plant brings MONEY!
few years back when we go cameron.. we did buy 4 pots of monkey plants hoome
the things i wanna higlight is
this year
the monkey plant grows BIGGER!
i shall called them as GIANT MONKEY plant
how giant is it?
let the pictures tell u the truth!

the palm above is to show u how big are them~
for ur information..the length of my palm is about 18 cm!
so juz imagine how huge are them??


cactus cactus
full of cactus!

i named this the MICKEY MOUSE cactus

shocked when i see the thorns~
look at the red 1...

i name this the KLCC bercotton cactus

mom bought this ~
the bigger version which cost us RM20 for 1
of course not like those tiny 1 which they sell 6 for RM10
for those.. dunno how long u hav to plant ~~~


the orchid!

red red flower
i guess now they are selling lots of red red flower
as chinese new year coming~~

i told my sis
nex time my wedding
must be like this~
2 rows of flowers!!!
if all of them are red roses, awwwwww...... i wil get married immediately!
tat oso if i willing to married..
but the chances are LOW!
mom bought 2 pots of this plant..
i like the colour lo

i call this chinese new year flower
cuz i can only find it during chinese new year~
the flower bloom during the chinese new year period
but after tat...

is this lavender?
im not sure

the wild orchid

yellow flower caught my eyes~
find its colour so stricking!

brinjal isnt it?
oh ya
cameron not only hav self plucking strawberry
but oso self plucking vege~
count by kg
u can try it
but No for me~

red roses
represent love relationship rite??
romantic betul~~
i love it!
among all colours of roses..
my favourite wil be red 1!!
as the colour really very sharp nea~~

pink rose~

its a brocolli !!
i always describe brocolli as 'tree'
cuz it really looks like a tree...
the leaves and the trunk
mini eat-able tree?
childish me~

the orchid
so nice isnt it?
i love it!!
few years back thr are more~
dunno whether its wild orchid or not...
its nice..
but i think it only suitable in cold weather!

grapes in cameron?
not really sure whether its for sale or for display or sample?
cameron hav oranges and apple as well..
the oranges we bought few years back are SOUR like nobody business!
so this time we are all 'orange-phobia'
dare not to try or purchase~!!

dad say this is Love Bird wor..
they always in a pair!
romantic lea!!

my favourite african violet lea!!!!
dont u think tat the colour so so nice??
i really like african violet alot alot alot!!
everytime i saw them~ of course i wil ask my mom to buy it!
but my mom refuse!
she say very hard to take care of them!
so we never hav chance to buy lah~~
but i really love the colour lea!!