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ding tai fung
Sunday, July 27, 2008 / 7/27/2008 11:43:00 PM

* Ding Tai Fung , Garden *

before i introduce FOODS!
let me show u some Perasan pics~
this is ME!!
i'm wif my new Aqua Colour contact lens..
which means i ts blue-green colour..
hahahaha~~look like a Doll la..

the camera is the 1 i use to take the pics of the FOODs!
my sony N1!!
touch screen camera~ 8.1 megapixel~!!

okay! stop crapping!!

Ding Tai fung 'step' in to malaysia finally!!!!!!
ding tai fung is a famous restaurant serve chinese food which origin from taiwan
they hav an outlet at spore~
where u hav to Queue to get a place!!!!!!
i'm proud to hav a try here today~
i wanna see how GREAT is it!!!

the menu!
their signature dish is of course the Mini Meat Bun~~~
u can find lots of choices of bun which hav different fillings in it!!!
look at the bottom
hahaha~~ how famous is it??
let me taste it!!!

in such a 'chinesy' shop..
of course u hav to order chinese tea la~~~
my fren wanted to order the Sprite!
luckily i stop her!!
'u hav to follow the 'style' in this shop laah~
RM2 per cup and FREE REFILL!!

the jellyfish~
which is the appetizer over here~~
the jelly fish taste SOUR & Spicy~
i like it!
my fren HATE IT!
hahahaha~ maybe it taste weird so some1~
RM3 for this...
" i oso din order this!! y they put on the table once i sit down???? then i hav to pay!!"
hahahaha~ she hate the jellyfish!! prejudice lah...

the Ding Tai Fung Signature Dish which is the Mini Meat Bun 小龙包
once u mention bout ding tai fung~
u wil surely remember bout this..
and of course i come here because of their famous Mini Meat Bun as well~~

they come in either 6 pieces or 12 pieces~
i order the 6 pieces Mini Meat Bun

how do u start wif it???
stuck the whole thing in ur mouth???
bite a small mouth at the edge of the bun
suck out the soup !!!
Caution : ITS BURNING HOT!!!
u wil find out tat the soup taste sweet!!!
pretty good~
after tat only u put the bun in ur mouth
1st bite : fantastic!
2nd bite : amazing!
3rd bite : 1 More PLEASE!!!!

the Chef Recommended Cha jiang La Mien炸酱拉面
we tot tat it would be GREAT!
it hav some kind of weirdo taste~
dun really like it~~~
the Petaling Street 1 taste even better!!
RM14,50 for this!

i heard some1 say tat the fried rice is nice~
so i give it a try~
i choose the Chef Recommended Pork Chop Egg Fried Rice 猪扒蛋炒饭

this is the fried till crispy Chef Recommended Pork Chop
Minus Mark : i saw 1 rice on the pork chop!
the pork chop remains juicy and tender after being fried in the boiling hot oil
it taste slightly salty if u taste it juz like tat..
but it goes well wif the fried rice~~~

the egg fried rice is ntg great to shout out about..
juz normal rice fried wif egg and some green onion~
the rice is a bit tasteless..
but when u eat it wif the Pork Chop~
it wil taste better...
errr.... to me.. this is... okay lah....
RM 14.50 for this!

as for dessert
i order the Ginko yam Paste 白果芋泥
this is YUMMY!!!
the yam paste is NIC!!!
wif the ginko on top which is YUMMY as well~~
i love it!
but it come in very TINY BOWL!
i SHOCKED when i look at it~
RM6.80 for this!!

subtotal : RM50.10
10% Service Charge : RM5.01
5% Government Charge : RM2.50
TOTAL : RM 57.60