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♥ Significant ♥

Monday, August 4, 2008 / 8/04/2008 04:47:00 PM

* Little Penang Kafe, KLCC *

friday saturday and sunday is the Pikom Pc Fair~
i went thr at about 11!
get my stuff and done about 1!!
i bought my external hard disk!!!! 160GB
i bought a pendrive for myself! imation limited edition!!! 2GB ONLY lahhh...
and bought a cooler pad for my laptop!!!
and oso a mini vacuum cleaner to clean my laptop !!!
i;m so happy cuz i've got wat i wan
except my memory card reader
i was so so so so so so hungry!
that i feel tat i cant even walk back to KLCC!

recall back my 1st time at little penang cafe~
i remember tat i dun really like the food here~
but y im here???
of course the queue at tat time is short~
and this tiffany is so hungry!
once they give me the menu~
i look at it..
i turn behind!
behing nothing geh???
gosh!! they didnt print it or they hav 1 more menu??
wrong wrong wrong!
wat they hav is all at the 1st page!
ntg else~
i find tat im not good in pick and choosing in a LIMITED choices~
how come so limited choices oh???

finally i choose the curry prawn set and my fren choose the prawn mee~
i hope i make a right choice!!!

my fren order the prawn mee~
they serve it wif their yummylicious chili~
so we ask for more..
the waitress look at us 1 kind~
seems like she's unhappy tat we ask for 1 more wor...
who cares? customer always the right!
the prawn me is nice~ yummy~
comes wif 2 medium size prawn~
eggs,kangkung ,tauge...
my fren choose the bihun!
according to her theory~
the bihun can 'absorb' the prawn mee soup inside ~
making the bihun taste ichiban!
how true is it?
only noe if u try it lo~

there comes my set lunch-curry prawn set!!!
once it serve~ i can smell the curry!!!
*saliva drip down *
picture 1st la~
finally got to taste bout it!!
i try the curry 1st~
i choose the right stuff!!!!
scroll down for more bout my curry prawn set!

the 2 pieces of huge prawn cook in curry sauce~
i found out tat this is yummy!
very strong curry smell which suit me !!!!
the prawn is fresh as well~~~
but too bad~~ they should peel the prawn b4 serving~
cuz i find it difficult to peel 'nicely' in the public!

1 small pieces of penang lobak~
i like this!!!!
i juz love penang lobak!!!
my fren dun like it..
she say got some kind of taste inside wor..
i no nid to share wif her!!! wahahahahhhah~

it comes wif the Ju Hu Char~
which i find it YUMMY!
the mengkuang is cook till its very very soft!
i like this~~
but they give very LITTLE~~
stingy stingy~~~

and oso the best in gurney drive rojak~
this is wat they wrote in their menu
kinda disapointed wif this~
i found out tat its too spicy to me~
and i found no speciality on this best
in gurney drive rojak~
we manage to finish half of it only~
cuz its really too spicy!!!

we share the ais kacang together~~
look at the thumbs up there~
tipu de la!!
the ais kacang dun taste good AT ALL!
full of syrup smell!
i really dun like it!
not yummy lerrr~

i found banana inside the ais kacang which i find it WEIRD!!

i feel tat the menu here is so LIMITED!
until i dunno wat to order~~
i juz look around y there are so many ppl eating here~
so many ppl Queue up waiting for places..
wat is so nice about Little Penang until every1 juz so crazy about it?
i think its because its CHEAP!
im sorry tat i lost the receipt!
i think the ais kacang cost RM4.90???
the curry prawn set cost RM13.50???
the prawn mee cost RM9.80??
im not sure not sure!!