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7. Age 21. Student of UCSI. Food Science and Nutrition.

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♥ Significant ♥

Saturday, November 15, 2008 / 11/15/2008 12:58:00 PM

Paddington House Of Pancakes (PHOP) , Midvalley

here i am ~
my Favourite Paddington house of Pancake!!
the 1st time i try is in 1 utama..
i think tat is their 1st shop~
went thr and in love with the environment
if u hav chance to sit beside the window..
tats the BEST seat..
cuz u can see the 1 utama tropicana forest~
which makes u feel so comfy having lunch over thr~

this time i'm not at the 1 utama Phop
but i'm at the Midvalley PHOP~
was so happy when i saw the advertisement over thr!
and hav the chance to try it!!!!

the Paddington House of Pancakes
serve more than 100 types of pancakes?
i guess its more than tat....
they hav different pancakes from all over the world as well..
every country pancakes hav different flavour..
tat's y u wil feel 'SCARE' to look at their menu
really thick and lots of choices!!!
but there is a quick menu on the table which introduce u the few of the best and suitable pancakes..
such as for breakfast, or when u are super hungry, or for tea time..

i order this ice blended chocolate wif a scoop of chocolate ice cream~
my 2nd time trying this,,.
feel good..
but at last when i finish my Main Course..
i find tat i cant finish this~
wat a WASTE????

this is the Double G sausages~
the pics above make it looks UGLY~
i'm sorry~ i dunno wat happen to me at tat time..
but this is YUMMYLICIOUS
comes wif 2 pieces of pancakes...
and 2 LARGE chessy Sausages!!
waaaaah! the cheesy sausages is SOOO GOOD!
the slice of BEEF taste SO GOOD!!!
add on the special sauce..

this is the special sauce comes wif the Double G sausages..
this sauce makes the whole dish become so SPECIAL and of course..
make it PERFECT!
well done!
i'm in love wif U againnnn!!!
find this sauce is UNIVERSAL sauce
no matter u dipped the pancake, or beef or sausages or hashbrown..
it taste good
even eat wif the SALAD oso it taste so good!!

i order this Grilled Chicken Burger
how yummy is this???
i dunno how to describe in words!!!!
the grilled chicken burger comes wif 3 pieces of pancakes, 1 piece of hashbrown 1 big piece of chicken and oso 2 pieces of slice capsicum WHICH I HATE THE MOST!!!
i forget to ask them i DUN WAN CAPSICUM!
never mind.. i quickly REMOVED them and find tat they didnt cause my burger to be 'polluted'!!
anyway~ i juz love this so much!
its really good.
and oso big portion
suitable if u are hungry!
the chicken is grilled , so juicy and so soft!!!
underneath the slice of chicken there are a hidden sllice of HAM!!
the combination of pancakes-chicken-ham-pancake can make u GO CRAZY!!!

the Pancakes are literally GOOD
very soft and very fluffy~
love it very very much!
i think it is made from a mixture of eggs and flour
its good...reallly good..
nex time i shall try the dutch pancakes?
which look very different from this i think?
if u try every types of pancakes in the PHOP menu..
u can proudly tell every1 u already try the whole world pancake dishes~

Grilled Chicken Burger : RM 20.50
Double G sausages : RM 22.50
Ice Blended Chocolate with ice cream : RM 10.50
Gov Tax 5% : RM 2.68
service Tax 10 % : RM 5.35
GRAND TOTAL : RM 61 . 55


~Something to Share~

on 2nd Nov..
i went to the World Animal Days held by SPCA...
find it REALLY HOT!
at 1st i tot it wasnt at KL tower..
maybe they pass the wrong information...
but then as i walk up to KL tower..
i saw lots of doggie~
means i'm at the right place lah...
i almost faint thr
not because the dog bite me..
not because the dogs bark at me..
but because its REALLY HOT!!
oh gosh!
imagine under the hot sun!!
i think SPCA should built a big tent!
so tat all the dogs, dogs owner can hav a GOOD day
rather than a HOT and SUNNY day

ok... i noe im talking nonsence..
SPCA is not to SPEND money on this kind of things.
but they asking for donation for the dogs~~
lets look at some picture..

the pug..
i dun like them at all..
feel tat they are UGLY
but the BEAUTY is depends on how many wrinkles on their face..
if i hav wrinkles like them..
i wil stay at home forever and ever and ever and ever~

i like his colour..
dun really noe wat breed is this dog...
might be mix breed?
tak tau~

this is Bou Bou..
cute isnt it?
with her sunglases and hat..
cute cute bou bou~

this is Teddy
sitting on my shoe~~
he's SOOO HOT until he DUN WANNA WALK around~

bou bou and teddy
both are cute schnauzer!

oh! the Husky!!!
their face look fierce?
according to my friend who hav 2 husky's at home
she say husky look fierce je..
actually they are very friendly 1~
this proves tat ' Do not judge a books from it cover '
Do not judge a dog from its face~
but he's wearing mask...
means he wil bite ppl isnt it?
how if he bite me?
bite at my brain?
til my brain 'juice' comes out?
i stil prefer puppy!

i hav to mention tat this DOG is REALLY HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
look at the owner and the dog..
i think when the dog stand up wil be taller than the owner~
i SHIVER when he walk pass me
but this is a very expensive and rare breed dog
i guess the owner spend quite alot ~

the golden retriever~
look fierce again?
actually they are very friendly
i mean very very friendly dog...
but too bad..
they are too huge~~

can u see the poodle?
i love poodle~
i hope to own a red poodle actually~
but my family seems to love schnauzer more than poodles..
i guess i got no chance to own them..
my poodle suppose to named Rambo..