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♥ Significant ♥

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 / 11/12/2008 09:25:00 PM

Jaya Palace , Petaling Jaya

my sis back from spore last FRIDAY~
she's desperate to attend the royal wedding which held on last sunday
tats y she changed her flight this and that
juz to make sure she spare the time at home for the royal wedding and mom's birthday which is on monday!!
on 1 fine day,
when stephy tiffy and mommy get ready to go MV to shop for dresses
my dad suddenly call " come down to PJ.. meet around Kuan Cheng school for lunch "
my sis which is PRO in road direction drives us all the way down to kuan cheng thr~
and we had our lunch at Jaya Palace皇宫

thier menu
there's a lobster thr!!

the appetizer~
find this yummy!!!
mixture of kacang,ikan bilis,potato , long bean fried wif sambal i think~
i love it
i think i finish the whole thing
as my mom, dad and sis were talking wif my dad's friend~

the Roasted Pork Meat which is 1 of the Jaya Palace famous dish!!!烧肉
the roasted pork meat is cut into standard 9 pieces...
the size is juz nice to put the whole things in ur mouth!!!
not too fat and not too thin~
juz nice to my liking!

the roasted duck!!烧鸭(半只)
the duck is soooo soft!!!
i juz love it..
nid not to dipped wif any sauce~
the duck is simple SOOOO GOOOD!!!

this is the fried carrot cake and chinese sausage~腊味萝卜糕
come in quite a small portion
but taste SUPERB!
i love it very very MUCH!!!!
the carrot cake is fried wif chinese sausages, beansprout , egg and some black soy sauce~
simple but taste goood!

the Honey BBQ pork bun!蜜汁叉烧包
they use 'real' cha siew as the ingredient
weeeee~ the soft pau skin! i love it!
and the sweet cha siew inside~~
woo hoo!

the xiao long bao!南翔小笼包
so soupy!
the soup is SWEET!!!
everything is juz so nice!!!!
suck the soup and eat the xiao long bao!!

the famous har kau over here!
my favourite!
they use 2 whole prawn i think
the prawn is fresh!
the skin is soooo thin!
even the light can penetrate through u noe??

siu mai is something u cannot missed!!!香菇蚧籽烧卖
the meat is SO fresh!
u cant resist the temptation to eat the 2nd 1!!!
even thought its full after so many stuff
but this... u hav to eat 2!!!!

the pork rib wif yam 香芋蒸排骨
smells good
taste normal..
the ribs are soft!
but thr are no yam taste in the ribs
i guess its not stewed long enough

the seafood fried hor fun 滑旦海鲜炒河粉
this is not as yummy as the 1 in six hapiness~
the gravy is not flavourful enough~
but i hav to say tat the seafood is really FRESH
consist of cuttlefish, prawn and scallop!
i love the seafood so so much!
but something weird is they put beansprout inside...
i find it kinda weird~

this is something like dumpling~
the chinese name is 红油炒手
the sauce consist of black soy sauce, chili oil and vinegar!
the dumpling consist of some meat and vege~FRESH & TENDER!
i love this SOOO MUCH!
1st time i try this..
i've heard bout this long time ago but didnt hav the chance to try!
and i got to try it today!
oooooh! i'm LOVIN it!!
the best thing is they seperate the green onion and celery on the spoon instead of adding into the dish! haha!

Appetizer 小菜 : RM 3
dumpling 红油炒手 : RM 17 (two plates)
Har Kau 皇宫鲜虾饺 : RM 13.60 (two plates)
siu mai 香菇蚧籽烧卖 : RM 13.60 (two plates)
BBQ pork bun 蜜汁叉烧包 : RM 12 (two plates)
xiao long bao 南翔小笼包 : RM 12 (two plates)
ribs wif yam 香芋蒸排骨 : RM 6
fried carrot cake 腊味萝卜糕 : RM 8
roasted Pork 金牌烧腩肉 : RM 14
seafood hor fun 滑旦海鲜炒河粉 : RM 32
roast duck ( half ) 烧鸭(半只) : RM 38
Sub Total : RM 179.20
Gov Tax ( 5% ) : RM 8.96
Service Tax (10%) : RM17.94
Grand Total : RM 206.10

Jaya Palace Restaurant
No.12,Jalan 51A / 223,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-79682000
Fax: 03-79568867