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♥ Significant ♥

Sunday, November 2, 2008 / 11/02/2008 10:39:00 PM

louis castraction surgery~

i bring louis for a castraction surgery~
to remove the testis ?
i think so..
u can google the process of castraction~
its something geli~
and scary~!!

the day before the surgery
louis is not allowed to eat or drink from 12am onwards..
its juz like human lo..
when i go to bed at 12.15am..
i feel he look so kesian
he's hungry..
i feed him a 'doughnut' which is his favourite and i run upstair
if i continue stand thr..i wil tak tahan give him some more~

why got camera?
why wanna take my pics oh???

i bought this chain for louis 2 weeks ago
i feel so happy when i saw this~
which is specially for rabbit~~
not cheap.. but i find it useful to tie this naughty rabbit~
so tat he dun run here and thr and everywhere~

i handsome onot ar??
take handsome handsome pics lah....

this side better or tat side more handsome huh???

*smile * for the pics~

the next morning
( the day of the castraction surgery)
early morning i hav to wake up to get myself ready~
and then give him a wipe..
and comb his hair so tat he look handsome~
i put him in his carrier bag instead of the the cage
if not he wil scare~
louis wil mabuk kereta 1 leh~
he wore his baju as well~
look extremely handsome today lah~

sitting wif pinky guai guai in car~

where u wanna bring me to??
why keep snap my pic wor~

louis and pinky is best friend lah~

louis admited into the surgery room at 0915am
the doc ask us to leave the surgery room~
the doc give him an injection on his butt
anaestatic i think
but he didnt sleep~
the doc put him in the cage
let him slowly fall asleep~
he come out from the surgery room 3 hours later
and he fall asleep~
we hav to wait for him to wake up b4 bringing him leave the clinic~~
louis woke up at 1500pm..
he look so energetic
dont look like in pain at all~
cuz the bius not yet over~
he some more run here and thr so excited~
i drove home after tat~
the doc say not to bath for him for at least 2 weeks~
and make sure he dun run around...
let him recover in a quiet relaxing place~
dont make him feel stressful as this wil slower down the recovering process~

louis reach home finally~
he start to feel pain
he dun run here run thr~
he juz lie down thr~ on the newspaper...
my mom ask why the doc wanna put the newspaper as we brought the cloth ?
i say i dunno~
i lined the cloth nicely in the cage
but the doc remove it.... and lined wif newspaper..
mom : later his leg wil black black lah!!!

he doesnt wana eat his favourite doughnut..
( his food which look like doughnut... not the real like J.co donut..haha)
even the timothy leaf which is his favourite oso he doesn't like
i da bao the timothy grass for him.. though he wil feel hungry after surgery
so i faster put the grass thr w/o removing the plastic bag~
he usually likes to bite the plastic bags and newspaper~
but he dont

he start eating timothy grass!
althought not alot lah..
but at least he eat lo~

i think this is called the 'Elizabeth cover' if i'm not mistaken
this is to prevent louis from biting the wound~
cuz rabbit like to cuddle themself when they feel itchy~
or when they wanna clean themself
if louis dont wear this cover
i'm sure in an hour time he wil staart biting his wound
and then lead to bleeding~
and wil get worst~
cost me RM8.80 for this cover
and the worst part is i hav to walk around 5km to get this cover
mind u~ i WALK thr~
cuz the doctor say quite near ....no nid to drive thr
BUT! its 5km.. do u think its near?
do u think its easy for a gal like me wearing high heels to walk for 5km?
but i decided to ride on the taxi to go back to the clinic~
i rather pay RM2 than hav to sweat!

was worrying bout louis because he didnt shh shh for the whole day~
i guess he feel pain when shh shh~
if he dun shh shh i hav to bring him back to the vet again
but luckily~
the next day morning
early in the morning
he shh shh~
alot of shh shh
i guess he cant tahan?
shh shh can... ng ng oso can~
he's FINE~

now is 5 days after the castraction surgery~
louis is fine~
he's happy~
and he start to eat alot..
i would like to start his toilet trained from tmr onwards~