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secret recipe
Thursday, August 7, 2008 / 8/07/2008 06:03:00 PM

* Secret Recipe , Jusco Wangsa Maju *

this is a sad story of mine~
every thursday~
i wil hav a 4 hours break b4 the next lecture!
yes! i mean 4 HOUR BREAK!!!
haih~ its kinda torturing!!!!
this time..
me, baobei,meiying,sy and t3 together went to jusco together!!
time for FOOD!!!

i think i din visit secret recipe for one and a half year edi~~~

this is MINE!
the mushroom chicken Rice~~
1st of all~ i order this because last 2 days i saw the promotion
mushroom chicken rice + drinks only for RM10!!!!!!
and when i visit sevret recipe today~
the promotion END!!!

this is a whole boneless chicken drumstick wif muchroom sauce!
i saw less than 5 pieces of mushroom~
the chicken is soft and tender~
not bad lea...
but i feel they should GIVE MORE MUSHROOM lahhhh~

comes wif the rice..
not the plain white rice..
is rice with dunno wat...
taste weird if u eat it juz like tat..
but goes well wif the mushroom chicken sauce!

siao ying pulak go for the Black pepper chicken rice~
we both tot the promotion stil goes on..

the salad!
(tomato slice + cucumber Slice) x tartar sauce = not bad lea~~

the black pepper sauce wif the boneless chicken drumstick~
siao ying dun like it~
she say tat the black pepper smell is tooo strong..
she's eating black pepper instead of black pepper chicken!

comes wif rice as well~

t3 order the chicken kebab rice~
she gave me 1 pieces of the chicken kebab to try!
err~ all of them are the chicken breast
marinated wif spices as well as lemongrass i think
i find it abit too dry after grilled~
ntg special ~
i saw something which i HATE THE MOST!

mei ying not feeling well so she eat this WHITE CHOC MACADEMIA CAKE ~
i find it not bad!
mei ying asking y the cream is in yellow colours? suppose to be in white rite???

bao bei order the durian durian~
taste a little bit WEIRD~
but overall not bad lahh...

me and siao ying share this Choc Indulgence~
yummylicious cake!!!

i forget to take the bill ~
sorry! cant write down the price~

~ something to write ~

haiz haiz haiz~
May/June i'm sitting Cambridge AS level actual EXAM!!
and tmr~ 11th Aug
im goin to get the result!
i noe this time..
i did the exam very very bad!
yea~ i mean super BAD!

ms chong was keep reminding us tat MONDAY is the day the result RELEASED!
and she say we should write down our feeling..
i got no whr to write such a long stuff so i put it in my blog..
haiz haiz haiz~

when my fren call me suddenly telling me tat the RESULT MACAM EDI RELEASED
gosh! terus i stomachache!
hahaha~ im scare~ really scare

i do always agree tat if u do well in tat exam
u wil hav confident and u wont be scare on the day b4 the result released..
im scare~

i noe i've been so lazy for the pass 1 year...
compare to tat time im in st mary!
i've change~
maybe due to environment change, i cant concentrate!!!

i dunno lah~~~
im scared!
i wanna escape!
i wanna spoilt the whole world internet so tat i cant check the result online..
i wanna bomb the place whr they keep my paper
i wanna burn all the records bout my result!
then i hope tat they wil give me FULL As

coming from the north south east west up down left right!
everywhr is stress!!!
go away plz!!
i dun nid u!

tmr no1 wil see me having a sad face..
cuz good or bad result..
i wil bear wif it! i wil keep it to myself i think~~

mr low, mr yap,ms ngow,ms chong
sorry to disappoint u guys~~~