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♥ Significant ♥

Monday, October 27, 2008 / 10/27/2008 04:55:00 PM

Paella & Tapas, Barcelona!

this is wat i mention earlier in the previous post - Paella and Tapas!!

as we hav a walk near the Sagrada Familia~
stephy sis insist wanna try paella~
it looks great and yummy~
Paellador, i think is a brand of Paella???

the Paella tat steph wanna try since the 1st day she arrive barcelona!
there are quite a few choice actually~

this is wat we saw on the table~
looks great
looks yummy isnt it?
we order
1) Paella de Arroz Con ( seafood Paella )
2)Fideua Con Questo ( fideguay )
3)Paella De Marisco , todo (Paella del Senorita )
wat's tat? no idea?
juz scroll down~

this is wat they called Tapas
which is very famous in Barcelona
its actually like our mixed rice
choose wat u wan
tell them u wan the large or regular version
and then they wil serve to u~
a good restaurant may served up to 100 types of tapas
mind u, they are not CHEAP~

wat's this?
its a tissue box actually~

i dun rmr wat this called..
i think is wine + ?? + ?? which is spanise favourite?
i find it taste weird!

they serve bun as starter~
1 bun ONLY for each person!

we try the mussles which is 1 of the tapas
ntg great actually
uncle ian say this is not those traditional tapas,
they juz buy it from somewhere and then make hot using microwave
so ntg special..
the mussles are HUGE actually~

this is 1 of the paella which is Fideua Con Questo
it contains cheese, franfruiters,ham, olives,oregano,mushroom,

ntg special i think~~~
not realy nice lea..

Paella del senorito
Peeled seafood,
and sweet peppers


Paella de Arroz Con
and sweet peppers


this is a few famous tapas choice in Barcelona
we decided to give them a try!~
really ntg nice to shout out about~
or i shall say i doesnt suits my taste...
maybe its nice to spanish
but it dun suits me~
maybe nex time we should try those real traditional tapas
i guess those might taste better?


meat balls
i find it toooo SOFT~

no idea?

fried potato wif mayonise
i can cook this as well~

some kind of sausage
too salty
too oily~

Paella and tapas is not as nice as Baguette salami i think?
oh ya~
when we visit this restaurant
we do not know how to order the drinks
cuz everything is wrote in alien words~
so we decided to order a big botle of mineral water
it cost us 5Euro for a big bottle of mineral water
means it cost RM25 for a big bottle water
mom say : our house 1 whole month , 3 person + a rabbit using, not even reach RM20!!
oh yea, 3 person bath 3 times daily, rabbit bath 1 week once, water the plants daily , mop the floor daily~
stil tak sampai Rm20 lea~~

A lesson to learn!!!