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♥ Significant ♥

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 / 8/12/2008 10:17:00 PM

* Ming Heong Seafood Restaurant , Mastiara *

my 1st visit to ming heong seafood restaurant
address : No 22-1, 22-2,
Jalan 5/18A
Taman Mastiara Batu 5 1/2
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
once i step into this restaurant
the restaurant is FULL!
the restaurant is PACKED! ( ppl moutain ppl sea )
we manage to get a place~
i think we waited for about 30 minutes for the 'arrival' of the food...
luckily they hav the Astro Olympic channel
if not i wil die of BORED!

wat is this talking about?
the main thing is they are having promotion
if ur bill exceed RM100
u can order another fish ( ikan talapia and dunno wat and dunno wat ) for RM0.10
pretty cheap huh?

the usual Pu er tea

the green chilies~

peanuts b4 meal~

this is the ikan telapia asam style~
this is so spicy man~~~
i juz eat a little bit of this..
as my mom sapu everything
cuz when she order.. she say " EXTRA HOT"
end up she loves is so much~
but its a bit more spicy for me lo...
the fish is fresh~
but i dun like ikan telapia.....
dunno y...???

this is the crab meat taufu~
it goes well wif white rite!
worth to try!
the japanese taufu which i love add on some sauce cooked wif crab meat,eggs and carrots~
not bad ler...
i almost finish the whole plate..
y? cuz my dad and mom dun like the japanese taufu..
we did tell them tat we wan the taufu tempatan..
haha~ i use spoon and DRINK the sauce!
imagine how much i like it

this is the ginger garlic steam chicken!
which make me think of stephy's leg..
dun ask me y..
i dun wanna recall anything !!!
hehehe~ not bad for this...
the usually-dry chicken breast is not dry this time!
i love this seriously!!
very strong garlic and ginger smell..
i'm not a garlic ginger lover~
but suprisingly i can accept!
and im in love wif it!

the sambal kangkung as usual~
my all time favourite!
not too spicy for this!
and hav the dried shrimp smell which i love it!
RM8 for this!
yummy yummy!
quite big portion ler~

Fish : RM 20
Chicken : RM25
Taufu : RM10
Vege : RM8
Rice (3) : RM3.60
Tea : RM 2.00
peanuts : RM 2
TOTAL : RM 71.00


( kinda long~ im nagging! )
something to tell

this is suppose to blog on monday~
however~ i'm not FREE!
feelings after getting result..
i dun feel good~

talk to ms chong
talk to mr low...
both of them give the same opinion : no confident dun retake
according to them
if wanna retake~ u must REALLY WORK HARD!
if u feel u cant, no time. or etc...
then do ur best to MAINTAIN the Grade u having now...
the chance to UPGRADE is 0.000000000000000000000000000001%
so, not to think so much bout upgrade

although there is a chance to downgrade..
and its kinda 80% to downgrade...
but i decided not to retake...

one of the main reason is tat i'm not gonna be at msia for about 1 month b4 the A2 exam..
cuz i'm on holiday trip wif my family..
which is to London And Barcelona
every1 might thinking y i wanna go now? as A2 is really IMPORTANT
my family trip~ my sis annual leave is SET on tat few days..
London Barcelona Trip is now CONFIRM
i'm flying from 13th Sept to 3rd Oct...
around 3 weeks~
b4 i left~ i hav to say goodbye to my lecturer and classmates..
cuz by the time i back to exam..
we wil only meet at exam room..
not the classroom...
i wil try to come out wif a souvenir for the teacher on behalf on SN8C b4 i left..

2nd reason y i choose not to retake is...
i cannot withstand the pressure when exam..
imagine! retake means u gonna sit 5 paper per subject!!!
tat time AS~
only 3 papers to study.
and yet i got this grade..
but if i retake now.. i hav to do 5 papers together
errR?? u think i can get even better?
many ppl feel tat i should retake my BIO as i was quite good in bio but the grade i get is .....
i wanted to retake at 1st..
but considering the time.. the effort tat i can put in... the pressure tat i can withstand..
i dun think i wil go ahead wif retake~
many may think of retake cuz the main reason is they wanna get A~
and some dun wanna 'play' wif their future and so on..
but to me.. no confident no determination = u wil get back the same thing again
and maybe wil be disappointed once more~
its good to those who wanna retake~
salute the determination and hard work tat they gonna put in!

tats all i wanna say bout my exam
Ms Chong : ask ur heart~ follow ur heart~ satisfy or not its up to u...
satisfy means u try ur best to maintain ur grade
not satisfy means u retake , repeat u hard work, re do everything....
the next Q is... CAN U DO TAT?
cry for my exam grade isnt the 1st time in my life..
but lifes goes on..
ur attitude is the 1 determine ur future..
result might be very glamour...
A level straight A's, degree holder, masters, PhD holder..
but wat can u do if u cant speak cant mix wif ppl ?
result is not everything~
those who is successful not those master or phD holder
some of them are juz secondary graduate je~

now my great aim is to maintain my grade!
dun think bout downgrade
dun think bout upgrade
juz think of MAINTAIN
tats all i can do..
tats my choice
very very stressed up!
ntg i can do but ACCEPT!

stop Nagging now!