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♥ Significant ♥

Thursday, October 9, 2008 / 10/09/2008 01:49:00 PM

Food On Board
( from Singapore ----> Milan ----> Barcelona )

let me blog bout some food!
i wil start wif the food on board..
we had 3 meals on board
which is the supper, breakfast and refreshment!!!
i've take picture of the food i makan on board~
of course
of all the airline i've sit b4~
i feel tat SIA served the best food which suits me
i remember tat time i went bangkok , fly wif SIA
they served Nasi Lemak wif Chicken rendang
which is unforgetable!
its soooooo DELICIOUS!
of course this time thr is no Nasi Lemak wif Chicken Rendang
something tat make me unforgetable as wel~
scroll down and u wil noe!

( from Singapore to Milan )

for main course
u hav choice of

i) grilled chicken served with mustard sauce, roast vegetable and mashed potato
ii) hainanese pork chop

supper is served!
i'm HUNGRY!!!!

seasonal mixed salad as appetiser
with balsamic dressing
didn't try this..
dun look tempting~~

choice of red wine, white wine, coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice, water and i think thr is guava juice as well~
i choose the orange juice and water~
guess wat.. i drank at least 10 cups of orange juice on board!!! hahahaha!

they hav toblerone as welll!!!
siao ying, dun hav dark choc de o..
but its good enough for me la.. better than ntg
end up... i finish 5 bar of toblerone
y? cuz i'm watching movie~
i ask from a kind air steward~ he say' take as much as u can lo'
so... hahahah!!


Snack - biscuit

bread wif butter
i ask for 1 more
cuz im hungry

cheddar cheese as snack as well~~

Hainanese pork chop as my supper~
'a traditional Singapore favourite of crisp pork chop in a tomato based sauce served wif fried rice'
maybe its nice when it first cooked
but when they reheat it ans served
the pork chop no longer crispy
it turn out to be too dry~~~
the egg fried rice is tasteless..

( from Singapore to Milan )

for the main course
u can choose

i)singapore fried carrot cake
ii) mushroom omelette with chicken sausage.grilled tomato with parmesan cheese and hash brown

thr u go~
my breakfast!!!

wholemeal bread~
they heat up slightly before serve
thr are butter to spread on the bed
butter is something i DUN LIKE!

the muffin~
i find it not yummy~
too hard??
i stil prefer the muffin which hav chocolate chip inside~

main course is the Singapore Fried Carrot Cake
' a hearty traditional dish if fried savoury radish-rice puddinng with prawns and pickled turnip'
i found about 7 or 8 prawns inside!
and the fried carrot cake is YUMMY!
i love it!!!
not too dry~~
not too oily~~
juz nice!!!

this is the chilli to go wif the spore fried carrot cake!!
taste yummy u noe??
i love it!

above is the picture of a cup of fruit yogurt...
beside it... its a fruit yogurt being TRANSFORM by Chef Tiff and Steph..
add on the sugar, creamer, chili from the carrot cake, pepper
mix it !
add some bread crumps
and a slice of pineapple
thr u go~ a SPECIAL fruit yogurt!
it is then being send into the rubbish bin
no1 dare to try...
juz for fun! bored sitting on the plane for 13 hours!!

no coffee no tea for me
as i dun really like both of them
i wil ask for a cup of hot chocolate~
only available if u ASK them o....

( from Milan to Barcelona)

as for the breakfast
it is served from Milan to Barcelona
SIA fly from spore, stop at Milan
the cabin crew wil then left the airplane~
all the passenger to Milan will left too
another new batch of cabin crew wil come up to the plane~
and then they wil serve the breakfast for us
which is this sandwich with turkey and cheese
served wif coffee Or tea
the sandwich is served COLD~
the cheese make it taste weird!
dun really like it lo....

wat else i can drink?
of course the ORANG JUICE AGAIN!!!!

Snack Menu


chicken in soft roll

tomato and letttuce in ciabiatta


roasted peanuts

snickers chocolate bar


doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips


the snack is available anytime when u are hungry!
juz ask from the air stewardess
they wil give u lots of them!
i try the chicken is soft roll~
find it not bad
ate 3!!!
try the roasted peanuts, snuckers and doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips as well~~
all of them are YUMMYLICIOUS!