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♥ Significant ♥

Friday, November 28, 2008 / 11/28/2008 08:20:00 PM


this is my 2nd time having lunch in sushi zanmai..
the very 1st time is when they are newly open bout few weeks..
when they are renovating the 'space'..
( not shop.. its actually a small place in the middle of the 'road', in 1 utama new wing )
with the big advertisement SUSHI ZANMAI
i was so happy!
i cant wait to try them!
lots of good review from them lah!!!
so i went the 1st time..
they disappoint me ALOT!
i dont satisfy with their food AT ALL
i tell myself not to waste money here anymore..
but when my 2nd time..
i tell myself..
never mind lah.. maybe ppl tat time juz newly open haven stable.. give ppl 2nd chance ma...
being too kind isnt good..
spending around RM50? RM60 here..
and find ntg nice here SECOND TIME
dunno why they hav so many good reviews??

my 2nd chance given to Sushi Zanmai
as i heard lots of good review from the entire malaysia!
i hope they dont disappont me this time~

a cup of green tea is a MUST!
y must order cold 1?
cuz sushi zanmai very hot lah..
wil sweat 1!!!

Chicken Katsu Don
which is the tastyness of this review the overall tastyness of the rest of the dish~( for me lah )
if a shop cant hav a bowl of nice chicken katsu don, then..........
this 1 stil not bad lah..
but the portion is not really huge..
like the 1 i had in Kim San Kichi...
but this 1 definitely better than the 1 i had in sushi king
i remember the 1 in sushi king FOREVER! cuz its my FEAR!
arh.. forget bout the sushi king 1...
lets talk bout this sushi zanmai 1...
soft and tender deef fried chicken cutlet, add on the eggs , mushroom,seaweed~
this 1 consider OKAY lah...

the Chicken Karaage~
which usually will be my MUST ORDER and oso 1 of my favourite..
but this 1 in Zanmai is kinda disppointing!!
the 1 i hav in Kim San Kichi in Hartamas is 100 times better than this!
i wil blog bout Kim San 1 day!!!
oh~ bout this chicken~
not juicy.. not tender...
not really tasty..
KFC hotrods is even BETTER than this!

the beef sukiyaki!!!
they cook the soup wif japanese soy sauce i think..
and the soup MUST be HOT BOILING!!
to achieve this..
they nid a 'temporary gas stove'
its some kind of STEAMBOAT actually
in the soup they hav taufu,mushroom,some vege...
lets look at the process and ingredients~

the thinly sliced beef...
i'm those who dun eat beef..
but i eat beef ball noodles..
but the beef here is thinly sliced..
and dun hav the 'beefy' smell
i like it!

an egg!!
CAUTION: do not pour the egg inside the sukiyaki as if u eating chinese STEAMBOAT

take a slice of beef..
and put it into the hot boiling soup...
take it out once the beef has just COOKED
make sure its not overcooked..
or the beef wil be 'old' and hard...
the juz cooked beef wil be juicy and tender~

this is the function of the egg..
put the juz cooked beef into the egg..
and then...
eat it!!!
oh gosh!
soft, tender, juicy, juz cooked beef..
add on wif the egg topping!
oh gosh!
the beef is so so so so NICE!!!!
but.. not every1 dare to eat like this.. which is dipped the cooked beef into raw eggs..
and hence...
they put into the hot soup..
as if they eating chinese steamboat~
( tats TIFFANY LAU HWEE WEN when she dunno how to eat sukiyaki)

i only order the soft shell crab sushi..
the previous time i try..
feel so disapointed !!!!
compare to yo! sushi portion..
3 piece of soft shell crab sushi in zanmai equal to 1 piece of soft shell crab sushi in YO! SUSHI
the presentation not bad lah..
but the soft shell crab too little..
and its not crispy..
maybe they fried it 'thousand years ago'
so it become not crispy ~~
i can put in 3 of this in my mouth 1 time!!
1 piece edi enough~
so u noe how small is tat sushi?
real CHEAP!

so little of soft shell crab saja~
mana cukup?

i think i wun give them 3rd chance..
i rather spend more for YO!SUSHI
chicken katsu don is ok for me..
beef sukiyaki is ok for me as well..
but..sushi and chicken karaage..
isnt wat i'm loooking for in a well known Japanese restaurant
maybe they wil improve 1 day
but i dun think i wil try them
as i'm in love with sushi GROOVE!!!
no more 3rd time..

but having lunch in ZANMAI is cheaper than GROOVE alot!
GROOVE wil be expensive~
but tat wat i called SATISFY!