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kampachi @ hotel equatorial
Sunday, July 20, 2008 / 7/20/2008 04:00:00 PM

* Kampachi @ Hotel Equatorial *

which is a japanese restaurant in Hotel Equatorial!!
sis bising wanna hav something DIFFERENT!
so dad suggest the japanese buffet at hotel equatorial!!!
we've made reservation in the morning for the lunch buffet!
the buffet is only available on weekends ya

this is table for 4!
for my family!!!
take a seat!
and i wil start 'hunt' for FOOD!

the table setting which is so classy!!!
with a 'pot' of flower!!!

the Juice counter

the freshly squeeze Orange juice
only orange juice available
im kinda fear of orange juice now
or u can add on RM3 for a cup of greentea~

The Sashimi Counter

of course the sashimi is my dad's FAVOURITE!!
dad say: this is SOOOOOO FRESH!!!!

the Sushi Counter
forget to try this laaaaa..

soft shell crab maki!!!!
i love u!

my favourite soft shell crab handroll!
oh gosh oh gosh!!
this is so lovely!!!!!!!!!!
i can manage to eat 1 ONLY!
cuz there are lots of food to go~~

the MEE counter

my sis favourite SOBA!


my lovely beloved yummylicious CAWA MUSHI!
the cawa mushi is gooD
inside contain the fresh prawn, mushroom. gingko as well~
too bad there are too many foods
if not i wil makan 2 cups lo!!!

the Teppanyaki Counter

the beef teppanyaki
this is the 'medium' 1
where the beef is not 100% cooked
the beef is soft and tender!
this is oh so good!
i like this~ cuz its not so 'beefy' smell~

the salmon teppanyaki!!
this is really good!
not tat fishy smell like i ate in restaurant TARC
the chef tat cook this teppanyaki is BRAVO!
he is playing in the 'kitchen'
haha~ performing throwing things up down left right!

the Sukiyaki Counter

there are choiced of beef sukiyaki and oso chicken sukiyaki!
the sukiyaki is SO GOOD!!
i dun tipu!
the soup is..is.... i dunno how to describe!
but its really yummy!
wif some mushroom,glass noodles,vege,carrot..

the Tempura Counter

of course this is the Tempura!!!
prawn tempura
sweet potato tempura
brinjal tempura
yam tempura
japanese pumpkin tempura
oh ho ho ho ho ho !
this is so good!!!!
love it love it love it!
there are uncountable prawn tempura in my stomach!
okay~ i admit!
i eat alot of this!!!

the Fried stuff counter

the deep fried chicken wings~
and dunno wat thingy is it~
some kind of potato?? i dunno
but i hav to annouce tat ITS VERY YUMMY!!!

The Grilled Counter

different kind of grilled fish~
dad love it lahhh....

the grilled FISH!PRAWN!UNAGI!
u hav to queue FOR LONG TIME TO GET THIS U NOE???

the fried mee/rice Counter
the fried UDON!
its SWEET~
dun really like it

Chee Cheong Fun Counter

chee cheong fun
is it a kind of japanese food?
i dunno~
i juz noe its yummy!!!
inside contain the prawn!
i hav to say tat the prawn is FRESH!!!!!
this is good!
the toppings is dunno wat something like crispy thingy????
but it taste good~~

miso soup!
dad love this!
tiff, mummy , steph DID NOT try this!
we dun like miso soup ler~


i'm not sure wat this call~
but i noe its a kind of healthy food
dad love it!

japanese pancake??
i like this!cuz of the shape~
and also sifu who do this!
there are ntg like mould to measure so tat all the shape is the same~
but is the sifu who do this!!
i feel tat he is GOOD!!!
there is choiced of red bean paste and oso the peanut butter~
i try on the red bean paste 1 and i found out tat this is YUMMY!
long queue for this!!!

the famous japanese mochi!
this is a must eat when u go to japanese restaurant!!
the starchy stuff is cooked ( boiled it wif the hot water)
then 'bath' in the peanut-sesame-sugar pool!
the mochi is SOFT!!
its yumy!

the fruits!
there are choices of papaya ,honey dew,pineapple,water melon~
and wat i love the most is the seedless grape!
i dunno is it from japan..
i feel tat the grape here is very nice!!
dunno how to describe!
but its really nice!

the desert includes the ice cream as well!!
there are 3 flavour available which is the mocha , chocolate, and vanilla flavour!!
the mocha flavour ice cream hav to go wif the red bean paste as the mocha ice cream is kinda bitter~~
but the red bean paste is kinda too sweet!!

Buffet : RM300 ( RM75 x 4 )
ocha ( greentea ) : RM3 ( per cup, i'm not sure whether is it free refill )
5% Gov Tax : RM15.15
10% service charge : RM30.30
Grand Total : RM 348.45
my beloved sis treat us oh~