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♥ Significant ♥

Thursday, November 6, 2008 / 11/06/2008 04:21:00 PM

~ Ajisen Ramen , Sunway Pyramid ~

My mom's Birthday coming~
so i plan to buy her a CROCS ~
the limited edition Disney Adult~
b4 i buy... of course i nid to bring her to try out the size....
CROCS hav their own very special 'concept' on the size...
once u put ur feet into the CROCS...
make sure ur toe doesnt touch in front..
the side of ur feet doesnt touch the 'wall' of the shoe...
and the whole things is LOSE~
then its the right size for u!
when u walk.. the shoe is like hanging on ur feet...
so t3 fetch me and my mom up to sunway pyramid..
why? cuz i dunno whr is the way to sunway pyramid!!!!

as we walk walk walk and walk!
we are hungry!!
i nid food!
mom recommend the Ajisen Ramen...
as i din try Ajisen b4~
so i say YES !!

the 3 cups of cold greentea~
taste NORMAL lah...
oh ya!
ajisen is having a promotion..
tat is u can get ur 2nd bowl ramen at only RM3!
available only from 3pm to 6pm~
oh u can see everybody is ordering two bowls of ramen..
i dunno how they manage to finish it~~!!
but its worth it lah..

when u order a bowl of ramen..
u can add on RM3.50 for the side dish~~
this is the Chicken karaage tat my mom order...
errrr.... NOT really GREAT lah..
juz normal~

i choose this chicken katsu as my add on~
which is deepfried chicken cutlet
find it NORMAL...

we order this GYOZA as well..
i think they put too much vinegar inside..
when i taste it..
it hav funny taste..
i ask my mom to eat ~ to double check tat its SAFE to eat the gyoza..
end up my mom say can eat lah..
juz tat they put too much vinegar~
no good for this gyoza!!

mom and t3 order this spicy chicken ramen wif cha su ( i dun remember the name....i THINK so lah...)
according to my mom..
the portion is really HUGE!!!
come wif chasu, the so called spicy chicken... hard boiled egg... and bean sprout..
i think the spicy chicken is minced chicken fried wif chili paste?
i think so...
mom say it taste good~!!
juz tat too big portion lah..

mine mine!
i order this Pork Ribs ramen
comes with very tiny portion of pork ribs... hard boiled egg and bean sprout...
eiiii...ntg special bout the pork ribs..
but i enjoy the soup alot~
maybe they should add more soup for me??
i love to drink soup..
i finish EVERYTHING!
even the last drop of soup!

i order this Unagi sushi??
i dun rmr the name again!
okay okay...i promise nex time i wil REMEMBER the name properly..
i find this taste PERFECT!!
i love it sooooo much!!
there are some crunchy crunchy thingy in the middle~
and the unagi which 'sit' on top of the sushi with some mayonise~~
ohhhh! its OH SO PERFECT lah..

finally i bought my mom's CROCs at 1 utama..
which cost me RM139!
i went to the ikano Crocs earlier to see whether they hav the disney adult or not~
they dun hav it..
so i ask them ' can u please reserve the pair of disney adult in suway pyramid which is cotton candy and lavender ??"
because when i went sunway pyramid , i saw they hav ALOT of them...
cotton candy and lavender is light pink and light purple colour..
she say 'OK, i call them now, i'll refer back to u later "
so i wait wait wait..
then she say sunway pyramid got NO MORE disney adult !!!
then i juz tell them " i went last thursday and i saw there are lots of them '
she answer me ' miss, if u dun believe i can call again!! u talk the gal over thr...'
i say NO NEED, she insist wanna call for me..
so i talk to the gal over thr...
again she say no..
i din say anything but THANK you...
the gal at the sunway pyramid says " miss, if u dun believe u can come over and check! '
gosh! wat kind of customer service is tat huh????
i get mad!
actually i plan to buy some clip over thr..
cuz feel pai seh if i walk out without anything..
i throw the clip back on the table..
and walk off!
i feel they dun respect me at all!!!

1utama and subang parade Crocs stuff is MUCH MUCH MUCH better!!!!