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♥ Significant ♥

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 / 11/25/2008 02:45:00 PM

All About Nonsence

i was so busy this few days~
busy wif my dogs,
busy wif my rabbits,
busy wif my jobs~~~

hav to write some nonsence here!!!
i finish my A level course which is 1 and a half year!!
such a hectic 1 and a half year
being torture by cambridge is ntg FUN !!!
almost everymonth hav a TEST!
everyday hav tutorial
everyweek hav assignment!!!!
the 1st semester timetable wasnt really good..
too many 8 o clock class~
2nd and 3rd semester is better ~
but there are too many gaps in between~
at the second semester~ i drop PHYSIC
which i hate it the most
cant figure out wat they talking
dont know which formula to use for calculation~~~
from secondary to college,physic is KILLING me~
kinda released when i let go physic!
at the 3rd sem~
i decided to drop my General Paper ~
i did not regret~
1st sem i got a general paper teacher who teach me ntg~
2nd sem got a general paper teacher who tought me something but not really ALOT
i decided no to sit for the general paper AS level..
and i didnt regret
i saw lots of my fren got a U which is ungraded
its not my frens fault but CAMBRIDGE!!!

now i've completed my A level..
A2 exam which last for a month ENDS!!!
i didnt really do well in my exam
maybe because lack of revising?
and the main factor is lazy!!
yea~ i'm lazy!!!
i wil not surprise if my result come out to be a bad as i noe i didnt do my best!!
AS level , my result tells me i'm 1km to the dead end
A2 level , i continue tat 1km road and go to the dead end!
yea~~ a dead end as i noe i didnt do well..
anyway~ i dun wanna look back~
juz look ahead!!
if i didnt get good result, juz stay at Malaysia to finish my 4 years degree
if i got good result, maybe i can choose 1+2? 2+1?
but i think i wil be in Malaysia finish my degree!!

i'm sorry to Mr Low,
who is my chemistry teacher!
is a teacher which full of PASSION!
he will never adsent for class..
even if he wanna go for meeting
he wil replace back the lesson for us~
if there are teacher who absent,
he wil definitely take over the class
using the reason " dun waste ur time "
i respect him as my teacher!
i salute his passion in teaching us!
his target is to make all of us ,
the SN 8 A, B, C class to love chemistry!!
i doesnt encourage him continue stay at TARC as lecturer and head of division~
i prefer if he go for higher post..
but Mr Low is not those very very ambitious lecturer..
but he say ' Maybe i wil try one day? who noes? '
i wil miss u MR LOW!!!!

i'm sorry to Ms chong..
which is teaching me biology!!
she went for maternity leave for about 2 months
we were replaced by another lecturer~
maybe we are used to Ms Chong teacing method
and then we cant accept another change of method
many ppl start skipping the class
Ms Chong come back from her maternity leave and noe tat most of us were skipping class~
she willing to repeat back all the lesson that we missed during her maternity leave~
juz tat we hav to come back for saturday class..
most of the ppl present for saturday class..
and Mr Low wil HAPPILY join for the saturday class eventhough he hav plenty of time to finish our sllybus
Ms Chong were Mad at us because some1 write bad comment about her..
i din really give SUPER GOOD comment as well..
but not those BAD comment lah...
ms chong change her hairstyle!
i din get to meet her,
and haven pass her the souvenir i bought for her~

Ms Ngow,
left us !
she go to INTI college
she's a lecture who write fast, talk fast
everything to her is FAST!
her brain turn FAST too~~
a maths question wil be solved in her hand by seconds!
i salute her brain
and hope tat i hav a maths brain like her!
she teaches me Pure Maths for sem 1 and sem 2!
and i really missed her!
because i'm that kind of 'cacat' in maths
i nid FEW TIMES explanation then only i wil understand
ms ngow doesnt feel tat i'm super annoying but she teach me again and again until i remember!
siao ying is my maths teacher too
she noe how annoying am i asking those EASY question
her tutorial all she write down the formula + solution STEP by STEP
so tat i wun ask her EVERY QUESTION!
thank you siao ying!!!!!
thanks for being my maths teacher~
feel sorry tat u hav a student which is so stupid in maths!

