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fish & co
Saturday, July 12, 2008 / 7/12/2008 07:42:00 PM

* Fish & Co *

FISH & Co..
a place whr they served seafood in a pan!!!
i've tried this once in Singapore Changi Airport..
my 2nd try is in Msia~
and i cant wait to try it!!!!
yooooo hooooooo!!!!

the menu~~

the big sword fish on the wall~~~~

look at the tissue~
" one bite 'n' you're hooked! "
how sure they are??
but i like the slogan!
and i'm hooked!!!

the sauce for dipping~
the white 1 is tartar sauce!
i love it!
the red 1 is spicy and sour sauce~~

the deco on the wall
and half of my face..

the yellow 1 is the passion fruit juice..~
the red 1 is the Pink Passion...
the pink passion taste a little bit weirdo..
while the passion fruit is NOT BAD~~

the soup of the day~
i dun rmr wats the name..
macam wat fish wat...wat... soup
some1 say : wateva la..
so the waitress din bother to repeat it..
the soup is TOO THICK!
to creamy! too sticky!
its juz like having a bowl of porridge~
dun really like the taste..
taste FUNNY!

the wrasse with sambal sauce
the sambal is really YUMMY!!!!
i really love it!!!
the fish is soft!!!! juicy!!! delicious!! finger licking good!!!!
the rice is not wat i love~
the fries is my love 1!!!

this is good for sharing!
share between 2 or 3 is good enough!
i think is too big portion for 2~
3 person share this is juz nice!!!!
the seafood platter come wif the calamari, fish , prawns, fries, and rice~
of course not the white rice,
but the fried-woth-raisin rice..
i dun like the rice~ too MUCH for me!

the seafood platter~~~

8 little PRAWNS!!!!
the prawns are OH MY GOODNESS!!!
oh gosh!!!
although its abit tiny~
but trust me.. it taste GOOOD!
i like it!!!
wif some garlic paste on it..
it helps to bring up the sweetness of the prawn!
i love it!
i love it!

HUGE portion of fries!!
my favourite!

a piece of fried fish~ which is their signature dish...
the fish is fresh~
it is fried til the batter is CRISPY!!!
wif it is some sauce~ made of mayonise + lemon grass i think??
this is GOOD!
i like it!!
very big piece of fish!

the yummylicious calamari!
oh gosh!
this is oh so good!!
the calamari is not OVERCOOKED!
the overcooked calamari wil taste like rubberband
but not this!
this is perfectly grilled calamari!
this is soft and stil juicy!!!!!!
gosh! i eat lots of this!!!
** colesterol level SHOOOOOT UP! **
but i dun care! this is really GOOD!
do not forget the 4 big, fat mussels
the mussels lover wil like it!!!!!

Seafood Platter For 2 : RM 46.90
Pink Passion : RM5.90
Soup+Fruit Passion : RM7.50
Wrasse with sambal sauce : RM 17.90
Net Total : RM 78.20
10% service charge : RM7.82
5% Gov. Tax: RM4.30
TOTAL : RM90.30