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♥ Significant ♥

Tony Roma's ~ garden,Midvalley
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 / 6/03/2008 11:19:00 AM

the tony roma's~~~
which is famous with its ribs,seafood and steaks~
as i'm broke this few days~
so i decided to give up the expensive food~
i take the set lunch~
which i find it is quite cheap~
the set lunch cost RM16.90 ++
include the main dish,Soft drinks,soup of the day,fries and coleslaw..
great deal isnt it??
( the portion is big~ even tiff the 'small eater' cant finish it...u wil noe this when u scroll down)

the fork and knife is wrap in a black cloth~

the starter~
which is a bun~
the bun is hot!! wa.... so yummy!!
i like it..
dipped it wif the sauce~
which i think made of olive oil~
the bread taste good wif the sauce~
the presentation is nice~

the soft drinks which come together wif the set lunch~

the soup of the day~
this is the Beef bla-bla-bla soup~
(sorry tat i forget the named of this soup)
according to my fren~this is super yummy
but i dun really like beef..
i eat beef if the smell isnt's tat strong~
but this is quite strong~i dun like it ~
but i believe those who love beef wil love this~
the soup come wif a packet of biscuit~
which i find it is thin~ and extremely crispy~
i like the biscuit more than the soup~

the freshly made coleslaw~
definitely better than KFC~
simple but delicious~

** we found out tat we are full after eating those side dishes and starter~ **

this is the grilled marinated chicken
which is so TINY portion~
to my surprise~ the chicken breast remain its juicyness and softness after being grilled..
its not dry at all!!
i'm not chicken breast lover as i feel tat its too dry~
but!!! THIS IS YUMMY!!
i like this~
this grilled chic served wi fries~ but mine do not hav..
so, i'm sorry fren...i got to curi makan urs~
kesian kesian~

this is mine!!!
i open my mouth and look at it once its served..
this is HUGE!!!!
oh my goodness..
definitely cant finish up la~~~~
but the pasta is yummy~
pasta fried wif some spices,cubes of tomatoes ,olive oil,tomato paste..
simple but yummy~
thumbs up!!

the fries!!!
guess wat..
actually in the menu they say they wil serve fries,soup of the day and coleslaw..
and when my paste is served..
i cant see any fries..
as i'm fries lover..
i ask guy~
he says tat normally wif pasta they dun served fries..
and i tot i dont hav chance to hav my fries~
suddenly he walk to us wif this fries!!
owww..tats so kind of u~
thank you~
why i love this fries so much~
because they are different frm those frozen fries~
this is the fresh fries~
and honestly~ I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH!!!
very yummy~

hahaha...i 'return' some fries to my fren as i curi makan hers at first~
i hav MORE fries than u!!!

as i say~
the paste is served in HUGE PORTION!
look at this leftover...
all the tomatoes~
which i dun like tomatoes~
i'm wasting food...
i'm sorry tomatoes...i really dun like u guys~

Total : 42.35 include 5% government charge and 10% service charge~
RM19.90 for the chicken pasta set and RM 16.90 for the grilled marinated chicken set..
the service here really impress me~
really good..
the best thing is~
RM10 off for a spend of RM30 ( nex visit )
so wat u hav to do is juz log on to thier website.
write down some comment...
copy down the code back to the receipt~
bring it on the nex visit!
then u wil hav RM10 off~
yooo hooo~
i definitely wil revisit them~