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♥ Significant ♥

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 / 8/26/2008 09:31:00 PM

* Umarani, Jalan Ipoh *

suppose to go early to Anson's hse to help out her bday party..
( pics wil be upload at the next post!! hehehe )
but she's not at home..
me and t3 were SO HUNGRY!!
we nid food!!!
thinking whr to go and wat to eat...
suddenly remember tat long time i didnt visit umarani!
say bout umarani..
i think of M_ _ SE
dun wanna recall..
dun wanna remember!!
dun ask me why and wat...
whr is umarani??
umarani is at jalan ipoh~
those who stay at jalan ipoh definitely noe whr is it..
* they are quite famous actually as yum cha spot *

my limau ice!!
this is my favourite drinks at mamak!!!
y? cuz i love limau so so so so much!!!
when i order
i wil definitely say " limau ice banyak banyak limau "

one of my favourite as well..
t3 din say " banyak banyak limau'
end up...
she complaint too little limau~

this is mine!
the nasi goreng + ayam goreng...
the nasi gorend not bad la...
not tat 'rubbish'
their maggie goreng is very 'rubbish' tat they dump lots of ingredients inside..
the nasi goreng is slightly spicy~
the ingredients wil be the cabbage, carrot, fishbal...
not bad lo~~

my ayam goreng~
its actually drumstick~
but they chop it into pieces for me!
there are quite a few pieces when it 1st serve~
but the hungry me grab and EAT it...
and i forget to snap pic!
when i remember,
left 3 pieces only~~
i love the ayam goreng here..
cuz they goreng when there is order..
not those goreng and put the till it cold till it become not crispy!
the ayam goreng is well marinated and fried til the 'skin' become so crispy!
i love it!

this is the nasi lemak sotong + mata kerbau
my dad use to bungkus this as our dinner!!!
mata kerbau is actually fried egg..
why must call it mata kerbau???
kerbau punya mata macam tu kah??
i dunno~~~
but i love the nasi lemak sotong!
the nasi hav strong santan smell which i love it!
the sotong definely win my vote as it is so YUMMY AND SPICY!!!!!!
and mind u~ the SAMBAL is REALLY SPICY!!
do not try it if u think u CAN'T!
not a joke lah.. realy superb SPICY!

why i comment the nasi goreng as NOT BAD only?
cuz i seriously love this nasi lemak!!!
look at the egg yolk!!!! argh!!!!!!!
i regret for din order this!!!!
i love this..
i got to curi makan t3's 1...
FEW mouth only lah... t3 dun mind 1 rite???

we wan to order the chicken cheese naan~
which taste like pizza...
the indian dunno wat we talking..
he bring the menu..
he repeat : semua campur ar?
t3: YAYA~~
end up.. they serve us the chicken Naan!
which is NOT YUMMY lah...
some more he seems like wanna fight wif us
dun like the guy here..
but the chicken cheese naan here really yummy and taste like pizza..
too bad i cant try it edi~~
but i wasn't tat happy! wat kind of service is it?
i'm customer or your MAID?
crazy madness!

this looks like.....
no comment!!