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barcelona (2)
Thursday, October 9, 2008 / 10/09/2008 10:53:00 PM

my trip to Barcelona ( 2 )

lets continue with my barcelona trip!!!

this is my apartment tat i stay in Barcelona..
i think it cost 120Euro per night
its quite a cheap deal compare to the others
its convenient as the train station is juz 5 minutes walk~~
lets walk into my apartment~~!!

this is a TINY LIFT
all the lift in barcelona also TINY geh~
if u're thin, 3 person can fit in
if u're fat, 2 person can fit in
which category am i???
hahaa~ dun ask!!!
the lift is different from msia
they hav a door
u hav to open the door MANUALLY b4 u enter the lift
my apartment is at the 2nd floor
ac no nid to take the lift
but im lazy to walk la!!

here's the little living room
look clean and tidy?
u're wrong!!

this is the room i share wif stephy lo...
the room got NO FAN got NO AIR COND
but luckily... got WINDOW!
the kesian little window tat provide us FRESH AIR when we sleeping~
luckily the weather in Barcelona is Cooling~
in the night its FREEZING!
thr is a toilet
but i dun think tat the toilet is ideal for both of us..

there u go
my parents bedroom~
the window is HUGE for fresh air...!
look at the toilet!
they hav this bath tub for 2!!!!
this suits both of us..
we didnt use the bath tub due to hygene reason
but we stand in it to bath lo~!
the toilet always flood
cuz~ the shower position is not tat good!!

my Barcelona apartment
1 master bedroom and 2 little room
2 bathroom
1 kitchen
1 living room
* the tv in the living room is PLASMA TV! kinda impress *
the kitchen hav all the cutlery, pots, pans , cup, plate ,and everything tat u nid except the knife is Blunt!
do the apartment look good to u??
the answer is NO!
the floor is BLACK AND STICKY!!
my mom say : i live for 40 years ... never in my life my feet will be tat black..
me and sis mop the floor for 4 times
stil its BLACK!
not dark grey
is BLACK!!!
okay~ i should not complain cuz its really cheap !!

walk 5 minutes from my apartment
and u wil reach this metro station Placa del Centre!

of course u hav to buy ticket b4 board on the train~
my sis~ posing in front of the ticket counter~
showing tat she's buying TICKET!!!

since we wil be thr for 3 days
so we bought a 3 days travel card
which cost us euro 14.30 per person per travel card
u can ride on the bus, metro, train and so on using this 3 days pass~

something happen here between me and mom!
all the ppl around come and help us
but no1 noe wat happen
as we are like duck and chicken
cant communicate!
at last
both of us manage to get through lo~

the train line
they hav lots of lines!!
this is the placa del centre line~

the metro in Barcelona

look at the internal
so clean isnt it???
no chewing gum, no water bottle,no rubbish!
the black thing on the door is a handle
u hav to open the door manually
me and steph was like kampung gal
stand right in front of the door to make sure tat we hav the chance to open it!

the 1st stop is Catalunya!!

once u step out from the metro station
u saw lots of tourist! building! cars! buses!

prove tat we are at the catalunya!!

the police in Barcelona call Policia~~~
and look at the policia car
look alot better than the 1 we 'usually' saw
the policia here very hardworking
u can find them everywhr
different from....

we went into the information centre
this is the only place tat u wun hav any communication breakdown!
all the gals thr can speak english
of course dun those very english
but at least can communicate wif lo~

this is the tour bus tat u can take if u wan
the price are 20 euro for a single line or 26 euro for 3 lines
at 1st we wanna take this bus
we decided not to,
although this bus can take u to lots of places
its kinda rush
and we dont think tat we can finish all 3 lines in a day
even if we can, we gonna be like amazong race, rushing!!
so we decided not to take it!

we are at the La Rambla~

this place is full wif tourist!!!!
beware of ur belongings~
alot of thiefs 'working' here
tiff is here as well~

me me me!
under the HOT SUN!!

anybody home?
amazing telephone booth!
so clean!

the electric care
u can rent this
but i'm not sure how much is it~
we wanted to try this
but dunno whr to find this~

we saw chinese restaurant!

something special at La Rambla is tat many human statue thr~
according to uncle ian
most of them are students
'work' to earn some money
they are really special
seldom got this is Malaysia
and i hav to say tat THEY ARE REALLY CREATIVE!
lets take a look!
p/s: pics below are taken curi curi ly! as when u snap, u nid to pay! but i snap, i no nid to pay!

angel~ angel~

this 1 scare my sis!
i forget to take a picture lah..


or this grey little gal

yellow princess?

hahaha~ or this headless man?
this is very creative isnt it?

black man?

he's getting ready~

a cup of tea before starting?
she's beautiful~

white angel
make a wish!

thr is some kind of festival goin on inside??
my sis rushing in?
i insist wan my sis as the model!
y? juz for fun!

festival de blues de barcelona~

me and sis!
the big statue!

* muack *

monster gonna eat my hand! sob sob!

draw a portrait?~
they can make u a funny portrait~

or write ur name from the chinese stall?

ppl in Barcelona loves dog!
u can see dogs everywhere
they take the dogs as companion
not like us,
for us,
dogs is to look after ur hse
they love to bring their dog for a walk!
and because of tat
their dogs are really tame
or i shall say they are friendly~
they dun bark at u!
there are more pics to go~
but i shall post up some tat i found at La Rambla~

there are more pics to go!!!
this is my Day 1 in Barcelona~!