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♥ Significant ♥

Tarc Restaurant
Thursday, July 17, 2008 / 7/17/2008 05:32:00 PM

* TARC Restaurant *

inside TARC~
there is a restaurant inside which is a place for those hotel management student to handle the restaurant~
inside. they hav the capten,waitress,chef which are all MADE IN TARC~
i went once b4 wif mei ying and bao bei~
and we are REALLY IMPRESS of the food tat they served!!!
this time~
we make a reservation 1 week earlier for 13 places~
ended up only 11 of us
but its still fun to eat wif all of them as we seldom eat together~~
a memorable day~
too bad we din take picture!!

the table setting~
FOC ice water~

the menu~
joyce : very LIMITED dishes~
tiff : is like this 1 la~~~

the Bun which is FOC~
last time they serve INFINITY BUN where we can eat as much as we can~
but this year they serve the LIMITED BUN!
come wif the butter~
the bun is serve warm~
not bad~ soft~
i like it!
i hope to get 1 more actually!!!
where the infinity go?

kah yan and qiao bin go for the Prawn Salad as starter~
kah yan say she wil make this for me next time~
haha~ juz prawn+papaya cube+honey dew cube + mayonise sauce~~~
i noe how to make this as well!!!
ntg special to talk about~

this is my starter!
the Monte Cristo Sandwich~
nice name~ nice food as well..
actually i expect a better 1~
but this is good as well..
the bread contains the ham,chicken and lots of CHEESE!
and then dip wif the egg and FRY it!
i shall say THUMBS UP!!
yum yum~~i like this!!!
serve wif the potato chips which is NOT CRISPY AT ALL!!!
RM5 for this! worth it !!!

su yan and kah yan go for the Grilled Salmon wif wasabe Aioli and spicy tomato salsa~
kinda fear of salmon now~ the smell is OH GOSH!
the tomato salsa SCARE su yan!! she dun like it~
behind it wif the mash potato~
not 'mash' enough~~~ not soft enough~~
ntg nice to talk about
and kah yan REGRET ordering this!!!
RM10.50 for this salmon thingy~

joyce .qiao bin and sei lee go for the Chinatown Chicken Cutlet..
very 'chinatown smell' as they serve rice~~~
according to the menu~ this chicken comes wif the chef sauce~
i was expecting something tat wil IMPRESS me as they wrote 'CHEF SAUCE'
but..to my suprise~ its ntg SPECIAL la~~~
RM 7 for this~

me , siao ying, bao bei ,mei ying and shu pyng go for this Penne with Braised Chicken Fricasse
errr.. according to them.. this is the BEST MAIN COURSE among the 3~
is the penne + chicken cooked wif white sauce..
and then put some cheese at the top~
send it to the OVEN and BAKED it for AWHILE!
this is NOT BAD~
but overall is TOO DRY!
complain: NOT ENOUGH SAUCE lah~~~~
the chicken is DRY as well~~
RM7 for this ~

As for desert,
siao ying go for the Chocolate Walnut Pie~
the pie is abit... weird??
the taste is abit... weird?
errr~ its weird! there's some taste inside.. i dunno wat taste is it..
but it makes me dun wanna try for the second mouth~~
RM3 for this~

Su yan and Qiao Bin order the black forest cake~
which according to the menu ' BEST SELLER '
err.. to me... its nothing special at all..
u can get this at any bakery hse or cake hse...
errr~ taste not bad to me! but i hate CREAMS!!!
RM3.50 for this so called BEST SELLER black forest cake~

1 of the desert which is the tiramisu~
joyca,kah yan and Ee Meei ordered this~~~
according to joyce and kah yan~ the tiramisu here is SUPERB!
i dun like coffee..so tiramisu is not wat i like~
RM3.50 for this~ damn damn cheap rite?
kah yan : finally, i got to taste something which is yum yum~~~
joyce got the tiramisu which is senget!
i wanna ask for a change but joyce say its ok la~~~
juz like the Pisa Towel which is SENGET!

its kinda disappointing~
last year i've try once~ and it really impress me~
when i step out of the restaurant last year
i tell myself i shall visit them again!!!!
but this time~ its disappointing~
they serve the dish SLOW
and they are kinda BLUR of wat they are doin~
maybe the last batch student is better~~
bao bei .sy .mei ying wanted to try the monte cristo sandwish~
but end up they cant! because NO MORE EDI!
i think last year system is better where they charge RM12 for a 3 course meal~
every1 wil be eating the same dish~ serve fast!
but...but.... this year.... haiz~~~