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bar 3
Sunday, October 12, 2008 / 10/12/2008 10:39:00 PM

My Trip to Barcelona (III)

early in the morning
dad went down to the bread shop opposite
to buy us some bread as breakfast~~~

dad bought us croissant and dunno wat bread for breakfast!
we need energy to explore BARCELONA!

stephy sis playing wif the croissant!

after the breakfast!
there we go
explore the BARCELONA
DAY 2!!!

1st day wearing I LOVE BARCELONA shirt
stephy sis insist to buy this baju~~!!!
insist all of us must wear!

can u see whr the building lead to?
can u see the stairs?
can u?
that is whr we wanna go!
there are not only stairs
there are escalator as well!
wooo hooo~
thank god!
i suggest they should build cable car
underground train?

walk up!!

how long i've walk?
i hav to scarifice my sis head for this picture
sorry sis!

saw this!
showing how long is the Park Guell

when u see this
cheer out loud tat ' I'VE REACHED PARK GUELL!!! '

we reached the Park Guell!!!
the famous Gaudi building

the LAU family at Barcelona!
y my dad din wear the same t shirt?
cuz his big tummy cant fit in the XL
he needs XXL
so my sis bought for dad again the next day
we wear it back to london
i dun think i wont post up the pics of us in the barcelona airport
i dun hav the courage to show the ugly side of me
see how!

welcome to Park Guell

me and uncle ian!
thanks uncle ian for flying from london to barcelona juz to be our tour guide for 3 days!
appreciate ur hard work!

us us us!

my family consist of my papa my mama my jie jie me and my brother?
who is my brother?
my baby louis lo!
he's at home
lonely louis!!
* louis is my pet rabbit *

stephanie and tiffany

me and sis on th stone eggs?
wat does this represent
i rmr when we walk pass here
there's a few spanish jog around thr as well
and they all shouted at us ' I LOVE BARCELONA'
i'm shocked at 1st
but i salute my sis
my sis cheer back ' yea i love barcelona'
as well as my mom

sis and me!! hahahaha~
i feel this funny!

sis tiff mom!

me and my beloved sis
my sis is my ATM machine !!! hahaha
thanks sis
my sis sponsore my trip to barcelona!
and even my pocket money in LONDON!
see??? my sis sooo gooood!!

under contruction
stil look pretty!

spot me and steph!!
actualy the speciality is on top of the building when u look up
but we snap the pillars
no wonder every1 was looking at us!!

me me me

this is the souvenir shop actually
even the souvenir shop outside the park guell oso tat BEAUTIFUL!

me on mom
mom on dad~

look around the bins
no rubbish
unlike msia
not only the rubbish bins is FULL
around the bin
on the floor oso FULL!
i guess when the angmo come to msia and saw our rubbish bin
they wil say AMAZING!
juz like when we saw their clean and tidy place
we oso say AMAZING

the famous casa battlo!!!
wooo hooooo~~~
look at the spanish creativity on the balconi!!!

not to show u tat ang mo
but to show u tat IF we wanna visit Casa Battlo
we hav to queue for APPORXIMATELY 30 MINUTES

i snap this curi -curi(ly)
my dad taking my crumpler beg?
amazing!miracle happens!
he usually dun take anything~~

i saw this advertisement everywhr
find the piggy look cute!

hey hey u u!
see wat i got?

let me proudly introduce u the

* drumroll*

the famous SAGRADA FAMILIA!!!!!

i hav to use the word AMAZING to describe this
how amazing is this?
i dunno how to tell!
juz look at the pics below!

spot the little me infront of sagrada familia!

look at it look at it!!!
the construction begin at 1882 and continues til TODAY!

Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church originally designed by Antoni Gaudi!
it is expected to completed around 2026
the 100th anniversary of the death of Antoni Gaudi
amazing isnt it?????!

i saw HORSES!
police wif HORSES!
i wanna snap pics wif the horses!
too bad,
i was at the opposite of the road
wat i can do is look at them~
snap their pics from far~~~

i spot this cool motorbike???
i dun see this in msia~
i find this cool~

oh yeah~
after travelling up down the bus
up and down the TMB
finally we reach this
y we wanna visit this hpospital??
any1 sick?
its because this hospital is a WORLD HERITAGE!!!
its so nice u tau????!!!
if they din write thr Hospital De Sants
i wouldn't believe tat this beautiful building is a HOSPITAL!

yea its a WORLD Herritage!!!

wondering wat this pretty little young women doin here?
oh yeah
she is a guard!
the guard of this Hospital de Sants
1st time i saw such a pretty young women guard!
cuz i usually saw OLD and BAD guard in TARC who always say wanna summone me cuz my skirt TOO SHORT! argh!!!
she's pretty isnt it???!!!

me me me!
i love barcelona!!!

this is the famous Arc de Triomf
its a very very super duper sunny day!!
and 5 of us!!
walking wif tat I LOVE BARCELONA shirt around!
of course its sunny but not hot and stuffy like msia~
yes its hot, but u wun sweat,
cuz the weather is cooling!
did u see where the palm trees lead to?
tat is the Arc de Triomph
but ... but...
we take a pic at the 'wall' thr
and we say : oh its toooooo hot....jom... let's back to our apartment and hav a rest!

of course hav to snap pics
to show tat we HAV BEEN here!!
my sis trying to 'stuffed' my head into the Arc de Triomf
she's a good photographer!
she successfully 'stuffed' my head into arc de triomf
but but but!
my face look so CHUBBY!
on the left,---> me and my mom!!!

more dogs in Barcelona!
but pity them
i snap their pic when they are ugly!

i hav to say tat i ENVY this COUPLE!
look at them??!!
so nice to bring the dog and hav a walk around thr rite??

the hush puppies dog and husky!
i hav to say tat husky is a very fierce dog!!!
keep wow wow wow wow non stop
its different story for this husky!
she is so tame so good !!!!
and i feel she is pretty!
the owner say tat she DOESN'T BARK & DOESN'T BITE!
when i touch her head, she was looking at me and saying ' hi, nice to meet u!'
im in love with this husky
CAUTION: do NOT touch the head of the husky in Msia, careful tat u wil LOST ur hand!!
its just so amazing in Barcolona!

after a tiring day
we decided to go to the carefour to buy some bread!!!
look at the carefour in barcelona
i juz in love wif the trolley basket ( combination of the trolley and basket)
i dun think tat Msia hav this~
after i snap this pic
some1 from carefour tell me tat NO CAMERA!
but too late
i've snap wat i wan!!!

more more more next time!!
sorry for din update the blog for AGES!
cuz my final is ON!