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♥ Significant ♥

Monday, December 29, 2008 / 12/29/2008 08:23:00 PM

MEE Pok , Muar

i'm Back to MUAR last weekend~
i'm lazy to blog lo...
the internet connection hav some prob and hence i cant upload my picture FAST
the speed is worst than a snail!
lets see wat we hav today~~~!!!

its breakfast time!!!
wat else other than milo???
when the waitress approach us to order drinks
i wil usually ask " wat do u hav today?"
and when he/she finish introducing the drinks

dad : haiya, ask for wat?? u wun order other drinks other than Milo de lah
tiff : wat la! hehehehe~ errrr... i wan a cup of hot milo please~

tats me!!
i wun order other things other than Milo for my breakfast~
unless got no choice?
or when i'm not feeling well..
mom always warn me not to always drink milo
she say hor " drink more lah.. drink edi cannot pang sai "

this is Mee Pok!!
quite famous in Muar lo....
this Mee Pok shop situated beside a primary school~
her business is SO SO good!!!!
a bowl of Mee Pok consist of Mee Pok Of course, minced meat,fish ball, fish cakes and vege..
and oso a bowl of soup~
i like the mee pok texture
slightly softer than those wantan min but slightly harder than those yellow mee
its thinner than those Pan Min tat u find in KL~

the Mee Pok here hav 2 version as well
the original version and oso the spicy version~
last time i used to hav the original version
but this time~ i add in lots of chili
for some reaason * secret *

mix and mix and mix together~
there u go
a spicy chili mee pok
not as spicy as those chili pan min u find in KL
oh the portion is kinda small actually~~
i saw most ppl eating the big bowl version
even my parents hav the big bowl version
but.. i hav the small bowl 1 lah~~
already GIANT
takkan nak jadi EXTRAVAGANZA GIANT

oh ya~
something i really wanna complaint is the GAL who responsible to take order!!!
she can memorised how many bowls ppl wan.. how many chili 1..big or small or so on
when ppl walk to her and order she wil " ok no prob, boss hav a seat 1st "
and then she dun even noe which table come 1st or wateva
kesian some table hav to wait for so long!!!
then when she's clear bout which table wanna hav the mee
she wil walk to the table and TAKE ORDER AGAIN
if u cant memorised
juz take a paper out and write down lah
kinda annoying when she ask ppl for 3/4 times

oh ya~ there's a chicken stall right beside of this mee pok stall
actually they share a shop together
but this chicken rice shop start business at 5/6am
and finish within 2/3 hours
by the time i go to the shop
i saw them cleaning and goin home
they selling chicken rice ball
i dunno how yummy is it
as i dun hav the chance to eat yet~
but i think its yummy
cuz it can finish business within 2/3 hours??