Mr Yap~
Mr Yap with his GREAT brain!!
Mr Yap is ambitious
he choose to resigned from TARC because he feels tat so wat u teach hav a student with A's? wat u get?? continue teaching til u old? ppl call u senior lecturer?
he's not those irresponsible lecturer~
he continue be our part time lecturer teaching us Pure Maths
he's kinda funny
one day i approach him
" mr yap, the tutorial bout differential equation very difficuly lah... i dunno how to do lea... "
u noe wat he answer me?
" difficult to do ar? then dun do lah... do pass year enough edi....."

Ms Chin
she's like my friend
we always chat like friend
not really lots of ppl likes her
i feel sympathy because everytime when she teaching
every1 wil non stop talking!!


bout my whisky
i brought him back on friday~~!!!
but he refused to eat!
i bought him Addiciton brand dog food
wild kangaroo and apple flavour
every dog loves it..
and its a expensive brand..
i read on9 bout the review..
this brand hav the 2007 top dog food
but why he refused to eat?
i dunno..
he keep on sleeping~
and kinda playful when he wake up
he dun like to be in the box, or cage..
whenever u put him in the box
he wil stand up, look around.. and start screaming u ' LET ME GO OUT'
he wanna walk around~~
although he refuse to eat
but he continue drink water

on saturday morning
woke up at 6+ to go to toilet
i went down to hav a peep on him
he was sleeping nicely~~~
at around 10am
i went down and look at him again
he was sleeping again!
of course i wake him up
comb his hair
let him walk around
he SHIT!
oh yea~
this stubborn dog dun wanna shit in the box..
or in the cage
but he wanna shit on the floor
this is call MARKING!
every dog do so~
i went out to buy some dog canned food for him
hoping tat he wil at least eat some?
when i come back
i heat up the canned food
and force feed him
he refused to eat..
and he diarrhea
i feel tat its kinda dangerous
i faster send him back immediately!!!!
some pics which i take
but not clear !!!
see how cute Whisky is~


sunday !
early in the morning
i wake up at 4am
make up ~
went out at 5am , pick up t3
and there we go, to the sentul LRT
oh gosh
from 1 end to the other end which is Bukit Jalil..
we reach bukit Jalil kinda late
and the lady boss left us!!!
so we hav to take the taxi to cyberjaya , MMU
the taxi driver charge us RM30!!
since we are in a rush~
never mind
we PAY!
when i reach thr
then only i noe
i'm giving out milks for the children
gosh.. i hate milks u noe???
there are some kind of UCMAS competion
children comes from all over malaysia and all over the world~
kinda free at 1st because no 1 wanna drink the milk
maybe they afraid of melamine?
but after the 1st section end..
our 'business' is SOOOO GOOD!
u cant imagine how busy am i~
how fast i hav to pour the milk and give them to the kids
some of the kids stand thr and drink 11 cups of milk
all because they were so thirsty and HOT!
the milk are chilled
tat y every1 wanna drink
even the security guard
even the teachers
even the crew
okay~ i'm very busy
i hate MILK!
i feel that they are smelly!
i dun like it!
why do i hav to work for milk company??
i dont dare to go too near to the milk
cuz of the smell!!!i dun like it!
MMU grand hall air cond is SOOOOOOO useless!
i cant feel any wind ! i dun feel cold!
i keep sweating!!!'
when i hav 'free time'
for maybe 1 minutes?
i askk those kids how many question do u hav to complete??
they say 120 question in 8 minutes
end my work succesfully~
but unhappy because my hand are smells of milk!!!
i'm done!
i'm tired!
i earn the first RM100 in my life~~~
congratulation tiff!!