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♥ Significant ♥

Restoran SS2 Murni~ the special mamak food
Monday, June 23, 2008 / 6/23/2008 09:04:00 PM

this is wat i wanna intro to u guys long long time ago..
eversince i started my food blog!
this is 1 of my favourite mamak!
the food here is special
and yummy~~
damn damn damn damn damn damn damn good business u noe..
u wil shock!!!
the tables and chair~the crowd~ is extremely Unbelievable!

Restoran SS2 Murni~
argh~ my favourite!
if u guys went to 1u to shop in the night~
this is a must drop by place!!
1o minutes from 1u~
and this is definitely GOOOOOD~
its FULL when i went thr~
i nid to stand for 15 minutes to get my place~

the Lychee Special~
how special is it?
it is the ice blended Lychee juice
and the special part is inside this Lychee Special,
there are pineapple cube, watermelon cube,longan and nata de coco!~
its full of fruits inside!
look at the lychee and longan inside~
RM5 for the Large Lychee Special~

i order the Ribena Special
same as the Lychee special~
wif lots of fruits inside
lots of nata de coco which is my FAVOURITE!!
look at the lychee~
sooooo tempting!
i like this because this is not too sweet~~~
RM4 as i order the small version~

Nasi Goreng Chicken CHop~
this is HUGE portion!
really Huge!
and guess wat..i cant finish tis u noe????
wat does it consist of??
~back pepper chicken chop ( whole boneless drumstick )
~lots of keropok
~ lots of wedges
~ an egg ( mata kerbau )
~lots of fried rice
gosh! this is sooooo yummy !
i dunno how to describe it~
try it urself! u wil be impressed by this!

RM10 for this HUGE portion of Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop
its soooo cheap!

this is the Nasi Goreng Bacon~
which is fried rice wif slices of bacon~
and hotdog at the top of it...
trust me~ this is GOOOOOOD!!!!
smells good taste good its juz sooo gooood!
the hotdog is juz-fried~ crispy !!!
this is yummy!!!
RM5 for this!!!
definitely worth it!

this is a MUST ORDER item!
the Roti Hawaiian~
why is it call so???
because in the roti~ they hav all the ingredients as in the Hawaiian Pizza ~
its special isnt it?
wif lots of mayonise on top!! weheheheheeh
i've try this ONCE! and forever I MISS IT!
this is soooo goood!
the MUST ORDER item!
RM5 for this~

the tom yam bihun~
this is spicy! and sour!
super spicy tomyam!
with lots of Prawn inside!!
and oso CHILI PADI which i hate the most!
tooo spicy to me~
gosh! so cheap! i dunno y~~~

overall all the food here is GOOD!TASTY! SPECIAL
this is not like those mamak stall~
i dunno y i juz love it soo much!!
i waiting for my nex visit!
and i shall introduce to u guys more about this Restoran SS2 Murni~